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June 20, 2010

Crinoline skirt. Zara shirt. Hard Couture bra. Giuseppe Zanotti wedges. La Mer watch.

I honestly think I need more versions of a poofy skirt that begs to be worn by taking up 5% of my closet. Which is just an obnoxious amount for just a skirt. Wearing it with other things that I wear too much, like this darling, DIY bandeau bra that I borrowed from Kristine, never gave back, and wear it under everything for a pop of print.

The rest of my day was usual sans watching the highly anticipated Toy Story 3, but I think I'll wait a few weeks rather than testing my luck to find a seat in a packed theater... and hearing kids cry.. and listening to people eat popcorn all around me then regretting not buying any... and now its too late because the previews are starting and that's my favorite part... it's overwhelming me thinking about it.

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110 responses:

  1. This is such an amazing look! All the textures together are phenomenal :)

  2. Your outfits are always amazing... so poetic and pure! I love the contrasts in youf looks : romantic dress and boots, tutu and jean shirt... wow. You simply amaze me each time!

    This outfit is perfect : I love the skirt, the shirt... You look simply incredible!

    Marine / Another fucking fashionista

  3. you're soo cute, love your style!

  4. That skirt is epic. Ive been meaning to diy myself a skirt like that.

  5. the perfect contrast!! love it!!

  6. oooh i love those wedges!

    and i love what youve done with the skirt! creative!

    helen x

  7. TS3 will make you cry like a baby! I think I made more noise than the toddlers watching in the theater haha

  8. Those wedges are perfection! xox

    And massive.
    I like what you've done with it, not big volume on top
    It would be mine

  10. looks so relaxed and chilled. not sure if it's you or your clothes... the whole thing about man maketh clothes vs. clothes maketh man! but your posts are inspiring. love what you've done with the denim!

  11. That look is so great! and I'm completly in love with the skirt!!


  12. i have a strange love for poofy skirts as well.
    and crinolines have that antique feels.

    Madeleine Louise

  13. absolutely love this entire ensemble. i love the first photograph, you look happy & stunning! and i want those wedges! love your blog and seeing the looks you put together. keep at it girl :)

    xo - rizzamay

  14. such a cute outfit, suprisingly the tutu skirt matches well with the denim shirt!!!!

    read me at:


  15. The skirt is so fun. I distinctly remember wanting something quite similar to this for the majority of my childhood. Maybe I can give myself a dose of 15 years later wish-fulfillment.

    Also, Toy Story 3 was awesome! I saw it on Friday (SATC 2 was still sold out - WTF?!). You'll laugh, you'll cry (and, in my case you may get a little nauseous from the 3-D)!

  16. i like this combo and definitely want to know more about that diy bandeau...would your friend lend you a tutorial also?

  17. Love the outfit.

  18. I am obsessed with your skirt! And I love the jean shirt and belt with it! I'm now on the lookout for a tulle skirt!

    Check out my blog:

  19. I LOVEE crinoline skirts!!!! This one is too cute!! Love the outfit!

  20. I LOVEE crinoline skirts!!!! This one is too cute!! Love the outfit!

  21. Amazing outfit! =) I love your poofy skirt!

  22. The denim and tulle combination is to dye for. Gorgeous.

    take a peek?

  23. this skirt is wildly incredible. you could never have an ordinary day in an outfit that fun. i love it worn with the casual denim shirt. seriously great. xx

  24. love the big and fluffy skirt, you look almost like a ballerina :P

  25. so cute!
    its like your own version of Carrie Bradshaw's outfit in the opening credits. Really cool. You made it your own.


  26. You wore that skirt very nicely. I could see it turning to a mess but you wore it right. Very nice blog.

  27. These are incredibly lovely photos taken at the perfect time of day. That skirt is divine, BTW.

  28. you look amazing!
    i love your skirt and those shoes are TDF!


  29. this is such an amazing outfit, I love everything about it! especially the skirt!

  30. That skirt is amazing you look awesome. Also loving those wedges

  31. Elise

    I saw you wear this outfit in person at South Coast Plaza. You were walking around with your boyfriend. I was too shy to say hello.

  32. you look so freaking cute in the first photo :) you are the only person to ever make a crinoline skirt wearable.

  33. I love your outfit and the skirt is to die for all around a wonderful look =)

  34. ah, I love this look!!

  35. I think 5% of your closet is an okay sacrifice, considering this skirt is amazing! I love the volume. Very cute look with the bandeau underneath!

  36. Wow love this look! you have great style!

  37. It's so tough to pull off a crinoline skirt without looking costumey-- you wear it with grace and sophistication! I love this pairing.

  38. Anonymous

    You will love it! All new vintage items!:


  39. that skirt is to die for!! so fun and flirty - i never would have thought to pair it with the denim shirt, but it works!!

    of course, love the wedges


  40. love this look on you so much! lovely skirt.xx

  41. you are rocking that shirt girl love and i'm jealous!

  42. so in love with this. I want a tulle skirt!

  43. Love, love, love your outfit. It's definitely not something I would see everyday.


  44. Your photos are always wonderful! And this skirt is like a cloud! wow!

  45. i'm in love with this outfit! i need a poofy skirt & one of those bras.

  46. Seriously killer skirt! I love the way you added the belt! Great outfit!

  47. Such a fun look! I love it! Please visit/follow:

  48. Pairing a big, boufy skirt with a simple work shirt is nothing short of genius. It's the work of magazine-worthy features, honestly.

    You look great.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  49. hands down my favorite outfit that you've posted!

  50. Oh wow, I LOVE this outfit. Gorgeous!SarahD:)

  51. I luv the mix of a ballerina skirt and jean shirt. Has a sweet edginess to it.

    check out my blog

  52. Anonymous

    I love that skirt. It is so SATC.


  53. that skirts amazing! i love how your floral bra is just peeping out. adds a nice touch of colour!

  54. This is such an amazing outfit. I don't know how you make things look so effortless. This outfit reminds me of a Sex and the City outfit [that or maybe it's because it has become my new guilty pleasure watch and I've been replaying the seasons non stop]. But I absolutely love this outfit :]

    <3 krissy

  55. great look, loving the skirt

  56. Love this skirt - it was clearly made with princesses in mind.

    xoxo, Ashleu

  57. That is just some of the most beautiful photos ever!

  58. you look amazing with that tutu skirt!!love it!!kisses

  59. you look so cute in that full skirt....


  60. love the juxtaposition! Fierce wedges<3

  61. i wanna watch toy story 3!! i heard its amazing, but im also waiting it out - dont wanna deal with the crowds.


    P.S. - High five to Kristine & her DIY bralette

  62. Ya know, I probs follow about 25ish blogs. And you're one of my (if not my most) favorite. Because 1) you actually blog consistently and 2) your style is bangin'.


  63. Absolutely everything about this look is uber chic!! Love it all!

  64. I loooove this look so much! ur blog is great!

  65. Anonymous

    Been on a "getaway of sorts," and what a wondrous lil' treat to return to find such a lovely post! Happy Summer, Raych! :)

    Again, "creativity reigns" w/ya, as you seem to bestow a "touch of fairy-tale magic" balanced by practical down-to-earthiness, appeal. Ever the "lovely wondrous dreamer" as well as "cute, stylish feet on the ground," "i'm ev'ry woman...!" :)


  66. Anonymous

    interesting way to wear a tutu skirt! keep it up and nice style u have!

  67. Your blog is incredible!!

    The poofy skirt with the denim shirt is so smart and unexpected, I'm in love with this outfit

    -Shoeless Simone

  68. You know I freaking LOVE yoou! You can keep that bandeau <33


    P.S. I have yet to use my underwater camera. I guess i'll wait til we have our pool sesh to take photos!!

  69. skirt is great ! :) Love your blog :P

  70. that bra looks so awesome peeking out. i'm so glad you have a closet full of poofy skirts because they just WORKS for you!

  71. i've always been on the lookout for a wearable crinoline. where did you get this amazing find?? loving the pairing with the rustic belt and zara denim shirt! adorbs!

    xoxo, Pretty Shiny Sparkly

  72. Brilliant your style so much

  73. love it, it's so SATC like!

  74. That skirt is beautiful! I was just thinking that I need a shin length tulle skirt! Gorgeous shots! This skirt would def take up more than 5% of my closet lol


  75. THIS skirt. I'm pretty sure it's the essence of me.

  76. Love the tutu skirt so much! And great outfit.

  77. u look gorgeous! great skirt and shoes.

  78. You look stunning!
    Seriously, I adore everything about your outfit, your skirt is so amazing! I love how you paired it with a denim shirt and that bra!My favorite outfit from you!

  79. carrielicious!!



  80. Anonymous

    Love that white skirt!


  81. Beautiful look doll! Im waiting to see it too, I go during the day to avoid other people..

  82. This outfit is absolutely stunning! I can't even put into words how much i love this look!

  83. love these pictures! they are so warm..

  84. Oh, how I love the look! So feminine yet with an original twist, a bit theatrical even. Thumbs up!

  85. Beautiful styling! Love the skirt so much!

    xx rk

  86. this is just adorable. i dont think too many people could pull this off!

  87. Anonymous

    great backdrop and lovely outfit!!

  88. Anonymous

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  89. your wedges are perfect. Not too cloggy, but chunky and contrasting colors. I want them!

  90. Anonymous

    Lovely! Thats all I can say... And could you post more looks of you wearing a poofy skirt?! I'd love to see how else you'd style it without looking to girly.

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  92. Absolutely wonderful post i really appreciate it and i want more stuff to come up and specially the fabric mixture is amazing

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  94. You will be missed.The one place where as a venue and fan I could search by what ever perimeters I chose .Good Luck with your future endeavors.

  95. This is such an amazing look! All the textures together are phenomenal :)

  96. Awesome images in this blog. thanks for sharing.......

  97. What a great post, i enjoying reading your post, this give me a lot of idea especially for my next presentation. Thanks a lot for sharing dude.

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