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a haunting summer

June 30, 2010

Long ruffles, legs, days, headdresses, conversations, naps.

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38 responses:

  1. gorgeous photos!

  2. i spy <3 bambi!


  3. wow, these are some gorgeous pictures you posted, loved the summer mood


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  5. Gorgeous photos! Love the fourth one sooo freakin' much!

  6. Such gorgeous photos

  7. I am in love with all these inspirational photos! lovely

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  8. I am crazy about pictures like this! All of them are so cool and inspiring - lovvve the long dress with the ruffles, and the animal elements, anddd that white dress is fantastic!

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  9. great images!
    sometime I wish I have freckles....


  10. Anonymous

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    so hard to pick a favorite!

  12. Seriously I am so fucking (excuse the langauge) excited for this summer.

    I'm glad we're finally moving away from "pretty with bows and flowers" to this sexy organic, native american inspired edge.

  13. So many pretty pics!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ruffles ruffles ruffles

  15. Great pics

  16. congrats on opening the of luck love the photos


  17. nice set of photos!

  18. great pics! thanks for sharing :)

  19. I want a black crop top JUST. like. that. Hot!

  20. these photos are all simply breath-taking!

  21. Amazing photo selection...


  22. whats the name of that model on the shore of the beach with the skirt? ive been dying to know shes great!


  23. we heart raychizzle.

    this is all.

  24. love your blog..!

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  25. Gorgeous photos! very inspiring!
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  29. looking so hot even with the freckles :D love your 1st pic

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  31. Gorgeous photos! Love the fourth one sooo freakin' much!

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