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midnight swim club

August 25, 2010

Photo credit: Ted Nguyen + Cobrasnake

You probably saw pictures of the Havaiana's pool party on Aimee's blog, but here it is through my eyes.
  • No one told me about the cowlick across my face in half of the pictures I went through on Ted's camera. Way to dominate half my night.
  • Kristine is probably going to kill me for posting up pictures of her failed attempts at winking, but that's her fault, not mine. At least she went in the pool with me.
  • Come to think of it, everyone will pick at me for posting unflattering pictures. Ted hesitantly declared himself a trooper for sending me HQ shots of his eyes closed.
  • Lucrecia looking stunning in her Elizabeth and James dress.
  • Pretty much double-fisted cupcakes and veggie burgers between sips of gin+tonics all night.
  • No pictures of Taghrid, because the only one we took together was too scandalous for public viewing (on my behalf), but she came with her American Apparel crew who were all too stylish for words.
  • No party is a real party without Olivia Lopez.

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39 responses:

  1. Definitely looked like a good time.

  2. Ahhh such fun! The cupcakes look sooo damn good...


  3. saw some of these on cobrasnake.. so cute!

  4. making a real splash ;) i could use some free food and a tall glass of gin & tonic


  5. Anonymous

    Yup Kristine is definitely gonna kill you LOL ;p

  6. haha besides you thinking they're bad pictures (they're not! and i'm not just saying that to be nice), it seemed like a fun night:)

    i love your new hair colour. (i know.. 'love' is overrated!)

    yay! i love your blog.



  7. The pics are great, looks like such a good time and those cupcakes look delish!! :) xx

  8. Looks like such a fun party, makes me want a cupcake... Great blog!

  9. Asian blogger corner hay hay

  10. LUSTING the winking pic.. that whole outfit is perfect. I really love how it was put together! and those cupcakes look delicious :)

  11. you look gorgeous! i love both of your looks (pre-swim and post-swim!).
    and i didn't even notice the cowlick until you mentioned it. i think we are always too hard on ourselves though :)

  12. looks like a great partay! i wanna get my hands on those cupcakes.


  13. looks like you guys had fun! you all look super gorgeous!

  14. so many fun bloggers together, that would have been awesome! and those cupcakes look yum

  15. Ahh you are too beautiful Rachel Seems like ya'll had such a good time! And those sugar rush much!


  16. in-n-out burgers!! those would make any party pop..

  17. wow, looks really fun:) and cupcakes



  18. Wow, you got in the pool! Cannot believe I didn't see you there. I guess we were on the other side. haha. See you next time!

  19. looks like you had a blast thats nice!

  20. omg those hamburgers look so good
    i wanna rub them all over my naked body

    Jade Appeal

  21. can't get over those cupcakes! cute swimsuit :)

  22. looks like fun! great blog !

  23. nice pics!

  24. You girls are absolutely fabulous!!

  25. It appears that you guys had a blast from these great photos. Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday :)

  26. Looks like a fun!

    juliet xxx

  27. It looks like you're having so much fun! Hope you did ;)



  28. Looks like you had loads of fun !


  29. Lovely.
    Please tell me more about that adorable off the shoulder blouse you were wearing!

  30. Seemed a lot of fun!!!

    Seems like Lucrecia is holding a Havaianas towel! That's a very famous "flip flop" brand here in Brazil. Apparently it's conquering the Fashion World!

  31. I love your hair Rachel, and Kristine is gorgeous! She reminds me of Michelle Rodriguez, the actress.

  32. That party looks crazy, dope pics.

  33. Those are some gorgeous pictures with the perfect pool party outfits :)
    Lovely blog!
    Check mine at

  34. visiting your post and I'm afraid I'll become a woo girl, because your posts are high fashion and amazing

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