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July 7, 2010

So bummed I lost my memory card for my camera. I lost all upcoming blog pics and Shop Chic items (which btw, did better than I expected so expect updates soon!). Trying to get a new one soon so I can get all my work squared away.

None the less a plethora of pics into a glimpse of summer: cuddling death-defyingly cute puppies, discovering amazing food, attending flea markets, making/rekindling/losing friends, lounging in jump houses, having Stevie Nicks on repeat, having Stevie Nicks influence the way you dress in the morning, being dangerously close under fireworks, pretending the outdoors is your living area... things of that nature.

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66 responses:

  1. Loving all the photos! :D

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    stunning pics..glad you're having a great summer! it's freezing here in australia :(

  4. While you discover amazing food, you enjoy your friends and that's so important!!
    I love this brown bag!!

  5. I like a series of these photos!)

  6. i'm so sorry for the memory card...but the post is great!!!


  7. loving these pictures, everything is so lively!

    read me at:


  8. Anonymous

    great song and outfit choice

  9. amazing sequence of pics! great! <3

  10. I love your collection of photos, missy!
    I can`t believe how obsessed I`ve become about flowers in the hair. I think it`s such a sweet natural look in the summertime.

    feel free to stop by sometime!

    Stay stylish, Stay Happy!

    xx T

  11. so much goodness in every single picture. good luck on getting everything back in order, that shit gets so annoying!

  12. These photographs are most definitely awesomeness, Rachel... very awesome indeedy.

  13. great picture collection. those puppies are so so cute! so cuddle worthy!

  14. I love your pictures and I ADORE your outfits!


  15. i really really love the pics!

  16. Great photos! There are so many adorable puppy dogs! I love your polka dot shorts!

  17. amazing pictures! i love all the outfits

  18. Loving the post! the pictures are amazing and the song ahhh I LOVE!

  19. looks like so much fun!!


  20. Wow! those photos are so gorgeous, especially the fireworks and the one with of a girl with a daisy chain round her head :)

  21. That "Make a change today" photo is SOOOOO cute!

    I really enjoyed this post.

  22. cutest post ever! we all luurve you :) heart heart!

  23. Aw, that stinks about losing your memory card. These pictures are great anyway. Those little doggies are adorable! Looks like you're having a terrific summer.

  24. I love your pics it looks like your having an amazing summer thus far and that food looks so increduibly good!!!!!!!

  25. boo on losing the memory card! these are amazing photos and OMG my heart is melting - i need not only a new puppy, but that puppy!! ahh! and super nom nom nommies! let's eat together woman!


  26. This post inspired me to wear high waisted vintage levi shorts with a cropped top with lace appliques today :) thank you

  27. love these! nice to have a photo heavy post from you, it's been a while! so sad about your mem card.

    xoxo, ashley

  28. LOVEEEE these photos. especially the ones with great bokeh! sorry about your memory card! :(

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  29. Anonymous

    amazing bokeh pictures and song choice

  30. love your summer photos...

    what lens do u use?

    Kate fm F3

  31. Hello there, my name is Heidy Kalalo and I'm from Indonesia.
    I just stumbled across your blog and I really love it!! :D
    please do feel free to check out mine,'coz I've featured you as my June muse..=)

    hope you'll like it!

  32. awesomeeee photos!love your post.

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  34. That puppy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Your pics are gorgeous! What a fantastic blog!!!! You have such wicked style, babe!
    xoBeckerman girls

  35. great pics, and you've made me especially hungry at this moment :)

  36. ohhh the puppies are cute! I just saw two of the most adorable pups myself today. Hope you get a new mem card. It looks like you'll need it with the summer your having!

    love the photos of you with cupcake its cool for some reason lol

    Vi from Cali

  37. Luv the photos, and nice outfit choices. Those lace up boots in the previous post are awesome!

  38. Great photos! And thanks for the lucca jumpsuit! I love it :)


  39. Your colours, style, cuteness, and friendly smile have truly motivated me to pursue my heart's desire.

    I hope you know you make a difference in the world.

    your shadow reader

  40. beautiful-beautiful pictures :D the bag in the first photo me likey :D

  41. you know what?! your blog is one of those beautiful blogs that ive been craving for.
    love all your outfits in these photos. Those puppies are so cutee.
    and your friend's denim short. love love love!

  42. Anonymous


  43. Anonymous


  44. Wow that's such a bummer about your memory card!!! I know how much work goes into this and how disappointing that must be!!

    On another not that puppy you are holding is the cutest ever!!!

  45. Those puppies are sooo cute! You have such amazing style and we love it! YAHooo!
    xo The Beckerman Girls

  46. i love your photos! really nice

  47. Those photos are amazing- and my fav is with the "death-defyingly" cute pup :))
    I really enjoy your blog, how sweet :))
    I think you will like mine too, I'd be glad if you checked it out :))

    Can't wait to hear from you hon!

    PS: WOuld you consider exchanging blog links? :)

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  49. This photo collection is so pretty Rachel. The out of focus lights (fireworks?) are gorgeous. Are those Persona charms in the forth pic from the bottom? I can't get over the puppies either! This photo shoot gets its own fav in my bookmarks!

  50. Can I please, please, PLEASE steal that puppy away from you before you eat it? Omfg I am dying. So cute.


  51. Great photo journal. I love the one of the fireworks....very artsy and unique. Thank you for the post.

  52. the pics are great! you and you friends are so well dressed! and omg the food!

  53. Elise

    I saw your boyfriend at South Coast Plaza again today. Does he work at Intermix?

  54. Amazing pictures!

  55. awkward comment.. but your friend in the vertical colored stripped shirt is gorgeous...

  56. that's so sad that you lost your memory card. but you've got some amazing pictures here in this little summer 2010 photo diary. you look so good in every pic you're in!

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