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old world

September 17, 2010

Charlotte Russe dress. Vintage Ralph Lauren jacket. Chloe shoes. Rebecca Minkoff bag.

Spent an afternoon sipping iced coffee at Old World in Huntington Beach. Totally surprised at how cute Charlotte Russe's stuff has been - this dress reminds me of the dresses I can't afford at All Saints. Stole this jacket from the Shop Chic inventory then embellished with R.N. pins from my love Taghrid...seriously if no one buys this, I'm strongly thinking of keeping this for myself. Too good.

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68 responses:

  1. i love your outfit!

  2. WOWWW!!! you're woooonderfull *_* favolous outfit!!!amazing denim jacket :D

  3. pink socks add the sweetest touch.. i love it!

  4. absolutely adorable


  5. that look is so cute, loving your floral dress



  6. love your denim and shoes!


  7. Charlotte Russe can have some good finds sometimes! I quite love that dress.

    In Class, En Vogue

  8. I love your hair today!
    so casual and lovely.

    feel free to stop by sometime:)

    xx T

  9. Love the outfit too! Especially the dress is adorable <3

  10. cute. Love the denim jacket! :)

  11. florals + denim is always a win... love those 90's references :)


  12. The Ralph Lauren jacket on the floral printed dress looks so adorable! :)

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  13. The jacket's certainly a keeper! ;)

  14. Nice dress! I have one that looks just like that but it's orange in color.
    And i love the bracelet!

  15. love love love your outfit as usual!

  16. love the denim with floral!!


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    Ji Ji Kiki Giveaway!

  17. Anonymous

    loving you in the casual / dressy get up.

  18. The dress with that belt is just so perfect.

  19. Love your dress any should keep the jacket it fits you so well =)

  20. lovely and pretty as always XD
    I will forever love your style <3

  21. very cute outfit.. i love those shoes with those socks :)

  22. This outfit is adorable. I love everything about it. And the jacket is crazy nice.

  23. i think now that you've worn it agian someone will be dying to purchase

    Vi from Cali

  24. cute outfit, simple but chic and the accessories really add something to it. i agree, charlotte russe does have some cute stuff, i was so bummed when mine shut down!

  25. That dress is adorable! I love the volume of that skirt. Also, love the embellishments to the jacket that you added. Great chain string purse as well.

  26. i love the american flag on your back! <3

  27. wow, that denim jacket is soooo cool dear! Great look! <3


    The outfit is adorable, really nice. I love everything about it. And the dress is crazy nice..

  29. i really love your jacket ;)!
    a big hug!

  30. So well-matched! And I love this bag.

  31. That vintage Ralph Lauren denim jacket is so fabulous.

  32. yes that jacket too good to be sold!
    keep it rachel!
    denim jacket paired with dress has never gone wrong ;)

  33. Love that first photo of you! Your so beautiful and love the outfit.

    -Stephen Pham

  34. Anonymous

    you're so cute :)

  35. You look so lovely!!
    That dress is just amazing <33


  36. Such a cute dress, and I love the vintage Ralph Lauren denim jacket - so chic!

    Xo Chelle

  37. Absolutely love your blog, your style is awesome.
    Why can't i follow you? :/

  38. love it.

  39. Absolutely love this. You look beautiful!

  40. sometimes you can find real jewels at charlotte russe! I have a pair of white pumps that I have had for over three years that I got there.

  41. lovely look :)

  42. Fantastic Bag!! And the dress is gorgeous!

    menina elegante

  43. Love everything about this outfit and especially ur Rebecca Minkoff bag!! Yes, the jacket is should keep it;)



  45. Love those Chloe shoes.. so good with the socks.

  46. dude, you have a killer body too! and i say keep the jacket. i love the collar - so awesome.

  47. love your blog, im following now :)
    please take a look at mine and follow it please

  48. I love the dress
    the bubble skirt is just so cute =)

    if you get a chance, visit me at and let me know what you think


  49. Such a cute outfit, aah! it reminds me of Alexa Chung! :)


  50. You are so beautiful. Killer blog. Will be following you.

    Lots of love
    Karoline @ SECONDHAND NEWS

  51. I love the Charlotte Russe dress and RM bag of course. Love these photos. Did you self timer them or your friend took them for you?

  52. Oh thank you
    you have an amazing blog
    i really like yours
    i love it.

  53. LOVING this denim jacket. amazing.


  54. You look really amazing and stunning!! :-)

  55. Anonymous

    Love that floral dress


  56. love your jacket

    Tangent Magazine

  57. wow, charlotte russe, who woulda thunk?! great find! adorable outfit.


  58. Great blog! I've read a few posts here today, and wanted to leave at least one comment. I'll be back!

  59. Anonymous

    You just showed up in my Google Readers list of recommended feeds and I had to do a double take. I've had that dress for like three months now and haven't been able to figure out a cute way to wear it! Now you've inspired me to dig it out of the closet! Thank you so much!!!

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