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light for days

May 14, 2010

Vintage dress. Urban Outfitters socks. Seychelles boots. Superfine denim vest.

Sorry for the slow-down of posts; I've had a rough few weeks, which sucks because I finally revived my closet after feeling inspired to shop again. Imagine pale pinks, overdosing-denim, camel-tones, and gold details. Hoping to pick up the blogging pace when school is out - which I am so excited about because I am finally transferring out and got accepted to University of California, Irvine! I know a few readers attend UCI, so if you see an overdressed, clueless asian girl regrettably walking around in heels the first day of school, say hi.

Wearing one of many sweet finds from a recent thrift-run that injects a much needed dose of cyan into my life. I seriously couldn't resist the print - the dress was a bit dowdy and once a maxi dress, but a few snippets to the hem and wearing the back buttons to the front instantly makes it almost Topshop worthy.

Oh, and my hair is getting redder and more orange by the day. Must do something about this soon.

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  1. Anonymous

    gorgeous! you seem to bring out the best in every piece you buy, i <3 it

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love love LOVE your hair!!

  3. i love that last pic of youuu! and dye on asian hair does the red thing in the sun. it's kinda tricky. especially if u do the box stuff, it's a guarantee that it'll go brassy.....
    Are you going lighter? or same color?

  4. I love your outfit! Congrats on getting into UCI. If you get lost and I happen to walk in your way (I go there), I'll help you out. Hahaha :)

  5. Love those socks with those booties!

  6. gorgeous find! I see so many op-shop maxi's but I can't alter clothes :(

    yours is my friend's fave blog! so totally following :)


  7. that's exciting about the transfer! i hope you get to see some of your followers there, that'd be really neat.

    and although my closet is not full of the items that you mentioned--the pale pinks, jeans, etc.
    you pin-pointed exactly what i've been enjoying lately as well :)

  8. oh wow gorgeous outfit girl! and i love your hair as it is!

    helen x

  9. Congrats for being accepted to California Uni! Your outfit is amazing...

  10. yes, so gorgeous! those have got to be just about the most amazing pairs of lace up's ever. waaannnt. and loving the knee highs and floral.


  11. Darling!!!
    I can post this pics in my BG!!!

  12. this outfit is soooo great! I just adore the shoes!

  13. Anonymous

    Raych!,Raych!,Raych!- :)

    Babe, occasionally i've equated your fashion sense as tantamount to an "art form;" but, sometimes even that seems somewhat lacking. Ya know!? :)

    Gettin' jus' a bit philosophical & professorial, i guess (lol); "true art," theoretically, engenders and sparks both inspiration & imagination. And Babe, by virtue of your seemingly imbuing your sartorial selection with both inspiration & imagination from your very "soul & spirit;" you literally become this "sensational, gorgeous, & divine" amazing work of art, Raych! :)

    Employing that imagination & inspiration that could conceivably thus be stirred by such a work of art; it's almost like as a result of the combination of the "marriage of inspiration from your soul & spirit in blissful union with inspired array of apparel," and suddenly, "voila!" - - - you're not merely wearing or modeling stylish clothes, babe - - - it's like there's some sorta "supernatural cosmic lovemaking" takin' place, as there's this "blissful dynamic" with "you two (...too)" seemingly, sensuously "becoming one!" :)

    "So Amazingly!", almost spiritually, you seem to "truly bring alive" the intrinsic beauty of "whatever apparel," as it in turn "wondrously enhances, highlights, & accentuates" your own gorgeously divine attributes & beauty, babe! Creating this "most lovely, true wonder!", to thus behold! Ya, so rock, Raych! :)

    So hopefully, this doesn't come across in the least bit creepy; however, contrarily instead, subsequently, the sparking & triggering of truly wondrous inspiration, imagination, dreams - - - AS ONLY, "true art," can truly, wonderfully do! Only you, Sweetheart! <333 :)


  14. Love the second pic so much! This dress is adorable and suits you very well!

  15. Beautiful, you look really good in this outfit. Love the hair also.



  16. wauuuuu i like your style :) and, i LOVE YOUR HAIR dear :D

  17. This is really, really, really chic!!

  18. Great outfit! Love the dress >3

  19. Gorgeous! That lovely vintage dress is a great find. So clever of you to turn around the dress and make the hem shorter. Can't wait to see what else you bought on your shopping revival extravaganza!

  20. I love that vest and dress! Congrats on getting into USCI!

  21. love 90's florals, the dress is so much better with the multitude of buttons!! hope the end of semester went well for you.

    xo becca

  22. Anonymous

    which uni are you at now raych!! anw congrats on UCI :)

  23. Anonymous

    Your hair looks fine, leave it! You look stunning as always. (:

  24. Anonymous

    stunning as always!!!

  25. Congratulations for your acceptance. that is great news. I Love love the print of the dress and the shoes!!!

  26. Your hair looks so pretty! Adore the boots with the floral dress.


  27. love the dress and denim vest!!

  28. I love your out fit and Congratulations on getting transferred. And I love your dress its so cute I have to say that shopping the it up was well worth it the result is lovely =)

  29. i love this dress its so adorable...everything about these pictures are great.

    can you follow my blog?

  30. I am so jealous of your hair. You always looks so gorgeous! And congratulations about going to UCI! I've been to the campus several times and it's beautiful and really, really green.

    - Sharon

  31. your photos are always so breathtaking, exquisite and beautiful. each photo is absolutely perfect and always captures something so well. they're always so inspiring :) i especially love the last shot.

  32. Congrats on being accepted into UCI! I'm sure you'll bring some great style to the campus.

  33. Anonymous

    i enjoy your blog but so similar to

  34. Your hair has a pretty cool colour right now! Love the flower print.


  35. This has got to be one of the weirdest mix of pieces from you, but I'm kinda loving it!

    stop by my blogs!

  36. gorgeous! love your hair :)

  37. Anonymous

    Congrats! I went to UCI. Loved it there. I wish I was there to witness your awesome outfits in person!

  38. this is SUCH a cute outfit!!
    I loved the booties!
    And good luck with school ... I just finished up my finals .. phew, these past couple of weeks I looked like a carpenter!

    Fernanda Lucila

  39. Stunning, as usual. Want that dress!


  40. Such a cute dress, and it looks very good on you! Not so typical girlie

  41. You look absolutely beautiful.
    I love the dress, so feminine yet very cool and laid back looking.

  42. Congrats on the transfer and on school being out soon. I just finished grad school, so I am overjoyed at the laziness I can indulge in this first free weekend!

  43. love the color palette! my lil sis is going to UCI next year... she'll see you there :)

  44. Congrats on your transfer! Have a whole lot of cousins who went to UCI and loved it!


  45. I think the 'red-ish' color looks good on you though. I also think the red-ish orange hair stuff must be a Vietnamese thing cause I swear this always happened to my hair when I dyed it various shades of brown.

    Oh and high five on the dress - I would've never known it didn't already come like that.


  46. that's the coolest vintage dress i've ever seen! i love how you customized it. top it off with a denim vest and it's just so perfect.

    your closet overhaul sounds exactly like what i'm doing to mine. such a relief.

    congrats on UCI!

  47. Anonymous

    I go to UCI! I will definitely say hi if I see you on campus!

  48. Great pictures. I love your shoe booties with knee highs.


  49. UCI is my alma mater! congrats! make sure to try the sandwiches at le diplomat at university center across the street. love the outfit!

  50. love how totally wearable this all is. and i love your orangy-redness. (though i don't quite see just looks...good)

  51. You kinda look like an AZN julia roberts in these fotos!

  52. Love it! Love it! Love it! Rock and Roll! Awesome look and styling!

  53. Anonymous

    purple/blue toner shaper...makes hair less red/orange:) congrats on uci!

  54. I really like the pictures you've drawn

  55. I love flowers and this dress!! Ah! And the video is great! You look cute and super natural :D

  56. this dress is gorgeous. . . you are gorgeous . . . everything about this blog is gorgeous. I am def. following. So happy that I came across your blog!

  57. Great outfit. Love the personal touch it has to it. One of the best I've seen in awhile!

  58. I really like this outfit. The socks with the heels are great.

    New Zealand style

  59. perfect summer dress!

  60. Best vintage dress find! We are insanely jealous!

  61. thats really cool how u tricked out the vintage dress!! its gorgeous!

    read me at:


  62. so comfy. i like xx


  63. i love this outfit! the vest goes so well with the floral on the dress. and the shoes are fab.

    x. alyssa

  64. such a great summer dress! You have totally inspired me!

  65. This is in the alley in old town tustin! I just went there today.

  66. Congratulations on getting into UCI! My alma mater! :)

  67. such a cute outfit!
    love the blog,

  68. What a beautiful look, I love it! This dress is gorgeous and goes so well with these awesome shoes. Perfect!

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