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white washed

August 22, 2010

Vintage dress and belt. Chloé shoes.

Definitely been digging the frumpy vibe as covered necklines and longer hems are the only thing I end up touching thus buying at thrift shops. The dress comes with an attached slip that is methodically well fortified. Need to somehow separate the two so I can lavish in all the striped and sheerness this dress can offer.

I also recently dyed my hair all thanks to Aimee and her hookup. I wanted to go with a more ash brown, and the hairdresser had to lighten all my hair before darkening it with the color I originally wanted. After we washed out the initial base color, dried a section of my hair, and looked at it, I decided to keep it as is. It's currently a light auburn and really light in the sun. I think I'm going to get it darkened to the original color I wanted though. I don't like talking about hair.

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57 responses:

  1. marc

    that's chic is an understatement. you need to rename the blog.

  2. Frumpy is the new black. I'm really digging that hair color and I bet it looks awesome in the sun. I think I'm going to have to check out Aimee's sister's salon.

  3. Pretty! xxx

  4. your dress is the most beautiful thing ever ! its sheer asymetrical and really pretty !

    take care and have a good weekend !

  5. Beautiful outfit, I love the lines of the dress.

  6. WOW! This dress is a fantastic find!!
    You make it look stunning :)

    two Aussie sisters:

  7. omg love your dress and shoes! they're so unique and stylish!

  8. That dress is amazing. I love the sheer fabric. Great photos - wonderful contrast of pretty dress and tough environment.

  9. hey girl! ur hair is looking really good! for some reason i thought u were going to go even lighter? are u coming to nyc in sept?? considering we never got to meet in SF, if u do come to nyc, we better hang out!

  10. I agree the belt is fantastic, was it part of the dress? And your new hair color is stunning.

  11. I totally agree that belt is amazing! As is the dress.
    I love your current hair color. It looks so good on you!

  12. I love the sheer stripes. The best part are the little purple prints scattered throughout the dress. Lucky vintage find! It's such a treasure hunt sometimes for me at thrift stores. how do you do it?

  13. Every time one of your posts includes that belt I swear a little part of me melts! I love love love it!

  14. oh!!! you look soooo fragile!!!

  15. your pics are always very professional and this look is awesome! great job!

  16. i love your belt and your hair looks great!

  17. I absolutely love it, you look so fresh and unique

  18. the new hair color is fab! lookin good darl


  19. LOVE how you styled this dress....the belt is perfect and I totally love the shoes:)

  20. Great styling! I love white on you~

  21. oh how I wanted that shoes!!! lovely look!! :)

  22. love the sheerness and choppy length of the dress, so goddess-like. the hair looks good! subtle and not too light, but ok ok no more talking about hair ;)

  23. These shoes are fierce! And I think your hair looks great!

  24. These photos look awesome. Great dress!

  25. Dress is really pretty.

  26. that dress is vintage?
    it looks so awesome.
    your new hair-do is gorgeous rachel! love the color so much!

  27. I love your dress!!! it's so pretty and not frumpy at all. And as far as getting the lining out you should try using a seem ripper. I did that to a vintage sheer dress that had a built in slip and shoulder pads it turned out so nicely. I loved it much better with out all the bulk that the slip gave it.

  28. Are those the same platforms you wore in new york? lovee. :)


  29. Is this the dress you wore to the F21 party? Because I saw you from afar and couldn't stop staring at it. It's gorgeous and of course it's vintage! No chance of replication :P


  30. the look is so whimsical, perfect for late summer.
    it's interesting, the belt is very loud but it doesn't overpower the feminine sheer of the dress. i love it!

  31. White washed gorgeousness. The result is something out of a Grecian novel.

    Love the color of your hair. I think you should keep it as it is.

  32. you have incredible taste, glad to have found your site.
    JJ Scholl

  33. that is chic, love that whole white look, fab dress



  34. Jessica

    Lol, I love how you said at the end, "I don't like talking about hair." Your hair color looks good! Pretty dress too!

  35. love this!


  36. What an amazing vintage find! Would love to know all the places you find these pieces at!

  37. LOVE this outfit ~ and these photos!!

  38. Amazing dress! I love the length and the fabric. It looks beautiful with with the belt.

  39. love that dress...frumpy it is not!! and that belt is awesome!

  40. you look really chic!


  41. just plain old fashioned fabulous!



  42. What a beautiful look! Gorgeous!

    juliet xxx

  43. your hair is simply beautiful. the cut really suits your perfectly. i might get mine dyed that color too :)

  44. What an amazing outfit!! (The shoes are Chloe summer 08, am I right? I remember swooning over that collection on I like your blog and your style, going to follow you!

  45. stunning. i love the belt a lot. and the way the dress moves, very stunning

  46. love these pictures ;)

  47. wow. the dress is to die for! I love the shape it gives! these pictures are beyond beautiful dear xx

  48. That dress is perfect! I'm jealous.

    The Heartbreak

  49. Love love your shoes!


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