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concrete jungle

July 19, 2010

new york: chocolate bar. interesting wall. candy display at charlotte russe party. essentials. the day spain won. garlic noodles at spice market. rip gilbert. view from hotel. battling rain with taghrid. houston: best sweet potato chips ever. complimentary cookies. planning the day. vegan dishes at wild ginger. nice frame work.

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52 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    so cute <333

    hope u enjoyed ur stay in nyc, u look so adorable in your hotel room!

  2. Anonymous

    hi. i like your blog. that is all.

  3. love this sequence of pics, so amazing! love! <3

  4. oh! great pics...ny <3


  5. love the first white dress is very nice and the pics too!
    kisses from spain :)

  6. Your photos are always so gorgeous.
    i love that white dress of yours and the pretty umbrella :P

  7. that lace dress is so pretty! where's it from?

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  8. Hope you had a great time! Would love to go there someday. :)


  9. Loving all the photos, those sweet potato chips look delish!

  10. Hotel notes are the best. And RAIN? Bummer.

  11. love it! all these shots are great! hope you had fun :)


  12. these pictures are incredible!


  13. Spice Market is the best and it's surprisingly affordable!! Where is the chocolate bar in ny? I've never heard of it??

    stop by my blogs!

  14. looks incredible. love the food shots! xx

  15. so this is where you've been. Amazing pics...can't wait to see more. Loving the mixture of prints goin' on in pic 10. It's raining though? bummer..thought there was a heatwave..

  16. ohh, I could go for some iced mint tea right now.

  17. Love these pictures!!!! They are all so lovely!


  18. OMG so lucky you got to stay at soho grand! I love Soho! Great pics!

  19. ohhh i miss nyc so baddd!!!!!!!
    love all these random pics :)

  20. What could go wrong with "iced liquid chocolate" that sounds delicious!! I love all the photos, it's a refreshing change from your usual outfit photos. And I must say, the photography is fantastic!

  21. I've lived in NYC for a little over two years now and I've been feeling a little disillusioned with the city these days (i'm currently apartment hunting), looking at the city through your eyes (ahem, lens) has made me remember why I love it. Thanks Rachel!

    xoxo, Ashley

  22. Such lovely photos!!
    I wish I could be back in NYC..

    1060xo, Fernanda Lucila

  23. love the pics...


  24. your making nyc very appealing! must head for a visit the pics!

  25. Anonymous

    This is the most pretentious thing I've ever seen in my life.

  26. oh my god!i'm so in love with NYC!!!although i've never been there yet, i think it's an amazing city!!!the picturs area really cool, and i think you captured the beauty of the city in an unique and lovely way!!!congrats!kisses

  27. Come check out my blog.... all this week I am putting up pictures of my first collection!


  28. I've just come across your blog and I really love it. You have amazing style.

  29. You know what's crazy? I am looking at your (very lovely) NYC pictures from *my* hotel room at the Soho Grand! :)

  30. theses are all great shots. i especially love the ones of new york, they represent the city well :)

  31. sigh - living vicariously through you and these photos.


  32. smitten with these photos! Makes me want to travel. Absolutely adore that wall shot with the street art, there's so much hidden talent in the world

    check out our fashion and lifestyle blog The Mint's Tint

  33. I can smell the sunshine..such a nice post

  34. Love your detail shots of your trip (especially your stuffed to the brim luggage case. I do that, too). Looks like you had such a fantastic time.


  35. hope you had a fun little trip to NYC! love the pics, and i voted for your charlotte russe look :)

  36. So many pretty pics I'm glad your having such a good time =)

  37. so cute..........


  39. great photos! yay new york

  40. heart the lace dress!! your are guageous schweetheart (:

  41. I love the concrete jungle.... I want to move there so bad! These photos are delicious, love and enjoyed all of them!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!
    Ohh and its also time to update my blogroll and you're going there!

  42. ahhhhh! love your dress & the noodles. Hope nyc - I miss it so much! and i love the soho grand! looks like you had a great time

    Endless Nights

  43. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. So many images, so full of life, fashion, food, excitement. Beautiful.



  44. i like the shoes with the gold zip and your lace dress.

    come check out my blog, just started it, if you could that would be great!

  45. I loved the back of the short dress. And the one your sitting in bed. This looks just out of a fairy tale!

  46. lovely......


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