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falling in love with vena cava

August 8, 2010

Vena Cava jacket. W.A.R. shirt. Vintage leather shorts & backpack. H&M socks. Burberry boots. OPI nails in What's With The Cattitude.

Pardon the grungier look... I think I'm going through a lazy "hipster" phase where girly things just aren't appealing to me. All aside, I went to Wasteland on Melrose to get rid of things and specifically drove to LA for just that... and to buy a chair. Whilst waiting in line to sell, the boyfriend - same guy who scolds me for buying more clothes than I need - encourages me to swift through the racks so I can stop fidgeting or whatever. Sitting alone in the normally finger-tight racks, the holy grail of militarism and leather-goodness, a brand-new-with-tags Vena Cava jacket in a size small! Threw it on and I'll be bold to say it: I haven't felt more in love with an inanimate object since my first pair of designer shoes. I prayed that whatever I made at the selling station would be enough for the jacket, but I couldn't financially justify it. I got it anyway. But not the chair.

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80 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    aghh the smile that ive been missing for five days, gorgeous outfit and i LOVEEEE the burberry booties!

  2. Really amazing outfit! And I'm in love with that cute backpack!Love it!

  3. Girl, you have a great smile and of course I love your boots!

  4. I love your jacket, it's so simple. The red lipstick really suits you too, you've got a gorgeous smile :)

  5. I love the clean lines and the sharpness of your backpack. Recently got one too and I'm attached! Vena Cava is real hot right now. I fell in love with their recent resort collection. Retro sexy!

    P.S: You look X-tra beautiful here.

  6. hey girl. don't diss the hipster movement. they are a taking over. hahahah. I never feel girly, so i love this look. Did u do something new to your eyebrows? Like dye them? They look lighter..or maybe I'm crazy? are u come'n to nyc?? If so, let's hang out and take pictures blogger style

  7. Anonymous

    honestly.. i like that you're veering away from the girly things. this look is refreshing. i'm so sick of sheer flimsy tops.. i wanna see more military. i think you have a nice balance of feminine and hard. i like that you paired this look with red lips.. knee high socks.. and girly shoes. it doesn't make it look too macho!

  8. wow! you look so sexy and strong!!! love this look!
    xoxo from rome

  9. I love the clean lines, I love your jacket, it's so simple.

  10. I totally adore this jacket, the pics and the overall look! I think the first image goes to my inspiration folder... love love love!!!

    these shots are beautiful.

  12. Holy shit what a STEAL! I'm a serious devotee to Vena Cava and I'm absolutely dying over this jacket.

  13. You look hawt here! Love the booties with knee-high socks! :)

  14. so in love with your backpack!!

  15. Amazing jacket! Reminds me of the army parka that NZ designer Twenty Seven Names did last season. ooh and so envious of your backpack! x

  16. Amazing look! Love your jacket & backpack!

  17. Your smile is beautiful - and this grungier look really works on you (I'm thinking Alexa??!), it's nice to see you in something a little different x

  18. I feel the same way, except not about your jacket but about your bag! It has THE perfect grungy/polished balance. Masculine or feminine; your style has evolved into something spectacular and inventive this past year.

  19. this look is simply perfect, love it soooo much! You've a great sense of style dear! <3

  20. Love your booties! And what great vintage finds! I've been looking for a good leather backpack like that for so long!

  21. Hello I LOVE YOU <3

    P.S. Call me when you're in LA, silly!!

  22. coolest outfit ever!
    i love your jacket!

    visit me on:

  23. Just discovered your blog and I'm completely inlove with your style. Love the look.

    The Heartbreak

  24. Perfect inter season outfit for summer into fall! loveeee the backpack!

  25. I'm quite often in that phase as well :) i love the proportions of everything, especially in the last photo. want the bag!

  26. That's so funny! But hey, designer blazer > chair. I totally get it. :o)


  27. love that jacket! and the whole look for that matter... im ready for fall, too hot in nyc to wear anything!

  28. love this!! you`re so pretty :)


  29. Yep, I think you made the right choice on the jacket. It is perfect! I love the red lips, you are so cute.

  30. Very nice outfit and you look very gorgeous!
    Love the shoes and the knee length socks :)

  31. Love the brown leather rucksack and the first photo.

  32. Wow gorgeous!!!!!!!! I love the whole outfit, its good to go through a not-in-a-girly-mood phase sometimes :D

  33. rachel you look so stunning in these!!
    it's refreshing to see you wearing something a bit tougher and i must say that i absolutely love the backpack and jacket ;)

  34. i love this look (and im happy you got that jacket!!) everything about it is perfection :}

  35. wow i love your shoes! and your jacket is SUCH AN AMAZING FIND!
    i totally understand the feeling of falling in love with a piece of clothing and that rush of excitement you get.
    it's almost like an instant shock of electricity, then you just know that the piece of clothing will be yours to own and love.

  36. Love the backpack and nail color!


  37. I read about Wasteland in If You Have to Cry, Go Outside. I want to go there sooooooooo badly! What's with the Cattitude is one of my fave polishes! So in love with the Shrek Forever by OPI collection.

  38. Congrats on your great find!

    I love these shorts too.

  39. Haha if I were you, I would've done the same thing... lovely smile btw


  40. loved the description and lovely jacket! also the burberry boots look so comfy! well...i hpe they are! :)

    read me at:


  41. Those Burberry booties are to die for!

    1060xo, Fernanda Lucila

  42. lovin your outfit, wish it wasn't so hot in DC so I could start wearing my fall clothes..!

  43. I love you jacket(I always love it when that happens)!!! you look fabulous!!!!!!!

  44. The jacket looks great, what an awesome find!! You look fantastic when you smile like you mean it, the red lips are so perf here because they add a little girliness.

    xoxo, Ashley

  45. Great outfit, so amazing for fall! I love the pop of colour that your manicure gives against the more neutral colours in the outfit.

    Love Alexandra

  46. love your shorts! whole outfit is great!

  47. slightly drooling over that entire outfit.

  48. Your nail color and lipstick are the absolute perfect finishing touches on this look. The pops of color against the dark neutrals are so excellent.

  49. definitely diggin' the grungier look. the jacket was a major score! love it

  50. I like how the simple jacket makes the outfit look really interesting. And the lipstick is very good choice;)
    All the best for U

  51. Loved the shoes!!
    And the nail polish broke perfectly the dark of the clothes!
    And as a lot of girls said back in the comments, you have a beatifull smile!

  52. your vintage leather shorts are sucha find! fun outfit..wish i could pull off socks and heels like you do. great legs going on bella!


  53. i love how effortlessly you wear fashions. amazing


  54. you look like you're totes over summer! say it ain't so!


  55. Love that jacket. Such a great outfit.:)SarahD

  56. The lips... that's what draws me in! What color is that? It's gorgeous on you!


  57. Love all your outfits :) and the florals on the last post look so good on you!! where did you find the Ipod? I always loose things at the most strange places!and I'm so sad I missed your NY visit but I hope you will be there with NY fashion week!!


  58. Anonymous

    Love that purse!


  59. Since when is the term "hipster" reserved for only non-girly looks? Isn't Zooey Deschanel considered by many to practically be the queen of "hipsters"? She's as girly as one can possibly be. I don't think it's something really worth being concerned about since if you dress interesting at all someone will call you a hipster for it. It's much too vague a term and should just be used to describe the off-putting personality type associated with it, not the multitude of looks in fashion that it apparently applies too. Once it becomes all about fashion then pretty much everyone who makes an effort is a "hipster" and bad personalities are projected onto people who are just trying to have fun with clothes. I like this outfit and there is no reason to be self-deprecating. If you genuinely like it and feel good in it then that's all that matters.

  60. Awesome! i love your outfit!

  61. Anonymous

    everything, head to toe, amazing!

  62. Sometimes I wonder if I could pull off high socks like that to work, lol. But I'm pretty sure in my super conservative job I'd be sent straight home to change. *le sigh* I still love it though. :)

    Bre @

  63. the shorts and backpack are something else. and the boots, defiantly a fav outfit of mine

  64. Lovely lovely outfit! :] Perfect from head to toe and I love the red lips.

  65. Love the look, but the shoes did steal my heart!!!

    Greetz from Poland

  66. The whole outfit combines so well!! especially the leather shorts and that bag ! I just love them!!

    And your nail polish is so cool :D !!

  67. your bag <3
    amazing !


  68. Stephanie

    Hi, I was just wondering what lipstick you're wearing? I love that shade!! Thanks :)

  69. Anonymous

    I want that bag! It's my dream bag. love it and it looks so good on you!

  70. I love the golden hour light here. Just as the sun is setting all in shadow with soft warm light falling on the scene. Very beautiful. I especially like the walking image, the slow drag on the shutter enhances the look you are wearing.

  71. Love Your Satchel.

  72. Lovely out fit! looks really classy x x

  73. That bag is so gorgeous!!! You look amazing.

  74. head to toe, incredible. i'd kill for that jacket. the short sleeves and green color are blowing my mind.

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