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born backwards

June 8, 2010

American Apparel shirt. Vintage leather shorts. Opening Ceremony shoes

Been having a whirlwind week of trying to fit everything and everyone into my schedule since being out for summer has allotted so much time than I know what to do with - which eventually ends up with me scheduling things on top of other important things. I should learn how to actually schedule things according to my Moleskine. Excited for my seemingly endless summer: tis the season to ponder flea-markets to no avail and eat BBQ with your feet in the pool.

Was also summoned to a day and a half of jury duty which honestly makes the DMV feel like Disneyland. Luckily, I was able to slip my way out of a 10-day trial by sounding as obstinate as possible. A worthy article here explaining how to get out of jury duty: Everything Is Wrong With Me.

Been meaning to post this picture up but keep forgetting. My amazing girl friend who bought me that ruffled dressed a few posts below - an attractive face for an even more attractive personality huh? Taken with her Diane F Instant Back.

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70 responses:

  1. love those leather shorts on ya! and those opening ceremony shoes are so cute!

    helen x

  2. gorgeous!!! love the contrasting colours!!!

  3. You look fantastic! I dig the contrasting elements between the shirt shorts and shoes.

  4. Love the color of your shirt! An those leather shorts are awesome!

  5. That leather shorts looks so great paired with that shirt! Love the shirt color, too. So pretty.

  6. your shoes are just amazing! xx

  7. Anonymous

    You're gorgeous. You have such nice features!

    You look half white, although I know you're not mixed.

  8. i love your wedges so much! <3

  9. I love everything about this outfit. the shorts fit u so well and I love how u teamed the socks with those beautiful wedges. <3

  10. Anonymous

    - - - - - - - - ** Summer Dream ** - - - - - - - -

    What an absolutely delightfully delicious, "dreamy-dreamgirl," outfit!!! :)

    Contrasting comfy-baggy black leather shorts (really nice, ideally-matched bag!) wonderfully complement & flatter your sexy shapely figure; and in tandem w/neutral shoes & perfectly-chosen white socks, altogether, marvelously bring out your skin's lovely hue! :)

    And, as per usual, your simply-stated yet "creative stroke of genius," "sunburst of brilliant color" shirt is delightfully captivating to the eye; and then the "crowning touch" of perfectly-color-matched, luscious-looking lips, along with adorning-artsy earrings, seem to most wonderfully enhance & perfectly frame your "oh, so pretty & lovely face!" "WOW!, Raych, you're jus' so 'freakin'-rockin-hott,' babe!!!" :) <333


  11. Love how this outfit came together!

  12. good luck for your week then!! and I love the color of your shirt!!!

  13. LOVE! I wish my summer was as full as yours...I sit around all day doing nothing...haha

  14. this outfit is perfect! I love the color of the blouse!

  15. you always look fabulous, effortlessly chic, love everything from top to toe, xoxo

  16. love those shoes! the cut outs are amazing!!

  17. This is the first time I'm visiting ur blog, and I must say you have an amazing style! so different, but at the same time so classic! Keep up the good work with your blog!!

  18. I love your outfit that color pink is my fave color lately and your shoes are amazing I love it!!!!

  19. Love it. I suddenly need some leather shorts.

  20. i was summoned to jury duty recently too. its such a bummer.

  21. Really pretty outfit! ^^

  22. Leather shorts = definite yes :)
    And your shoes, they are fantastic!

  23. I love your bag! where is it from? <3

  24. Those are some interesting shoes. I really like them.

  25. adorable..OC wedges are totally the statement piece

  26. LOVE the leather shorts.... you really rocked them! <3
    Kate fm F3

  27. Super cool leather shorts! :)

  28. Way to rock those leather shorts!!

  29. loving the coral short with oversized pockets on you! LOL I get out of jury duty by saying missing work is a financia hardship on me and it works everytime!

  30. Anonymous

    you and your friend are sexy in that raw polaroid.

  31. Are those shorts uncomfy? Leather bottoms make me immediately think of Ross. I miss FRIENDS!

    So ugh how much were those Opening Ceremony shoes? May I borrow ;)


  32. I'm in love with your shirt, the color and the material are amazing! Your shoes is unique too.

  33. How freakin' stunning is your face, girl. That AA shirt is calling to me.


  34. great outfit but the socks make it so much more! ugh i just love them!

    you look so fantastic doll

    xo hope youre well <3 u tons

  35. I love your Blog !! is super cute !!
    So Kisses and hope you enjoy mine ;)


  36. Anonymous

    those earrings are amazing. where are they from?

  37. Amazing outfit! And I love the light in the photos, so beautiful! I am sorry to spam, but I'm having a giveaway in my blog where you can win two tickets to SATC hotspot tour, please come and try your luck!

    juliet xxx

  38. i love your look!!
    very nice!

  39. amazing! i'm really drawn to the color of that blouse. and i've been looking for a pair of vtg leather shorts for who knows how long now, and it seems like i'll never be able to find any! :(

  40. LOVE.YOUR.SHOES. !!!!!!!!!!


  41. Wow!!! I just found your blog and am amazed!! Your photographs are amazing and the clothes are to die for - I am beyond jealous!!! I have been looking for the perfect pair of leather shorts just like these so soooooo long!!! If you get a chance could you check out our blog? We are 2 girls and the concept of our blog is "wardrobe wars" - we take one item of clothing and each style an outfit around it. It's just a twist on a style blog. Comment your feedback and follow if you like what you see. Looking forward to reading and seeing more from you.

  42. I've been on the hunt for a pair of leather shorts that don't kill my bank account for awhile now, but have had no luck AT ALL. These are near perfection. Fabulous outfit.


  43. love the outfit. really great style.

  44. Love your shoes


  45. Anonymous

    Good-day Raych! :)

    Jus' a lil' note (well, you always seem to inspire, "more", lol) to letcha know how ya "never cease to amaze," babe! ;)

    I'm sure you're wonderin' jus' exactly what, of which i speak? Well, it's really something small in a sense; yet, 'cause it's simply so stylishly unique (so remarkably, "creatively you!"), in actuality it kinda "looms large" and is really rather awesome, Dear! :)

    Know you're probably still wonderin' jus' exactly "what the heck" i'm referring to, which i'm 'bout to divulge. But first, let me say how it's something so "cleverly brilliant" & dynamically understated, that i'm willing to betcha most failed to initially attentively notice, as myself. :)

    Yes, 'cause i orginally focused so much on the one close-up headshot of you, where the "adorning artsy" earring is prominently featured, as a creature of habit, i (and i'm sure many others, also, lol) jus' naturally assumed you were wearing a pair, right!? ;)

    But, lo & behold, you with "thatschic, incredibly inimitable style!", babe; chose to for "unique & standout," amazing appeal --- to ingenuously "style single earring!" And it truly does quite effectively make it dramatically standout all the more, giving it some special pizazz & eye-catching appeal! "Damn, Love!", you're so incredibly brilliant!!! :) <333


  46. What a perfect summer outfit. I'm loving the shorts and the shoes especially but really everything about this outfit is great. You look so chic!

  47. You rock those awesome leather shorts ! I like the bag too

    XOXO, C.

  48. i really love your style because its original and not something everyone can pull off!
    since ur last name is nguyen, probably means ur background is from Vietnam? I am korean but I have been living in vietnam for lik 8 years!!

    read me at:


  49. that last photo is beautiful. the lighting is perfect.


  50. perfect.

  51. Great outfit! I love the color and sheerness of the top.

  52. These are gorgeous photos. Great shoes, BTW.

  53. love your blog...your outfits are so cute....


  54. love this! the shirt and shorts are so cute!

  55. this is my favorite post currently. Love everything about this outfit: the colors, the textures, the fit, the accessories & shoes, and the patterned socks!

  56. You look so sweet, natural and comfortable in your outfit, which I love. And the pop of colour the shirt adds to it is great!

  57. DANG! DIGGY DANG DANG DIGGY! those are some s.e.r.i.o.u.s. shoes. love!


  58. lovely pink those pictures with the golden dreamy

  59. i lOVE those shorts! and that color top is great on you. perfect slouchiness

  60. What a perfect outfit! The shorts, the slouchiness, the wedges.

    Been dying to get that shirt in black.

  61. Loving the pink black and creme. Beautiful shorts.

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