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August 11, 2010

Ski Teal We Drop ; Done Out in Deco; What's With the Cattitude; Jade Is The New Black

Chinchilly; Angora Cardi; Tart Deco; Midnight Cami

I can blame one of my closest friends for getting me unhealthily obsessed with nail polish. I mean, they've always ended up in my shopping cart every single Target run, but she took it to a whole other level -- like, the "it" colors and stuff. Chanel Jade was only the touch of my nail polish awareness due to the surrounding blogger hype. Either way, I'm full Vietnamese thus am too familiar with Little Saigon, so finding little nail shops that sell OPI / Essie / China Glaze for dirt cheap come easy - especially with the native tongue. That same really close friend also had hinted me in on this. Seriously, she's really dangerous when it comes to fueling my spending habits.

Up above are my favorites. What's on your nails right now?

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65 responses:

  1. I have OPI done out in Deco it's my favourite colour Im currently wearin Barry M Bright Pink I think I have over 50 nail polishes *hides face* I love it! :)

  2. I'm just debating whether to paint my nails grey or red today.... I want to buy some brown shades for fall!

  3. I have bright blue...but I love all these pastel colours this summer! so much fun :)

  4. owh i must get my hands on tart deco! looks great in the bottle but cant be too sure when its painted...

    got bright silver on atm...cant get sick of the greys and silvers


  5. mine's Revlon Red at the moment, most gorgeous red colour ever.

    Are OPI nail polishes good? How long do they last etc.?

  6. so lucky that you know where to find these for cheap. the essie ones are my favourite. i've either had on a jade/aqua colour or dark navy blue all summer... xx

  7. I couldn't choose, so, my nails are 5 different shades of pink-purple :)

  8. I love nail polishes!! Great colors..

  9. Totally understand! When me and my best friends roomed together, thats what we did every night. Friends outside of home thought it was crazy that I had a different nail color everyday

  10. A wonderful Turqouise...looks better on toes than fingers...A happy color!..Lovin it...VOV 25

  11. LOVE a nailpolish post!! Im actually waiting on OPI Swiss for some samples that are in the mail to me....great colors in your post....I cant wait to see dark greenish OPI in person:)

    Have a great day!

  12. heheh, i have the blue nailpolish on my nails right now !

  13. love the colours!!! :D

    what's little saigon?

  14. I've always been a red/pink nails kinda gal, but I'm thinking of trying one of the shades of blue similar to what you've posted.

    Come on down and have a look around at

  15. Chanel le vernis 527! i really like your opi colour selection, gonna put them on my list for fall :)


  16. Chanel particuliere! I know what you're talking about!

    juliet xxx

  17. I have to try some of your picks. I have just recently started getting into it!

  18. I always stick with either very dark or very light...I am a huge fan of OPI and am wearing 'Yes...I Can Can' on my toes right now. I did just order 'You Don't Know Jacques' to try out something more in-between.

  19. Anonymous

    Right now it is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Wet Cement. It is the best grey ever.

  20. Wearing 'done out in deco' right now.
    although love the teal!!!! gonna be next

  21. i love the essie nail polishes, but the opi ones are looking really good too! the light blue one you've got there is probably my favourite - i've been looking for a colour like that for a while, actually!

    as for my favourite nail polish, i am really diggin american apparels l'esprit. it goes on surprisingly well and the colour is really fun.

  22. Teal is supa nice. I'm also loving taupe. I use Sephora by OPI in Metro Chic currently & love it!

  23. Tart Deco is such a fabulous color!!!

  24. OPI is my favorite! I currently have Russian Navy in matte on my nails then later this week I think I'll do Purple Pompei.

  25. i am wearing Vixen by Revlon, i love dark reds. I was amazed to find my fav nail polish shade that happens to be my username!
    I absolutely love the first one on your post - Ski Teal We Drop. It will be perfect for the fall/winter!

  26. ohhhh i have almost every color here in this post...guilty pleasure indeed! wearing fiercely fiona of the shrek collection from opi, perfect for summer... :)

  27. Love Chinchilly by Essie! *adds to wishlist* I have Secret Peri-wink-le on by China Glaze - its my favorite right now :)

  28. I love all the polishes in the top row, I am a sucker for anything ocean-hued. I love that nail polish has become such a huge part of a new makes it much more fun.

  29. WOW! Great colors! Right now I'm wearing gold polish, surprisingly beautiful.

  30. Oh I love Chinchilly!! I am so into grey for fall!!

  31. I currently have Essie's "big spender" love the color!!

  32. Essie's Fifth Avenue—a bold, bright, orangey red! So chic, so fierce!

  33. Leonie – for any color you want to see on the nail, try “swatches” in your keywords for google ;) usually you’ll find a review. Nonetheless, it’s gorgeous on! Considering a silver now too..

    ilean24355 – OPI lasts a while! The application I find is a little sticky. I prefer Essie.

    Rachel Core – Painting nails is such a hassle for me. I wait until it’s barely on my nails. Kudos to switching it up every day. My friend does it like twice a week and it boggles me.

    chopstick panorama – little Saigon is a place in Orange County where all the Vietnamese businesses are. Best pho places!

    Anon 8:33 – that color is gorgeous!

    Dani – American Apparel nail polish really does have spot on colors, huh? Should try out a bottle! Preferably orange.

    Eva – Loving that shade of taupe. Need to try that one too

    Iluvyi – Never thought to try periwinkle! Should go through a crayon box for inspiration next time I look for nail polish

    Blondie – Gold! I want an obnoxiously glittery gold.

  34. I;m actually currently wearing Jade is the New Black which I LOVE!

    xoxo, Ashley

  35. Only one of my nails is painted because all of the other nail polish on my fingers chipped off! I'm in desperate need of new nail polish color!!


  36. I'm into anything purple. Done Out in Deco is great, I also love Parlez Vous OPI. And I just picked up William Tell Me About OPI which is fantastic and perfect for fall. Another great one is Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic, a purplish grey.

    I think Tart Deco is next on my list. I had it in my hand yesterday and now I'm sorry I didn't just get it.

  37. LOL! Some chipped tomato red on the toes, nothing on the hands. Pathetic.

    Love the jade green.

  38. okay that opi what's with the cattitude, I seriously need it!

  39. gah your friend sounds like my friend... haha


  40. Dammit, my dad said he would teach me Viet but I have yet to learn! I'm a big fan of Essie shades but honestly, they're a bit pricey. Gotta ask my Viet-born aunt to tag along whenever I decide to go to Little Saigon...

  41. Anonymous

    omg! i buy my opi's from westminster too! right now i'm wearing mod about you!

  42. I didn't take you for full Vietnamese. I was thinking halfsie, or three-fourths at most. Also, my friends and I had this conversation about finding OPI in Little Saigon this past Monday.

  43. Sally Hansen - Bleu Me Away!

  44. lovely colors..!

  45. lovelovelove the colors,
    though not crazy about jade and greige

  46. fiji by essie; sweetheart by OPI; fishnet stockings by essie; body language by essie; red my fortune cookie by OPI and you dont know jaques by OPI... and being a native from orange county as well, little saigon is the way to go when buying nail polish!

  47. love your style and your blog! it's very chic ;)) check out

  48. Rosa

    I'm wearing the Playa Del Platinum gray color from Essie you have posted above! I also like Mint Candy Apple (also from Essie), which is an ultra bright Tiffany blue color. I get so many compliments on it!

  49. how i (heart) opi!
    do you use a base coat to go with it?
    or top coat?
    i'm never sure...

    best from switzerland

  50. i gave you a blog award for having one of my favourite blogs:)

  51. ugh my love for nail polish is never-ending too. right now i've got peachy-orange on my fingers and a sky blue on my toes :D

  52. lusting all of these colors.. they transition so well into fall :) beautiful! OPI is truly the best.

  53. love these! Stop by my blog for my OPI giveaway!!


  54. my nails are currently rocking chinchilllyyy as we speak (: perfect shade of grey! check out my blog guys pweasee

  55. Just bought one very similar to Chinchilly yesterday, can't wait to try it out! xo

  56. Right now my nails are covered in Chanel - blue satin... but i love the colors from essie.

    I always feel really naked without nailpolish...

    Check out my blog


  57. That jade polish is to die for! Right now I am diggin' all kinds of pastels myself. Tomorrow I'll paint on a lick of mint green American Apparel polish. They some great shades at the moment.

    x The Velvet Bow

  58. A sea foam green shade from american apparel is my current fave. I love the Jade color though for nails! (also my name haha)

  59. Anonymous

    I've definitely jumped on the nail polish bandwagon too. This is def fueled by the cheap suppliers near my house that sell Essie and OPI for wholesale price. <3 Essie!

  60. Anonymous

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