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dancing through the ash

July 13, 2010

Topshop dress. Vera Wang wedges. Obey hat.

Updating from my hotel room with some pics I took yesterday. New York has been amazing and unpredictable once again. Of course, I'm just blowing my money on amazing cuisine and trying to document as much as possible to much failure. Extremely tired right now... sleep and Animal Planet is calling me - staying here till Thursday so stay tuned!

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61 responses:

  1. that is one amazing dress! and dont get me started with your wedges!


  2. great!! totally agree with Toni :) the wedges are just.. amazing! :) xx

  3. beautiful top shop dress! love it ;)

    helen x

  4. adorable dress and amazing hat! Great pics too! <3

  5. oh la la ! super chic!!!
    xoxo from rome

  6. Anonymous

    obsessed with the dress! the pictures seem a little too over exposed.

  7. Chic and fabulous dress! Great post and pics...

  8. wow, i love your wedges!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress. You look so beautiful. And I hope the rest of your time at New York is fan freakin tastic.


  10. you look gorgeous! love the dress!

  11. Beautiful outfit! Love the hat!

  12. That dress is swoon~worthy; light and lacey, perfect summer wear. The hat looks great with it and the wedges create an awesome contrast! It looks so good. :D

    b. of Depict This!

  13. you look beautiful, i just love the look with the wedges

  14. Such a gorgeous summer look. I love those wedges every time you post them!

    follow me :)

  15. Lovely hat, lovely pictures.

  16. woah ur hair is soo short! heh its a great thing cause u cn pull off short hair so well, unlike me! envy ur in newyork, have a great time! lovely outfit!!

    read me at:


  17. I completely get it spending your mney on cuisine I do the same when I am there!!!

    the dress is lovely and the shoes are amazing

  18. Welcome to the city. I am sorry that the weather has been so steamy, though. Love the dress and the shoes!

  19. Those wedges are beyond beautiful

  20. Anonymous

    Beautiful as always!


  21. This is such a great summer outfit!! Loving the shoes!!

  22. You cut your hair! I know you mentioned it before, but I think this is the first time I'm actually seeing it :)
    Your whole look here is very victorian... almost royal! Beautiful :D


  23. I love your wedges!

  24. I love your dress you look amazing in it and those wedges are to die for so totally amazing... I hope your having a blast in NY1!!!!!!!!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.
  26. Gorgeous dress. I love all the detail around the waist. Those wedges are amazing too.

  27. omg, you look so lovely! every piece of this outfit is stunning!

  28. I have been lusting over those wedges for forever! That dress is gorgeous, too!

  29. I love those wedges!!


  30. You look so cute in this outfit! Very vintage looking, especially the hat.
    Love it!

  31. I didn't recognize you for a sec. Loving the eyelet hem and the darting all over the prairie dress. You never see that much emphasis especially in a summer piece. Definitely something to appreciate :)

  32. love the dress! and the hat is perfect :)

  33. you look so lovely :D I love the wedges ;)

  34. welcome to the east coast!

  35. awe you look adorable. i mish yoo, thrifting when you come hoe

  36. i have to stop being a chick and reading your blog. but way to look hot as usual

  37. Hey Rachel! Just received the dresses in the mail. Thanks for posting them up at your shop!

    Great look by the way. Love the wedges!

  38. I am Asian I never thought we can look so pretty in this kind of outfit. Love love xx

  39. i still need to really visit ny. i've only been for a business trip :/


  40. Aw your outfit is so pretty! Hope you had fun in NY! I'm pretty sure you're home bc I saw some of yr tweets lol. I'm gonna be gone next week but we need to get together when I get back! :)

  41. Anonymous

    beautiful as always babe, hope u enjoyed nyc ;)

  42. your outfit is very nice, this color in on top this summer.

  43. I love your haircut! It's so cuuuute! The length really suits your face. Hope you're having a blast while you're here.

    xoxo, Ashley

  44. I LOOOOOVE ANIMAL PLANET (especially after a long day)

    Oh, and that outfit is especially pretty and the wedges are exquisite.

    LOOOOVE your blog!

    Shannon from

  45. that street oyu are on is awesome..we don't have those here =)

  46. infinity and beyond

    love the dress n hat.
    but on the contrary with everybody else, i think the wedges dont go well with this dress n hat. just too much for me.

  47. i want to go to topshop sooo bad. great find!!


  48. wow! chic dress.
    how do you do all your self portraits?
    i mean... take them on your own? how?
    (new to blogging, thankful for your input)


  49. That dress is breathtaking!! You look stunning.

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