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long range lace

August 15, 2010

Mink Pink dress from Modcloth. Walter lace-coverup. Vintage belt. Marc by Marc boots.

Amazing lace-slip that came with a dress I bought. Definitely adds that needed bit of glamour to everything! I think it's my last lacy addition to my closet before I puke of lacy overkill. So worth it. Heading out to enjoy the last day of the OC fair!

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80 responses:

  1. What a GREAT outfit!! Love it all, but especially those boots!!!!

    you look great!

  2. The sheer cover up is soo pretty!

    Love Makes The Peace

  3. i feel like this is such a wardrobe staple - im sure you will wear it with everything!! so lovely as always :)

  4. This lace piece is fantastic. And pairing it with tough boots? Genius!


  5. you are such a beautiful girl and your photos are amazing as always!

  6. REALLY loving the lace. it looks different than most. beading maybe?

  7. I love the lace and the boots! Great use of a piece that was part of a dress. xoxo

  8. Anonymous


  9. you're soooo pretty and you can never go wrong with lace haha. beautiful!

  10. love the mix of the lace with the boots... and of course the nail polish is a perfect fun touch.


  11. pretty lacy dress :)

  12. the lace is so pretty. your nail polish is killer <3

  13. Wow! What an amazing cover up! Looks great with those boots. Perfect!

    I just started a blog with my sister, we are two Aussie girls, would love you to come by :)

  14. So gorgeous. Love the layering. That last photo's perfect.

  15. loveee the boots!

  16. OMG! This long lace vest is wonderful! And your boots are so cool! Another great outfit dear! <3

  17. you look amazing, great dress but I want thoese shoes! lovely

    check out my blog!


  18. Wow love the combination of the dress with the lace!!

  19. Anonymous

    I don't think there could ever be such a thing as "lace overload." Again, another flawless ensemble. The lace, the boots...everything is just perfect. Beautiful!

  20. it looks really great and i love your boots

  21. the lace is a perfect overlay, i'm so envious of the summeriness of your pictures!!!

  22. Wow!!!
    This is a wonderful outfit!! I love it!!


  23. Great outfit like always!
    It looks so awesome, love your boots & the sheer lace thingy hehehe :D

  24. I love the contrast between the lace and the boots!
    I really like this outfit (:

    1060xo, Fernanda Lucila

  25. I'm in love with your boots !! they're amazinggg!!!

  26. Yes - what a great addition to your wardrobe!

  27. Gorgeous every thing looks so good together!!!!!!!!! I love your boots they're so cute =)

  28. Amazing. That really is a great find


  29. You have such an amazing eye for tough-chic ensembles. I am in love with the lace coverup. I half-expected you to say it was vintage!
    Also, what was that dress you wore to the F21 event? It was beautiful!


  30. this outfit is definitely has a mix of romantic edgy modern look! i love it, cause all the combination works so well together!!!

    read me at:


  31. love this look!!!!
    check me

  32. Those lace cover-ups is gorgeous!


  33. Wow! I absolutely love how you made a simple black outfit look so awesome with the lace cover-up. Great idea!! You look gorgeous as always...


  35. I want to see it paired with the dress it came with - I'm intrigued


  36. laylor

    Is this a LEYENDER top? This is such a great piece!

  37. That cover up is cool

  38. such an interesting coverup! reminds me of floral bed jackets i blogged about a couple weeks ago.


  39. The lace is so cool over the black minidress. I love how you mix elements that are girly and tomboy in the same outfit!

    xoxo, Ashley

  40. Oh I love how your belted it! fabulous!

    Adèle –

  41. Oh this is so pretty! What a cool way to style that lace cover up! So glam!

  42. I loved the softness of the lace-slip and the heavy boots! I'm so in love for this contrasts!

  43. Do you think the lace would also go well over a jeans and a black top?

  44. such a nice lace. those boots are amazing. perfect match!

  45. Love the lace and your boots are amazing.

  46. the lace is great along with the shoes, the lace looks very vintage and very cool

  47. I want those boots :) great outfit!!


  48. Those shoes are fabulous!!
    Rianna xxxx

  49. This lsce dress or cover is amazing!! You are going to use it a lot. I'm sure!!


  50. The whole outfit is great, especially love the shoes!
    Will be following this blog :)

  51. a STUNNING metropolitan princess! you are LOVELY!

  52. The lace slip is so pretty ! & I adore your shoes too.


    Karissa /

  53. I love the lace coverup! But of course I do, I am heading for lacey overkill as well.

  54. wow love that lace!

  55. Love the lace coverup. Just gorgeous.

    The Heartbreak

  56. that mink pink dress is so unreal! so beautiful!!! <3 and oh your booties too ;)

  57. love the look! love how you wore it! AmAzing!

    if you could please give me your email add i wanted to ask you some questions :)


  58. how gorgeous, love the lace and boots

  59. you're just stunning! i saw this outfit on chictopia and had to come over and check out your blog for myself. i'm so impressed, definitely a new daily read :) you have a new follower for sure!

  60. I wont wear it, maybe because I am too shy or something but she looks stunning on you


  61. lace is soooo classic
    luv ur blog gall!!!!
    follow me!!!
    also check out....


  62. I love the lace coverup with the simple LBD and the boots! Great mix of pieces!

  63. i love how you took the dainty and romantic look of the lace, and contrasted it with the black and boots- very creative and a unique way of wearing it. love your blog and style :)

  64. Love these images!
    especially the first one.


  65. this looks is definitely chic, loving the lace cover and your boots are stunning



  66. That's an incredible mixture of texture and lengths!
    Great job!!


  67. Love how you put this outfit together. The lace coverup looks great with the dress and boot.

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