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July 4, 2010

Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer. Obey tubetop. Kasil x Taylor Jacobson pants. Madewell belt. Opening Ceremony shoes.

Cut off a couple inches of hair in this pic taken of me last week, but yesterday I cut off another two inches, like above my shoulders short. So excited for short hair and this tube top to fend New York's heat in a week! Also much needed were these awesome cargo-ish, military inspired looking pants in a distressed teal - such an odd combination that I would have never in a million years put together in my mind, but they work here... and they're my new favorite pants.

Must get running - need to be out of the house and in this amazing weather! Happy 4th of July everyone!

(yay for tacky animated gifs from mass office emails)

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62 responses:

  1. I am really jealous of your RL's jacket!

    love your hair in the photo - can't wait to see your new cut!

    Happy 4th!

    Kate fm F3

  2. omg love those shoes!!!! cute outfit! and happy 4th of july to you too!

    helen x

  3. this outfit is amazing! I absolutely adore your jacket, it's so perfect : classy (and classic) yet fashionable! Plus, I would never have thought of pairing it with this lovely top! The result is amazing.
    You look gorgeous as always!
    Can't wait to see your new haircut :)

    Happy 4th of July!


    Marine / another fucking fashionista

  4. HAHAHA! that gif took me back to my corporate days ... love it.

  5. allllll for having short hair in new york right now - seriously, i don't know how some people survive!

  6. Amazing outfit I can't wait to see your new hair!!!! Happy 4th of July!!!!!

  7. Im completely jealous of that tube top. I love the pattern and colors.

  8. I love this polo chic look! Your haircut fits you.Waiting to see pics of your even shorter hair. happy fourth!

  9. I've loved that blazer in your past posts, but this is my fave. Looks great with the pants.

  10. love this! the top bring a certain pop to whole outfit

  11. love that blazer! :) what a great piece.

    happy 4th of july!

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  12. ooo i love this outfit! the jacket with the printed tube top is too cute! good color combos. So chic!
    xx. alyssa

  13. Your blazer is perfect with the tube top! I really like the design of the top.

  14. I love those shoes! Great outfit! Please visit& follow:

  15. Love that top and the blazer! Actually scratch that, your entire outfit is amazing!

  16. Love the whole outfit, I'm jealous of those pants because I can never find a good one that looks just as awesome as yours.

  17. i love the use of ur oversized blazer, it looks great!

    read me at:


  18. Your hair looks very pretty! I don't think I could ever cut it short again.
    And btw, your shoes are amazing!!

    Fernanda Lucila

  19. love your pants and shoes :D

  20. i am in love with those blue pants!!

  21. Anonymous

    stellar! you are looking radiant as always!! <333

  22. I'm in love with that blazer! Great look! <3

  23. gorgeous photo, loving the look, the shoes are absolutely stunning.


  24. love the outfit :) hope you had a great holiday :D

  25. a bit diffrent outfit from others but lovely as all

    I like your jacket and pants.

  26. Your hair looks nice! I love the shoes and the panst!

    juliet xxx

  27. That blazer is amazing. And the shirt underneath is to die for. The colors are so vibrant.

  28. That's amazing! LOVE the outfit. you're so pretty :)

  29. great haircut and blazer :)

  30. Anonymous



  31. omg where did you find that vintage Ralph Lauren blazer???

  32. Great look!

  33. Those teal cargo-ish pants look perfect, and so soft and airy for summer. The weather in So Cal has been freakin' amazing! Especially around the LA-OC area. SD is still ridiculously cloudy. Hopefully the weather warms up so I can start running around wearing tubetops


  34. I love the short hair on you, I think ity looks great, can't wait to seee the new pics!

  35. Your blazer and your shoes are my favorite^^
    '' Style-haus''is rite, really casual chic!

  36. love the tube top rachel! and it really goes so well with those pants! high five ;)


  37. ur outfit would look great without the jacket but it looks absolutely perfect with it on!! So very chic.


  38. omggggggggg, those shoes ._. speechless

  39. Love the new haircut! It looks great. Your vintage Ralph Lauren blazer is awesome.

  40. absolutely perfect outfit. i adore the vintage lauren blazer, it's beautiful.

  41. love the blazer and the shoes you look great. and i like the cut because im used to the short haired you lol

    hope yur fourth was eventful

    Vi from Cali

  42. This

    I love so many things about your look that I cannot begin to write them all. Awesome syle, I love it!


  43. The whole outfit is great but I'm so in love with that blazer! RL is the best!

  44. This outfit is so bautiful! I love your jacket!

    xoxo from Argentina

  45. love your vintage blazer!!
    Last day to join my GIVEWAY!

  46. Ooh, I love the blazer.

  47. I love the shoes! I'd be too scared to wear such a light color in a sandy/muddy place

  48. Love the acid wash shorts and the polka dot shorts!

    xo, kristin
    electric fringe

  49. shoes are gorg! xoxo

  50. I love this look, playfol yet chic. Great blog!

  51. Love the shoes and the blazer! Very pretty.

  52. I love your blazer!

  53. unexpected and so well put together, i love it!

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