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last night's emerald

May 4, 2010

LaRok top andiT Jean Joy Comfort Rider in Emerald. Secondhand hat. Marc by Marc Jacobs boots. Mens cardigan.

Both wrinkly-fronted and classic, these completely fulfill my need of a vintage-looking pair of jeans that are screaming to be naturally worn in throughout Spring. And at the risk of sounding finicky, I always have a hard time finding a pair of jeans that I like because the choices are overwhelming with the combinations of cuts, washes, complex designs, and whatever else you can use to decorate a pair of jeans. I paired my new rustic jeans with a flirty top capable of showing my midriff due to the lapse of frontal buttons as well as the alluring sheer mesh that hangs behind me. I sort of feel like a fairy in it. Thank you Revolve for the wonderful gifts.

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69 responses:

  1. Fabulous outfit and beautifully taken pictures make such an eye candy!!! Love this!

  2. I understand what u mean about buying jeans, it happens to me too. Besides adoring all of your clothes (I covet a top like that!) I have to say that you look adorable with braided hair :)

  3. so pretty, effortless, and chic! love the hat and the light in these pics.

  4. Love the outfit! Beautiful photos.

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  5. I always wanted to try one of those hats, now I must. It's so cute and that outfit is gorgeous, perfect for a lady

  6. I really love those nude colors you're wearing. it makes me wanna go out right now and buy some nude colors clothes for myself...too bad its night time right now here.
    I hate it when I have these cravings in the middle of the night and I cant do anything about them ):

  7. Anonymous

    ------------ sunmoon love-----------

    sunrays ne'er appeared, so, so resplendent
    'till seemingly, babe, wrapped 'round you -
    sparkling, dancing, embracing you so tenderly
    both so glowing and radiant, oh, what a view!

    always been fond, of sunrises and sunsets
    with their breathtaking, splendor, so divine -
    now, beholding you, bein' lovingly sunkissed
    so fascinatingly dreamy, vicariously, sublime!


  8. Beautiful pics as usual. Love the easy breezy look.

    xx RK

  9. I love, love, love that top! It looks so comfortable and flowy and interesting. I was surprised to hear it's LaRok, I associate them with a much more night time, "going out" look.

  10. Only you could pull off braids like that! I'm loving the top :)

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  11. i have a similar blouse with that funky hemline. it's certainly a challenge to style! lovely photos!

  12. beautiful look! i love those booots!

    helen x

  13. I love the silhouette of your top and that peek of colour from your tan belt. You're totally rocking that floppy hat and I love the way it looks along with the lighting in the 5th photo. I wish it was as sunny here in Vancouver! You look lovely and chic though :)

  14. Lovely! Those colors are so pretty on you!

  15. Your top is very cool! I love how its a play on a classic shirt. ;]

  16. i am loving this laidback look. and the sunrays are just perfect. love the photos. xx

  17. Lovely outfit & beautiful lighting!

  18. What beautiful shots! Those boots are gorgeous, same with the top.

  19. Very nice pictures I love how you used the light. Gorgeous!

  20. great shots, but the graininess is kind of overwhelming. turn down that iso!

  21. shoes ant top are wayyyyy cute!

  22. Awesome laid back look :) I like!

  23. I know what you mean. I'm constantly frazzled by any store carrying a load of denim brands..I just don't know where to begin besides narrowing it down to a skinny jean. Even then the jean bar is too much to take in. Luckily I'm into pants as of now, high waisted drop crotch ones to be exact.

  24. that top is so lovely! love the jewelry too!

  25. I love that top! So lovely and summery and ethereal. :) I'm checking it out for sure. Your Marc Jacobs boots are fantastic too. I just love how you put things together!


  26. Oh wow these photographs are beautiful and you are so gorgeous rachel! You seem to be able to pull off anythingggg.

  27. i love your marc jacobs boots >O<

  28. Oh i absolutely love your fresh summery look! you look adorable! and your shoes are amazing!
    Margaux from BORO

  29. Love the combo between these cool jeans and that romantic top! Great pics! <3

  30. really nice pics.. i really like your blog.

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  31. love the top;] so cute design! and also love the pants and the shoes combo!

  32. perfect lighting for the shoot and I luuuvvv those boots...

  33. you looks so lovely with your sunhat ; )

  34. those boots are sooo cute. such a perfect touch to this outfit. and im in love with your sun hat :)

  35. Gorgeous. Amazing outfit, you have such amazing style.


  36. your boots and top are amazing! Seriously love everything you wear


  37. Aw, you look really cute in the floppy hat. Love the boots.

    New Zealand style

  38. gorgeous, as usual. hope you had fun the other night! :)

  39. I am pretty much in love with those boots

  40. One day I'll get gifts... =) You look amazing! Love those booties!

  41. This is an awesome outfit! Love your boots

  42. loving the boots my friend

  43. That cardigan looks so comfortable! I love the casual-yet-put-together look of this outfit. Those awesome boots really make it!

  44. Love your gold bracelet..Is it a vintage find? Your photographs are beautiful, especially with the sunlight streaming in.

    Jennifer from

  45. Beautiful pics ;)
    love the boots!

  46. your pictures are always so beautifully taken!

  47. i did a little feature on you on my blog.. thanks so much for being such an amazing blogger.. u inspire me :)

  48. Great photos, I have no words for that pair of boots. Great choice.


  49. your loose cardigan is absoultely my favorite.

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  50. Very pretty outfit :) Love the blouse and gold jewellery :)

  51. WHAT gorgeous pieces.. especially those boots...i'm in love

  52. I love that your pictures are not posed... so natural!
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  53. absolutely stunning! You used the natural light so well- and i love the blouse and hat! xx

  54. aah, so cool, your outfits and pics are great. following of course!

  55. Beautiful photos. I love the soft, drapey looks of the sweater and top with the straw hat.

  56. Haii Rachel! I love the hat! Super cute :) Diggggin' the neutrals! YEE!


  57. pretty! thats such a great dark wash on your jeans too!

  58. The lighting in this post is so magical! I can't imagine a much better setting. Love the boots!!! I agree with you on the overwhelming choices of denim...I usually stick to one brand, one style, and buy multiples of them! Can't deny it a good pair of blues.

    Ernest B.

  59. I love the detail on the tank. Photos are incredible.

  60. Hay dear blogger!
    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! He's lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
    Love, Cindy.

  61. so gorgeous and slouchy, and you know i love me some skinny jeans and ankle boots! love this raych =)

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