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center calling

June 5, 2010

Yigal Azrouel sweater. American Apparel dress. Chloe boots.

My favorite sweater in an abandoned construction site with Pheobe.

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66 responses:

  1. nice outfit!
    Especially the heels (:

  2. love the chloe shoes, they are to die for !

  3. Love that sweater! And the matching boots are just too perfect

  4. those Chloe boots are amazing :)

  5. that sweater is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cool place & gorgeous sweater!! :)

  7. oooooh im so jealous of those chloe heels! love themm!

    helen x

  8. great outfit! the shoes are perfect!

  9. awesome sweater and cool shoes! wow! <3

  10. what a wonderful place to take photographs. and your sweater seems so comfy.

  11. I love how you can see through the one pipe. Lovely original outfit as well!

  12. that is one awesome sweater..!

  13. The boots are amazing :)

  14. this sweater looks really confortable. I love yigal azrouel. I have did a post on his latest runway. the boots chloe I would have recognised them everywhere!!!

  15. amazing outfit!! and love the location for the photo!!

  16. Those shoes! So awesome!


  17. i looove your shoes!!!

  18. Great find on the sweater & those Chloe boots are haute.


  19. I am in desperate love and desperate need of your shoes.

    The end.

    Mae, thereafterish.

  20. great idea of the setting and lovely dress.. come and see our blog and say what you think about it!!

  21. Anonymous

    Great photo of truly amazing & quite stark contrast. :)

    Pondering poetically, the only really remotely appropos imagery or poetic phrase seems to be embellishment of the ole' "metaphoric line," to --- "remarkably gorgeously grand, precious diva, *diamond in the rough*!" :) <333


  22. I equally love your sweater and they compliment the shoes so well.

  23. woow great pics!
    your outfit is amazing!

  24. I love how the cut-out portions of the shoes mirror the two fabrics of the sweater! Very nice combo.

    xoxo Ashley @

  25. Beautiful sweater and shoes! ^^

  26. those shoes! where are you? its a perfect place for an edgy photoshoot

  27. Love this outfit, very cute skirt :)

  28. Those boots are BEAUTIFUL!

  29. LOVE the shoots

    your choice of photo locations are always interesting.. what a great back drop to your outfits

    Kate from F3

  30. I absolutely love this outfit. :)

  31. love that sweater!!
    your photos are really sweet, what sort of cam do you use?

  32. Stunning look! I love your style!

    PS: Check my blog & we can follow eachother!

  33. aw love the chloe boots!
    you are gorgeous rachel ;)

  34. you always look so effortlessly fabulous, xoxo

  35. love the chloes <3

    lets get coffee before i leave for new york!

  36. Fan-freakin-tastic outfit. Love.

    And your hair...the layers...I love :)

    Check out my blog for the giveaway I'm doing at the mo...

  37. those boots are amazing, chloe never ceases to amaze me!! and im a huge polka dot fan at the moment!


  38. The shoes and shoes!!!


  39. What an outfit! Gorgeous blog, I am following!
    and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

  40. The boots put me in a very "Sex and the City" state of mind. Absolutely love them.

  41. Beautiful!!! I love love love the shoes. <3

  42. Like shoes and sweater the most.
    Your outfits give a lot of inspirations :)

  43. Your outfit is great! Love the pictures,nicely done :)

  44. those shoes and that sweater look like they were made for eachother!

  45. Those shoes are AMAZING.

  46. Those shoes are amazing! Where did you find them, may I ask?

  47. lusting the shirt!! so adorable and whimsical.

  48. hot heels!! love the skirt, great pictures, you have amazing style!!

    can we link exchange??

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  49. really cool pictures, love the shoes and the skirt and the t shirt as well really! i love it!

  50. I love this outfit and the location of this shoot! You are stunning girl!!

  51. The whole outfit is so chic! Those shoes are KILLER and look like they were made to be worn with that top!! Great Look!!

  52. oh wow those boots look like my black ones! But mine were probably rip offs of the originals...

  53. that is an unbelievable sweater...actually its the sweater ive been looking for :)

  54. GREAT for the shoes .... L O V E


  55. I am obsessed with the sweater. I have a love for off the shoulder and loose fitting tops. Fantastic location to take photos.
    The Beso Team

  56. Love your shoes so cute...nice photo sites too..

  57. wow gorgeous photos! you have a very beautiful face.


  58. This is a great outfit - from the lovely blouse to gorgeous shoes, love it!

  59. that is one freaking beautiful sweater!

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