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surrealist streak

August 3, 2010

Vintage dress and belt. Derek Lam shoes. headband courtesy of American Apparel.

Somehow ended up buying this frumpy, anti-sexual dress from Goodwill then considered chopping the hem to my knees, but I am currently too obsessed with long hems to take myself up on that offer... probably too obsessed. Even Geri admits to being addicted to long skirts. This particular dress kind of reminds me of a Marc Jacobs collection paired with that quirky headband. And despite frumpiness, it has movement! Don't let these pictures obscure the potential charm of the dress - sunsets kind of fill pictures with a rusty overlay. What do you think? Cut or keep?

Wearing it with these Derek Lams that I sold on Shop Chic. I would almost feel remorseful if it wasn't for the fact that it's going to a sweet owner in Canada... who also bought off my Miu Miu shoes. I hope they are all a happy family.

Also updated Shop Chic if you haven't seen so already! Check-in the first of every month for a batch of updates.

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70 responses:

  1. I'd say keep it long...and cut it next Spring.

  2. The dress looks amazing.
    Keep it long.

  3. long! its way to cute to chop.

  4. Keep!
    You've styled it very nicely.

  5. lovely!! I think you should def keep it ths long.


  6. Lovely dress. I could never pull that off!

    Love your blog too. Following you!! :)


  7. Pretty pictures! :)
    I love this dress as it is but maybe you should keep it long and get it cut for next year so you could wear it into the winter with some tights or whatever.

  8. this vintage dress is so pretty, love the print and the colour. it looks absolutely stunning on you.



  9. keep as it is! That midi length is sooo next season! ck :) x

  10. I love the print of the dress - so subtle. I think it would look perfect cut to the knee with tights this winter - would be more versatile. Saying that, it looks so cute as it is in the photos.

  11. you look great...the last photo is soooo cute|

  12. adorable pics, love the location! Great outfit too, love it so much! <3

  13. I've just found your blog but I'm in love with the mood over here! You've got a new follower! ;)
    keep up the great work!

  14. Loved it!
    Very Wonderland-like!

  15. you definitely pull it off but in the long run chopping it off would be better, right?

  16. Love the print of the dress,love the location! Great outfit too!!!!
    Stela Alves

  17. I really like the shape of this look. I'm digging the feel of "grandma" type dresses with great heels.

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  18. i love the dress. but i have to say if you want to make the dress look edgy just keep it long.

  19. I think keep it, more unique. I'm sure you have plenty of short floral numbers.

  20. Perfect for summer!!!

  21. Keep! Somehow I think it might lose its charm if it was too much shorter...
    You can always cut it later if you change your mind, but you can't make it long again!

  22. Keep! The photography is killer btw


  23. adore the print on the dress and with the amazing beautiful background !

  24. lusting the dress it's got such a soft beauty to it.. and those shoes :) amazing.

  25. It's such a beautiful fabric!! Very flowy and feminine :)

  26. this is a perfect example of what i was talking about in my post misunderstood fashionistas!
    visit my blog if you would like to read it and dont forget to comment:)

  27. That dress is actually super cute! Maybe if you just turn it into a racerback and cinch it at the waist it look less "frumpy", because the length is magnificent!

    1060xo, Fernanda Lucila

  28. Anonymous

    the headband keeps it young and fresh! love how you paired it so keep the length. there are too many short floral dresses around anyway,

  29. Amazing dress. So lovely!!


  30. Wow these photos are really amazing, love them, you look stunning!

  31. that vintage dress is just lovely. loving the print and the length so much! xx

  32. awesome dress!! xo- karrie

  33. I totally know what you mean it looks like by itself it might be a grandma dress, but you REALLY make it work! I love the way you belted it and paired it with those shoes! Tres chic!

  34. leave it long! you can always try and belt it twice to make it shorter...but once you cut them hem you can never go back! besides, short floral dresses are a dime a dozen ;)

  35. I would totally love to see it short, but then again, I have a total penchant for minis! I adore the little bow in your hair, you're too cute! x

  36. cute dress!


  37. Definitely cute dress!

  38. These pictures are beautiful!


  39. Loe your dress! Lovely pictures:)

    Greetz from Poland

  40. Don't cut the dress! :[

    It looks so lovely that way. I've also been having a recent obsession with long dresses (not necessarily maxi, but knee length at least) It depends on the drape I suppose. Some dresses look really granny like when they reach the knee, others look elegant. I think one looks elegant :]


  41. these pics are the lighting. you've given this dress a new life. love it with the belt and those amazing shoes!

  42. ohmygodd
    amazing dress find, it really does remind me of that marc jacobs collection a lot too

  43. I love your style! it's so fresh and chic! If I saw that dress by itself at a store, I don't think I would've worn it the way you did! Great hair tie and belt addition; it really adds an innovative twist!

    Lovely blog!
    Erin :)

  44. Girl i love the ribbon fot hair...where have u take this??? xoxo

  45. These photos are really beautiful!

  46. Beautiful!!!

    LOVE minnja

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  49. Anonymous

    is ted nguyen your brother?? you guys look crazy alike! (esp. eyes and nose!)

  50. Yes, that dress is very Marc Jacobs A/W 2010 - I love it. Maybe it's not sexy, but it's really beautiful.

    Love deary xxx

  51. RetrĂ² yet chic, TIMELESS SENSATION!! I love your look!


  52. Wow, I love your blog! The title sums up your outfits perfectly, so chic!

  53. Lovely summery photos! Love them!

  54. You look really really cutee!

    I really like your blog

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  56. Definetely keep it long. Love the outfit.

  57. Vous postes sont absolument incroyable et je ne l'aime vraiment

  58. cut off the sleeves!


  59. I'm obsessed with these head bands from AA. You look adorable.

  60. Definitely keeping it long!

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