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gem tones

September 2, 2010

James Perse shirt. Urban Outfitters corset. c/o American Apparel skirt. Maison Margiela shoes.

Finally cooling down but still warm enough to be close to naked. Rediscovered these sandals as the perfect summer shoe. Why didn't I think of this earlier? But my hair is black again, and that's all that matters to me.

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78 responses:

  1. your photos are always so beautiful and natural! who takes them?

  2. Those sandals are so unique! Love the corset paired with the loose fitting shirt. All these colors are beautiful for a warm day out!

  3. Those sandals are just about the prettiest I've ever seen... and the light on these pics is simply mesmerizing!

  4. Ah my favourite US blogger with a beautiful post- I'm a huge Margiela fan too. Hope he's having fun retiring

  5. Just stunning!! I am in love with your sandals! <3

  6. oh! oh! oh! these sandals are stunning!

  7. I remember seeing those shoes in your earlier posts and I still love em!

  8. omg! these wedges are totally insane! Love the colors of this look! well done!

  9. Awwww <3 Great look.. love these colors... the shoes are fabulous!!!

  10. Great photos and I love th look! :D

  11. TOTALLY in love with those shoes!

  12. I really like your otfit, and those photos are so great I love the light on them , weel done.


  13. i love that look, the colours are gorge and you styled everything so chic


  14. I am loving the colors and of course those sandals. Great styling job!

  15. this is a beautiful outfit! The colours go so well with eachother. <3

  16. Anonymous

    my favorite is the corset...HOT

  17. really lovely colour combinations... :)

  18. i love your shoes! and i love how you're wearing your bra as outerwear


  19. I want your shirt!
    we follow you^^
    a big huuug from

  20. i regret not getting a corset like that this summer... it looks fantastic, i think i would wear it everyday..

    alice / HOT WINTER

  21. love this outfit! i dont think i have as much guts as you...wearing a bra out like that!

    I WISH!
    MAMA P.

  22. this tones are amazing i love the shirt one! join the giveaway on my blog, maybe you'll like it!

  23. I love that sheer bustier. So subtle and sexy with the more conservative pieces. You have inspired me with this one.

  24. Love those colors together. Great pics too.

  25. Love the colors and how the shoes blend in yet stand out so amazing!!!!

  26. I have the same lace bra! I really love mine!

    your shoes are just awesome.

    I`m currently having a little giveaway on my blog.

    feel free to enter it:

  27. James Perse shirt = beautiful.
    i can't tell if it is more red or orange, but i love it, you look great!

  28. Anonymous

    Hi... i LOVE your blog
    im trying to start one of my own and i want a simple template, white background, bold centered black header... but blogger sucks at templates and adjusting them.

    PLEASE can u tell me what you did or where you got your template from

    THANK YOU so much!

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  29. love your outfit, especially the colors! beautiful!

  30. This is so cute! The shirt over top totally lets you pull it off. And the colors are fabulous! Great choice mixing the blue with that.

  31. I love the top over the lace bra and the mix of colors. And of course the shoes are crazy nice.

  32. totes doesnt look black


  33. après visite sur votre blog, je ne chose que vous êtes totalement un blogueur super haute couture

  34. I love the shoes! The chosen colorway is unexpected yet amazing when paired together.

  35. That nude corset works wonders.. Love them. Wish i had the courage to bare my midriff...


  36. you have something special inside called style.
    Nicola freshONpr

  37. Those shoes are fabulous and go with EVERYTHING!


  38. Fantastic shoes, they are very unusual
    Rianna xxxx

  39. Wow. Beautiful work on these images. The reflected sunset light bouncing onto you and wall with the complimentary purple shadow is gorgeous. The portrait of you backlit against the sun stunning. Your photographer loves you.

  40. What a pretty outfit! The colours are so relaxed, and that shoe is to die for. Love the simplicity - makes it so easy, but still flawlessly chic.

    Xo Chelle

  41. the colors and the silhouette are perfect, the visible bralet is gorgeous, and the shoes are amazing. i heart you!

  42. i love the combination!
    so nice pics!

    have fun

  43. ooo goodness! what edgy sandals!
    no matter what color you choose, it always looks good on you!

  44. ooo goodness! what edgy sandals!
    no matter what color you choose, it always looks good on you!

  45. i just loved your sandles, so stylish and so cool, the pictures are taken very nicely, esp the first one with light falling behind, too good

  46. Love the shoes and the colors in your look. very early fall :)

  47. you look awesome

    checkout my shoppingblog

  48. These pics are amazing and I am completely in love with that corset from UO. The skirt from AA is amazing also!

    Stop by!

  49. Very nice shoes!!!!

  50. you look stunning! so effortless all the time. those shoes are so awesome!

  51. You are so beautiful. I like your outfit! So stylish. xo

  52. killer shoes- love the bra peeking out

  53. Loving the muted jewel tones. You look gorg.

  54. You look charming in such colours.


  55. Those shoes are absolutely to die for. Love this look. x

  56. This outfit is so perfect! I'm lusting these burnt colors and the lace bralette is way too adorable! and most importantly... those shoes are incredible!

  57. Anonymous

    LOVE the shoes!!

  58. AH-mazing shoes!

  59. Anonymous

    beautiful outfit, you dress everything to perfection ;)

  60. Anonymous

    what size are your booooobs

  61. Those shoes are crazy.

  62. I love this look and the peachy corset is indeed gorgeous!
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  63. You are so gorgeous!

  64. its amazing how u pulled it off-- u totally owned the look!!

  65. Love this look, especially the lace corset.

    The Heartbreak

  66. These may be the greatest shoes I have ever seen.

  67. Wow!
    Lovely pictures!
    Hugs from Venezuela.
    Check our work:

  68. Your photos are beautiful and I love your corset. Urban has some really cute under garments I definitely need to go check them out.


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