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ruffled golden coast

May 31, 2010

Quiksilver parka. H&M dress. Frye boots

For months I've been looking for the perfect maxi skirt full of ruffles and poof, so I've been wearing this dress nonstop that my best girl friend bought for me. After our usual late night conversations oogling over things online, including the H&M Fashion Against Aids collection that was to be released the next day, she surprises me with this dress that will finally end my complaints of not having a maxi skirt that makes me look like a mermaid. I tried to refuse and insisted that I'd pay her back, but she's stubborn. I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for having a friend like her. Thank you Lexie :)

You know how California girls have those Rainbow sandals that they slip on everyday and wear it until it tatters and molds to their feet for ultimate comfort? That's me with my Frye boots. They were once stiff, all-black leather that has been crackled down by weekly wear. I don't think they can get any more perfect. Also something perfect, orange-y lipstick. Definitely try out Vegas Volt by MAC. It has replaced my daily wear of nude lipstick for the upcoming summer. Love it.

Got carried away playing around with curves and stuff in photoshop for that vintage-y effect. I think I'll stop.

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89 responses:

  1. woww look at those beautiful ruffles! how nice of your friend!

    helen x

  2. ohh this dress is totally perfect. what an incredible friend! love the boots. i have those in brown and i've had them for... 3 years? they are only just starting to get worn in because after i got them i felt like they were soo heavy that i hardly wore them. i do love them again though. how long have you had yours?

    really love the whole outfit. you look great. and that lipstick is looovely. xx

  3. what a GREAT dress! Love it!
    did you get it recently?

  4. It's so perfect. I love the simplicity of this, but the dress is hardly simple - it's so mermaid-like and I love it!

  5. Anonymous

    "WOW!", don't know really so much as lookin' like a mermaid, as much as possibly someday's future most
    "beautifully bedazzling, blushing bride!" :)

    What a truly special & wondrous "gift of a friend!" "AHH!, to be so truly lucky & blessed!" :)

    And not really surprisingly, even in boots, Raych; you still somehow come off lookin' rockingly "so gorgeously & stunningly sexy & divine," babe! :) <333


  6. Such a pretty dress! It looks perfect on you. That's one hell of a friend

  7. Your friend has great taste! I am in love/lust with your dress (and your perfectly worn-in boots).

  8. i saw that H&M dress in the window and knew i needed it! now i know more!

    F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  9. Love the maxi pair with the boots!

    xo Nikki Ashley

  10. i love love your dress! xx

  11. that has to be the most perfect maxi dress i've ever seen! I LOVE IT looks amazing on u what a great friend u have!!

  12. kudos for being able to wear a long white ruffled dress without looking like you're wearing a nightgown! great styling.

    xoxo, Ashley @

  13. Mika

    I adore that dress and how you styled it with the boots, but... 'gratuitous' doesn't mean what you seem to think it means.

  14. That dress is darling! ^^

  15. You look stunning in that dress! Looove it!

  16. I love the dress and boot combination! So chic!

  17. Don't you just wanna run in the fields with this dress on? Gorge!

  18. heh, know what you mean with getting carried away playing with the photo effects... great look, by the way, love the dress paired with parka!

  19. Love the boots with that dress! Nice match!:)

    Sophie from Sweden♥

  20. That dress is beautiful and looks perfect on you!

  21. awesome maxidress!!
    xx helen

  22.'re woonderfull!! I've the same dress and i loove it :D

  23. Your friend sounds like such a sweetie. That dress is gorgeous.


  24. Gorgeous dress!
    Love your style

    Come follow my blog:

  25. oh my. those frye boots really are a work of art.

  26. Really an interesting combo darling!

    ♥ Irene's Closet♥

  27. This long white dress is wonderful! You're a dream! wow!

  28. Such a cute maxi-dress!! love it!

  29. the ruffles are flawless.. i cant wait to go to h&m when i go home, they dont have one where i take school!


  30. These pictures are wonderful! I love the girl ruffled dress with the rougher looking worn boots. Great contrast. I think the orange lipstick looks very pretty on you as well :)

  31. Love it :D

    for trendy tuesdays
    I'm posting about little white dresses!

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  33. beautiful! I love the soft romantic dress with the harsh moots! great style!

  34. I love this look, it's amazing, I want every single item!!!

  35. Anonymous

    "Per Usual," Raych, Dear; you've rendered a uniquely classic, stunning coutoure work-of-art, Sweetheart! :)

    As this clever, creative combo of "rustily romantic & dreamily divine" ruffled dress, in tandem w/the practical & down-to-earthy & comfy boots & parka --- render you ready to undertake most any kinda romantic romp or amorous adventure anywhere in this whole-wide-world, ya know!? :)

    Yes, ready to board some jet to embark upon some jettin' journey nearly anywhere really in the world, babe --- arriving ready to simply stroll some lovely park or meadow, or comfortably hike along any adventurous trail or countryside tour, with/sans parka depending on weather or clime! :)

    So Raych, "take a truly well-deserved bow," babe, with this latest "so imaginative & creative ensemble" --- you "so rockin'", "penultimate dreamy, dreamgirl!" :) <333


  36. Great dress! Love the floaty ruffly white with the black hoody and worn black boots!

  37. So gorgeous you can't go wrong with a long lovely dress. You have an really great friend that was a cool heartfelt gift.

  38. wonderful dress!! very nice!

  39. Gorgeous... Love these photos, and your outfit really rocks!

  40. I love me some frye boots! Cute dress and necklace, too!


  41. hey there..i was wondering where are u from..i have link u in my ur blog!

  42. I'm in love with that dress! What a great friend! :)

  43. Those Fryes!! They've aged beautifully~

  44. The dress and lipstick together is lovely!

    Jennifer from

  45. Wow,
    beautiful pictures, I love the white color on you! gorgeous look.

  46. Oh the dress is very lovely.

  47. Thanks for the inspiration, your style it´s amazing, you also find awesome clothes in this online shop it is a fashion brand from Spain, stylish and cheap.
    Congratulations for your blog

  48. Your photos are amazing. I love the dress.

  49. I love the look you created with the feminine dress and the funky boots. I love frye boots. I am obsessed with the dress. Was just at H & M and didn't see it. Is it current?
    The Beso Team

  50. such a gorgeous dress! i love how you've accessorized it <3

  51. That dress is amazing. If only I had that for my rehearsal dinner last year. :(

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  52. i loved that dress when i saw it, but i love it even more on you.

  53. I love the romantic dress with the edgy boots...

  54. hey gorgeous, you look as pretty as sunshine with killer boots..

  55. love the combination!btw check out my new post with short movies from Dior and LV and let me know what you think!


  56. amazing blog!

  57. that's a gorgeous dress!


  58. Gorgeous dress and lipstick!

    Just getting started, have a peek:

    Love from England, xxx

  59. Lucky you to have a friend like that. The dress is awesome and if I bought it, I would have a hard time giving it to somebody instead of keeping it for myself.

  60. i love this look. the jacket is great. i would have never thought to pair the two together but it really works

  61. I love this! I think white maxis are the epitome of summer, but I always hesitate that it looks too wedding-y. Love you you paired the look with boots and a jacket and dodged that bullet!

  62. hey love,
    ready to play next week? hehe
    c u soon <3

  63. That's so sweet! Genuine & kind friends are hard to come by. Love the dress on you - definitely mermaid-esque. Did you do something to your hair cause it looks different in these photos, but then again maybe it's the photoshop?


    P.S. - I have vegas volt too! I love it!!

  64. Aww what a good friend. I Love love love that dress with those boots.


  65. Great boots. I like that your paired them with a white, romantic dress. Love the contrast!

  66. Gorgeous dress - so chic - you can wear it so many ways!

    In Fashion and Style

  67. love the ruffles, and the frye boots, the contrast is so cute

  68. that dress is actually really gorgeous. nice work h&m!

  69. Love this, and your blog (:
    come visit mine?


  70. i love this maxi dress! and the boots, oo!!

  71. love the ruffles! the frye boots set it off perfectly..not too girly. i'm obssessed as well with my frye boots and the wonderful natural aging process. i've had mine for about 8 yrs and they keep getting better and better!

  72. love your blog! check out mine sometime =)

    xo bourgeoisgirl

  73. Fryes with that dress = brilliant!


  74. dreamy dreamy...gee...a lot of love..
    you look so beautiful in that dress

  75. Oh I love this dress and the way you combined it with these gorgeous boots! Lovely!!!

  76. ruffles + boots = perfection

  77. i have the same moto boots that i got from the little girls section at walmart. oh yes. loooove your maxi dress:)

  78. That dress = those boots = love!

  79. Anonymous

    Loooove the parka! Omg can't believe is from quicksilver!!

  80. You dress for perfection. Your photography is unbelievable. The wavys in you hair..I've been trying to get my hair to do that for to long.


  81. Anonymous

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