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June 24, 2010

Vintage shirt. Dress from ShopRuche. Jeffrey Campbell boots. Forever 21 chained headband.

Pictures taken in the peak of your hair being too long and you just want it pulled back but need to accessorize your head so it still looks cute. Relieved to say that I cut off 3 inches soon after and no one seems to notice – taking it as a compliment that short hair is just more ‘me’. Also had a refreshing weekend hanging out with my best friend doing things like buying clothes for the sake of travel, eating expensively to fill our insatiable appetite, testing our luck buying a drink without an ID, and sneaking in a firework show.

What I’m wearing is unintentionally derived of elephants and linen. I wasn’t even sure what my shirt had printed on it to begin with until Ted pointed out in the most monotonous of excited tones: I like the surfing elephants on your shirt. The gold elephant ring I’m wearing is reminiscent of Christopher Ross’ work with the gold and fine details – bought at the IVC flea market for $4! For you Orange County kids who ask me where good places to thrift are, head over to Irvine Valley College every first Sunday of the month. It’s no Rose Bowl, but admission is free and the prices are hard to beat! Insanely in love with this dress [that I’m wearing as a skirt] and am so sad to see it sold out on Shop Ruche. Hopefully Mai restocks it and you too can own this perfectly crème, linen ruffled dress.

Better shot of the ring

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87 responses:

  1. Amazing look! I love the shots, the lighting is absolutely perfect :)

  2. I couldn't even tell those were elephants! C.C. told me about the rose bowl! Totally want to go sometime.


  3. Elephants are my favorite. Everything about this look is just perfection!

  4. I love the style of these photos! It's so light and calm)))

  5. i love inconspicuous prints! surfing elephants...brilliant. ;) my fave shot is the one with spanish tile and painted fence background.


  6. oh no!!! that's super chic...:))))

    have a nice weekend


  7. Next time I'm in Cali I'll stop by there. Thanks for the suggestion :]

    I'm really getting into ethnic sort of things like elephants so naturally Im in LOVE with your outfit. The shirt with the dress drapes so comfortably flattering and the ring is an AMAZING find :]

    <3 Krissy

  8. great your boots but i especially love your 4 dollar ring!!!

  9. wow i cant believe that ring was $4! it is so great!

  10. that's a nice ring you have!

  11. loving that vintage shirt girl!!

    helen x

  12. loved this look, the shirt and the dress working great together

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.
  14. You look so casual and chic. And speaking of Ted, I believe a new vlog is in order! Seeing the witty banter that occurs between you two is a highlight of my day.


  15. Love this outfit

  16. this is a stunning look i love it!

  17. I love the JC boots <3 and the ring is excellent too =]

    <3 rox

  18. glad you cleared up the print is elephant! I could not make it out till reading your post. Love how you tied it over your beautiful dress :)

  19. wow great photos!

  20. The look is brilliant! Love the layers on that dress.

  21. adore the nude pallete and the lace up boots!


  22. gorgeous ring and boots!!

    read me at:


  23. Very stylish, very summer-inspired!

  24. Such beautiful photos, I mean the light that you were able to get - amazing!

  25. Another awesome outfit! You always have great ideas! Love the ring so much!

  26. You are the most stunning Asian chic in the States (I live in Australia =P
    Love the 2nd photo and I have ring envy!

  27. amazing ring for such a low price!

  28. lovely combo of outfit :)

    ring is TDF
    which nail polish r u rocking? so cute!

    Kate fm F3

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  30. I love your elephant-y look I can't get enough of elephants I have an elephant dress that I love it's a fabulous outfit.

  31. Hi, I love ur nail polish! I have been on a search for a nice yellow one and its so hard to find! The last one turned out to be goldish on my nails - and I just want lemon.... :o)

    .. and how lucky u r that you can pull off a look with the big shirt tied up! congrats on your figure!

  32. such a cute outfit!!!! the first two shots are amazing. these are the perfect summer photos :)


  33. i love all the draping in your outfit - i was almost convinced those were the ann d boots then clicked they were the jc ones, they look great!!

  34. ah, the surfing elephants.
    i miss Ted. :P

  35. that skirt or dress actually look great with those shoes, they tear the fineness. Great :)

    call by me at

  36. the boots are amazing rach.


  37. Margrethe FL

    girl I love your blog.

  38. you look stunning!! just great =)
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  40. loving your top so much!

    and gorgeous gorgeous photos. xx

  41. the ring is killer! really love how you put the boots with all the linen, it looks great.

    xoxo, ashley

  42. you look so dreamy and lovely here. Heart heart heart!

  43. Layered to perfection!
    Great look. Love your blog.

  44. I heart your boots. Great look.

  45. beautiful draping! I love the ring! PLus, the nail polish looks great with it.

  46. I love your blog. The looks are amazing and your style is fabulous.
    Perfect photos.


  47. ahhh that top is so the way you styled it too...

    i need those shoes! i have been on the hunt for the perfect lace up boot

  48. do you know if the IVC flea market is going to be open this sunday (4th of july?)

  49. surfing elephants, haha, i love it!
    and your ring and the whole draping/layering concept of this outfit. beautiful beautiful beautiful.

  50. I love this look--super gorgeous! xoxo.

  51. You look so cute:)
    New follower.

  52. the shirt is amazing! &magical light:)

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  53. perfect outfit for summer,I like your skirt dress.

  54. was your luck at getting drinks without i.d. successful?


  55. love the elephant ring...its so cute.


  56. beautiful photos.

    - the clothing project

  57. amazing look!!love this outfit!!!kisses

  58. I just love animal rings. They're such an easy way to be quirky and add visual interest to an outfit without overpowering it.

  59. That Ring is STUNNING!! What a great find!! This whole outfit is perfect!

  60. You are an amazing stylist!
    I love this outfit and it is so unpredictable. Looks gorgeous.


  61. You always look so CHIC! My friend has these Jeff C. boots and they are sinply amazing. I love how you styled them!

    Stay Stylish,
    Miss Mae

  62. I love that you wouldnt normally think to wear these peices together but you make it look soooo good!

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  64. love your photos and cute outfit!

  65. love that top..really comfy and pretty

  66. Love all the draping going on in this outfit :)

  67. Love the boots! Are they new season? I'm dying for a lace up pair of boots

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  72. Everything about this look is just perfection

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