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lounging with favorites

September 6, 2010

Vintage blouse. gifted Hudson jeans. Chloé shoes. Rebecca Minkoff bag

What I wore yesterday getting lunch with the boyfriend at Mustard Cafe. I love how Irvine provides public lounging areas to eat in nearly every mini plaza. It makes the perfect setting to awkwardly take pictures of your outfit after a good ciabatta portabella sandwich and three rounds of iced tea.

Never thought I would indulge in two things: nail art and hippie jeans. Got bored one night with a friend and we pretty much tested out every type of nail art on our fingers, and I finally settled on the floral as seen on Refinery 29... but not quite as clean. As for the jeans, they might be my new love interest. They're disgustingly perfect.. patched from recycled denim, distressed in all the right spots, and an added bonus of tricky pockets hidden in the flares. Definitely a close to perfect weekend.

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75 responses:

  1. Awesome...I don't think I will ever be able to pull of the flares, but loving them anyway!! :)

  2. That's quite a pair of Hudson's! Love the bag. And, I know what you mean about finding the perfect setting to take awkward pictures of yourself, haha. I feel like I go through it all the time!

  3. great bag and set of rings. looks perfect for lounging and as you said, taking awkward pictures. you know, all that good stuff :)

  4. Love the jeans! Pockets on the leg - it's so brilliant! They look very good on you! It's so important to find the right type that suits your body!
    Cute bag, too! ;)

  5. love your jeans. they are perfect.

  6. I'm feeling the pockets by the hem on your jeans. :)

  7. I can't get over how gorgeous your rings are!

    P/S: Come over and check out my Hallelu Rebecca hobo bag giveaway! ;)

  8. your top is crazily beautiful and so is your pants! xx

  9. your nails look pretty cool.. wish there was a close-up!

  10. this minkoff bag is spreading like wildfire! awesome!


  11. i love all your rings and bag!

  12. that shirt is adorable and love the model of your jeans, so cool! <3

  13. ooh great bokeh effect on the first shot!

  14. great jeans, i love that pocket at the bottom!



  15. gawd, gorgeous ppl like you and rumi are the ones that make flared jeans look totally cool again...

  16. You pull off those flare so amazingly. Love the whole outfit!

  17. i love the bag!

  18. I thought I would never give in to flares again...until I saw this. Great outfit as always, love the blouse.

  19. Great outfit and Rebecca Minkoff BF bag looks amazing with it!

  20. awesome look! hippie yet classic

  21. Very nice blouse.

  22. Love the nails! and those are some great jeans ... makes me want to break out my wide legs:)

  23. Love your outfit the jeans are phenomenal!!!!

  24. looove those jeans, width of the flare is aaaawwesome :) and your nails are soo pretty and unique, never seen anything like that :)

  25. this is nuts! i'm at that plaza all the time, Gelson's regular :) but i've never seen you before! i feel like such a fan girl haha sorry!


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  27. you pull off the flared bottoms way too well. you must've been originally from the 70s - you hippie you!


    p.s. - may have to attempt that floral print on my own nails

  28. this outfit is effortless
    classic pretty floral XD
    Rebecca Minkoff bag?
    keep on keeping on!
    (whatever that means)

  29. I like this look and your many rings!!!*_*
    good day girl!!!

  30. Hi Raych where are your rings from?

    love: Cecylia

  31. like the casual easiness of this look. and of course anything RM is amazing. Love it!

  32. you are killing it in those flares!

  33. the first shot looks like something out of a movie!

    such cool flares and the nail art is so kitsch!

  34. I love the rings! Especially the one on your middle finger. The top is nice too!

  35. Very nice rings, i love ring!!

  36. for the very fashion forward and fabulous... perhaps you'll check out

  37. you continue to amaze me! :)

  38. Love the lower pocket on those fabulous!


  39. Jeans are part of my work "uniform" and I would love to add these to my rotation!
    They look super comfy but fit in all the right places. And I love all the rings.

  40. These shots are awesome. All of your rings (and that crazy nail polish!) is sickkk. I'm also in love with that long chain bag.

  41. love your rings..!

  42. I love that purse.

  43. love your vintage blouse!

    please visit ;)

  44. awesome

    checkout my shoppingblog

  45. You pull of the flares very well! Not for everyone thats for sure. Your bag is great too x

  46. I love all your rings! and that sandwich looks so good!

  47. i love this look, so boho and natural. and i love those jeans.

  48. i love your jeans, so chic



  49. Loving this whole look. The jewelry/nails are perfect!

  50. so beautiful !!! love the bag !! xxx

  51. I love how confident you are in those jeans. you look great!

  52. OMG those jeans are insane! I love the pocket right at the bottom! Love your blog! Drop by sometime..

    x mandy

  53. Those jeans are HOT.

    That sandwhich is HOT.

  54. the top is too cool, i love it, casual for wearing in office, outing and even for a night out, the top can be combined with skirt or pants and great accessories to make a cool outfit

  55. Such fantastic jeans, I love the pocket at the bottom of the flare - genius!

  56. love the look and the nail art!

  57. those flairs are amazing--i love your whole outfit! especially the first photo--amazing.


  58. I do like your post and it is fashionable

  59. crazy about those jeans!! I love hippie flares!!

  60. Not many people can get away with that kind of jeans. Lucky you!


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