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fishnets and dirt

June 13, 2010

Hard Couture lace cape. Rumi x RVCA dress. American Apparel tights. Opening Ceremony shoes.

More pictures I took with Phoebe which makes me wonder why I don't wear this amazing cape my friend Kristine made me for often... Also sporting Rumi's for RVCA; the fabric is perfectly thick enough for bodycon - unlike AA whose dresses show no mercy while amplifying the slightest bodyflaws in those thin things.

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79 responses:

  1. Love the lighting in these photos! You look so angelic. Capes and hats are the most underrated staple in everyone's closet.

  2. that dress looks divine!

  3. love the outfit, love the pictures!

  4. rach, you look killer <3

  5. love the rumixrcva dress!!!! and gorgeous pic girl!

    xoxo jenna

  6. that's just amazing.
    I love everything, from the dress to the shoes!

  7. These are gorgeous. The light is gorgeous!

  8. wow great style!!
    very nice!

  9. Anonymous

    Raych, babe, you somewhat made my Sunday; or, i guess more explicitly, helped give it some sorta "special sense of the divine," Dear! :)

    For, in a broader context, metaphorically, if you will; even amidst the vast dirt and capital crap of constuction, lo & behold, there is so wondrously found this beatific vision of sheer divinely & tres elegante beauty! All captivatingly captured (you & Phoebe are quite an amazing team!) within gloriously glowing golden setting-sunrays! "WoW!", for real, how "truly delightfully divine!!!" :) <333


    PS: ... and such "perfectly coordinated combo" of matching dress & footwear along with wonderfully contrasting cape & accentuating tights! "Rock On!", Babe!" :)

  10. nice! i wish i could get the dress here in australia!

  11. Beautiful combination of the dress and tights!

  12. I love the pictures. Beautiful site! Outfit is great!

    xx rk

  13. lusting this post! The cape is so great.. and love love loving the Rumi dress!!

  14. I can't tell if it's the the lighting/editing, but the dress is a much creamier color than I imagined.

  15. beautiful shots! looks like an editorial!


  16. i like how you mixed the fishnets and the lace!! im not sure if i would have though to pair the two, but it works!

  17. so pretty, and I love the lighting!

  18. love the dress! i'm debating buying rumi's rcva tank...this helps tilt the scale towards yes. I don't know why you don;t wear that cape more either...I'm obsessed with it! I would love to see it more.

    xoxo, Ashley

  19. I love your whole outfit it's amazing so cool a study in understated contrasts.

  20. beautiful photos!!! i love the tights and shoes, and the cape is stunning!

  21. great cape - wish I could pull it off
    love the little floral detail at front ties! Goth but with a bit of femininity & cuteness

    Kate for F3

  22. Nice outfit!
    loooks very good (:

  23. I feel like fabric is so important in bodycon clothing -if you spend a little bit more to get a better fabric you end up looking so much better because it has more support and is so much more forgiving. Welp, call me a hypocrite because i've been sporting a F21 bandage skirt pretty much nonstop lately, but I totally catch what you mean - I have a couple BCBG bodycon dresses, and the fabric makes a world of difference.

  24. you look stunning! Loveee that dress! :)

  25. this dress is fab.. it's on my list

  26. What a great look!! I love the lighting in the photos and the dress looks wonderful on you! <3

  27. You look like a crusader- a beautiful one

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    Juliet xxx

  29. i love the combination of the cape and the dress.

  30. wowowow so gorgeous!
    love the cape - it is so beautiful.
    rumi is great too, that dress is killer xxx

  31. love this look and the photos are stunning!

  32. i love the whatever you wear for this post, you look fab, xoxo

  33. the outfit is so cool! :D

  34. You look magical, stunning, surreal, dream-like and drop dead gorgeous!

  35. your outfits always are all so daring and full of adventure!

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  36. I'm currently obsessed with bodycon dresses, this one is divine!

    In Class, En Vogue

  37. I love your play with textures and colors! The setting is gorgeous too. You have some eye for superb style.

  38. Great location!

  39. That's absolutely great. Those AA dresses do show no mercy. Gah. Now I want the RVCA version.


  40. Absolutely, STUNNING! This is like an editorial - so inspiring!

    Ernest B.

  41. love the lighting and the lace, they complement each other.

  42. cool blog!

    love that cape


  43. this lace cape is awesome! love the light in these photos! Great post! <3


  45. i really like this post! great blog don't ever stop blogging:)


  46. I love your tights and shoes!


  47. love ur outfit girl^^
    u look so stuning..

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    The secret life of "D"

  48. very cool setting for the photos
    and awesome tights

  49. Angelica

    I want the cape and the dress

    now, i totally want the dress.. i've been debating... i'm getting it when i can =))

    you look killer!

  50. this is adorable

  51. The lace cape is stunning. You photograph beautifully!!

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    Thank you for sharing, as always, I look forward to your daily posts.

  52. Love the tights so much, they go perfectly with the plain dress and the splash of lace!

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  54. you look fab!

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  55. I always love the contrast between black & nude... it looks so nice on you

  56. lovely outfit and photos!

  57. Beautiful, I love Opening Ceremony shoes, where are those huge concrete things?

    RARE Cacharel Liberty print skirt, Missoni dress, and YSL jacket for cheap!

  58. That dress is fabulous! I can't wait to get my hands on one!


  59. wonderful pics! you never fail to disappoint.flawless in every way Rachel!

  60. i wish i had those shoes o_x!!

  61. q q q! and i super concur about the aa bodycon - still wanna try their riding pants though.


  62. totally loving it
    youve got a great blog, keep it up!
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  63. wonderful light in the last photo. love the dress and the shoes so much! :)

  64. I'm in love with you shoes!

  65. Ops I'm sorry, "your" not "you"

  66. omg I want that lace cape! It's gorgeous. Love your style

  67. amazing lace cape!
    one of the reasons i shy away from bodycon dresses is because they are so unforgiving...this dress has a thicker material? i might have to cave and get it!

  68. Your dress with that pair of shoes just perfect match

  69. OOOoooh LOVE! I got the dress in black and I absolutely love it! I love your blog too!

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