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August 28, 2010

Charlotte Russe shirt. Alex Lane shorts. Topshop brogues.

A better outfit shot of what I wore in my previous post without the distraction of flash and pools. Absolutely obsessed with these shoes; it's such a nice - still feminine - change from wearing heels all the time. Currently on the lookout for a great masculine leather ankle boot (would kill for this one) to wear once this late summer heat passes. For now on my list today: color my hair dark.

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81 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    where did you get those shorts? loves them

  2. Those shoes are adorable, but I am really in love with your shorts! They are so cute. x

  3. i am in love with those shoes and your shorts!!

  4. I love the lighting in the third picture. :)

  5. Wow!!
    Lovely outfit and lovely pictures!!!

  6. wow, i love this photo, the look is so cute and innocent


  7. that blouse looks so gorgeous on you!


  8. the laces are those brogues are adorable!

  9. Gorgeous shoes.

  10. such an adorable outfit!! and i adore those shoes :)

  11. Anonymous




  12. Those shorts are amazing! The legs are killer! Work it girl!

  13. Those shoes are beautiful!!!
    I am dying for a pair of green suede oxfords from Zara to keep up my "male inspired" shoe craves, but those boots you chose are fab, too.

    1060xo, Fernanda Lucila

  14. Great outfit, as said above the shorts are adorable!

  15. I love those shoes. They look so girly and comfortable. I love your blog!

  16. i especially love the laces on the shoes, they really make the shoes stand out more!


  17. Such a pretty outfit!!!!!

  18. This sweet look is effortless on you.

  19. Definitely agree with you, those brogues are totally feminine and add a cool unexpected element to the outfit You look lovely!

  20. This is such an adorable look. I love that top and the shorts and the shoes. I love everything. You look very cute.

  21. Great shorts, and I love the brogues! Need to find myself a pair... Lovely outfit as per usual :)

    <3 Alison

  22. Love your brogues and your Alex Lane shorts!
    Kiss from Greece!

  23. That first photo should be in some ad campaign.

  24. You are such a beautiful girl! I love your style as well!

    visit me:

  25. love, love, love those brogues! they're so feminine & the color is great, too!

  26. Aw I like these two pieces combined together in this outfit...amazing result. And I actually like your hair in this colour...but who knows, maybe a darker colour would look even better on you! Again, your smile is so sweet -- love the second last shot. xo

  27. Lovely outfit. And shoes.. they're awesome

  28. I love the shorts so much! And gee, i kind of like your hair color now, but how am i to know if darker hair suits you? Can't wait to see the results!


  29. Those shorts are great! I am so glad you posted clearer pictures of what you wore to the party, because its an awesome outfit!

  30. LOVE it all...especially those shoes!! You look fantastic!!!

  31. the brogues, esp with the feminine laces, really complete your look. adorable.

  32. Everything about this outfit is just beautiful :)

  33. Very nice pic, congrats :)

  34. It is a great look. The skirt is gorgeous. Really beautifully styled outfit.

  35. do you just tie your hair up kinda messy? and then throw on a headband? i love the tousled messy look on you, but when i attempt something like that i just look like a bum


  36. lusting this outfit!! the top is so adorable :)

  37. What a perfect outfit!



  38. these are such gorgeous photos! i love your easy breezy blouse, and that hair is the greatest summer do!


  39. Your blouse and bra are really cute

  40. Those little shorts are lovely!

  41. I'm in looooove with your outfit!
    Your shorts are just gorgeous...

  42. Those shoes are pretty radical.

  43. That top/bra combo is really cute!

  44. As everyone else has already said, I love the shorts and shoes! Beautiful outfit!

  45. OMG! You're very nice and sweet with this look! well done! congrats! <3

  46. Those Topshop brogues are so fun! Fabulous outfit!



  48. I LOVE those shoes!!!

  49. Such a cute outfit, your top is darling!

  50. adorable shorts and shoes!

  51. So beautiful
    Love the Blog.
    Be sure to follow mine at and follow me on twitter at tuxandtie
    Thanks Alex

  52. i LOVE this outfit! I can't believe that shirt is from Charlotte Russe...impressive! shoes=adorable!

  53. My roommate bought the same brogues when she was in london and unfortunately her foot is a size bigger than mine. so jealous that I can't borrow them. You look adorable!!

  54. these brogues are so cute :)

  55. Great outfit!
    Tme oxfords is perfect.
    Love the look.


  56. loving your whole outfit!

  57. Super cute outfit. Loving the shorts and the shoes. The colours are great, too!

  58. OMG!! I totally love your shoes! <3

  59. We love your brown skirt and... we follow you :)
    a hug!

  60. I've just discovered your site and fell in love with it!
    Oh, and I love those brogues. They're so lovely!

  61. love that shorts!

  62. Such cute brogues! Love your whole outfit!

  63. Anonymous

    where did you take your photos?

  64. Anonymous

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  65. so soft and pretty. and i LOVE those shoes! i'm always on the hunt for a great pair of ankle boots too.

  66. I'm just crazyyyy about your shoes!

  67. you loook so pretty!

  68. I love this outfit!

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