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california gurls

July 23, 2010

Obey hat. Quiksilver bathing suit. Vintage skirt. Rumi x RVCA tank. Opening Ceremony shoes. Persol sunglasses.

Spent the weekend sneaking into nice hotels on PCH to beat the heat and relax in some pathetic pseudo-vacation. The goal was to make the pool while it was still sweltering hot, but sitting at home gets the energy sucked out of you to the point that leaving the house just seems too heavy of a burden. Funny how I managed to bypass NYC's massive heat wave but came back to a hotter California. We finally got out of the sans-air-conditioned home and made it to the pool right when the temperatures started to delve. Pretty much meaning "heated" pools never really feel heated unless you're in the jacuzzi or it's still 95 degrees out.

Also managed to have a sudden urge to cut the lining of this skirt two minutes before my friend picked me up for shabu shabu. Got way too scissor-happy on the lining and cut it way too short and savagely poor. I should never yield a pair of scissors in the heat and be anywhere near my closet. I've had one too many close calls and a number of cherished items that couldn't be salvaged.

Just strangely noticed the abundance of Orange County derived brands I'm wearing. Yay! I support you Costa Mesaians!

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60 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    Greetings loved one

  2. Pretty! Love those heels. Makes me long for warm weather and a pool.

  3. Amazing photos! You look great in black!

  4. Anonymous

    that picture of you on the chair lounging = absolutely stunning. you look soooo great!!!

  5. amazing pics dear! You look like a diva! <3

  6. WOW! Your pictures are really amazing! I love how the sun shines into the pictures! Really summery!
    I'm really going to follow you!

  7. Ha, I love that you were sneaking into hotels. These black and gold looks are killer, I'm really into those heals. Also, I had no idea Quicksilver was making such cute bathing suits!

  8. love this outfit...great swiming suit!!!
    you look fab!

  9. gold tassle shoes and earrings? YES PLEASE! ck :) x

  10. im totally with you on the tasseled shoes and earings!

  11. forgot to mention the silly bands...

  12. I dunno, I kinda like the sheer effect the dress now has, I think it's darling., And those tassels on the shoes, TDF!

  13. looks like a very good day! love the sheer! and the shoes are incredible! lovely post. xx

  14. Those tassle shoes are so cool and i love how the skirt is now sheer.

  15. looooove your swimsuit! great photos


  16. This post is so cute! I love your outfit and bathing suit! :D

  17. You look so gorgeous in these pictures!!! Very glamourous! Come check out a pair of high waisted silk trousers from my own collection


  18. gorgeous!
    love the tank and hat!

    visit me on:

  19. i totally understand what u mean by feeling too much burden to get out the house once u have been comfortable fr too long, thats hw i have been feeling since the weather has been so crap in saigon, anyways gotta say so in love wit two of ur black shoes! looking gorgeous!

    read me at:


  20. This post exudes summer! You look great!

    xx rk

  21. LOVE those shoes! and i love how you're wearing that vintage sheer skirt :)

  22. Angela Cho

    Totally understand the scissor-happy tendencies during the summer. :)

    Check out my summer on my new blog:


  23. lusting all of these photos! the outfit is great.. every part of it!


    Too bad that's the only thing you did not mention were they're from.


    Love the outfit,
    kisses :)

  25. Great oufit. I really love the Persols.

  26. i realized you have vietnamese root cause of your last name! so many friends of mine have the same last name as urs, its really common right? heh i have been living in vietnam fr almst 8 years nw, bt im korean! and saigon is a hme fr me! you should totally visit here soon, its amazing here well might be a culture shock fr you, bt if ur true vietnamese in blood, then u ll loveee hw much better the viet food is here!
    anyways I have a couple of vietnamese friends who are big fan of ur blog! including me! looking forward to mre posts!


  27. that last shot with the lawn chairs..just stunning. the light is captured perfectly.. oh, and the ones with you are lovely as well. :]

  28. amazing photos! how i adore these photos and your style! stunning black and gold outfit! love your swimsuits! this is glam resort!


  29. Congrats for the blog!!

  30. Anonymous

    Love the hat!


  31. Amazing outfit, I love the sheer skirt, it turned out really well!


  32. Oh you gorgeous girl. Your photography is always the best.

  33. Love this, your swimsuit is gorgeous! I tried to look for a cut out on the cheap but that didn't happen :(

  34. you look fab! i love it love it love it. your shoes especially.


  35. Wow. amazing. Love all pics, excellent style ;)

  36. love this look, that black maxi is great and the hat is fabulous on you

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  37. your post makes me wish summer were here longer :(


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  38. really pretty... love the way the light is hitting in all of these pics...lovely <3 love that rumi x rvca tank

  39. love the pictures, and the bathingsuit from quicksilver look amazing on you !

  40. i love these pictures... i guess the sun really is brighter in california!


  41. Your shoes are gorgeous!


  42. That pool shot is simply stunning, and I love the sun flares in some of the shots. Classic ensemble, brilliant! xoxo

  43. Love those tassel shoes - and they look comfy. Great blog!

  44. things i love: your one piece and sandals. all black in the summertime. and beautiful pictures like these!

  45. the golden metallic tassles on the shoes are cute!

  46. haha i thought you were wearing all those brands on purpose

  47. Love this look! All black in the summer is so much chicer than all white!

    Ernest Bee

  48. stunning! i love all your photos! xo

  49. wooot! lovely ensemble!! gotta represent the california girls!! =)

  50. The second photo of you is beautiful!

  51. such beautiful photos as usual! what kind of lens were you using here?

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