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i leave my body for the sky

May 18, 2010

Sonia Rykiel x H&M bra. Erin x RVCA tank. Gap jeans. Chloe shoes. Vintage blazer. La Mer watch. Loehmanns necklace.

Found this blazer hidden deep in my neighborhood Goodwill equipped with unflattering shoulder pads but amazingly lends a stronger silhouette when needed. I tend to rip off all shoulder pads from vintage finds simply because I feel they belong in the 80s, luckily for me, this salmony-silky goodness' shoulder pads are detachable which instantly transforms to your average button-up with pointy lapels. Perhaps when I'm feeling a bit adventurous, I can snap in the rather subtle shoulder pads if I can remember where I put them.

I also declare GAP the coolest underdog ever (can we die over these shoes in unison?). These patched denim say it all - they also run big, so I'm more than satisfied when I fit into jeans one size lower than my average pair with room to spare.

Thank you everyone for the congratulations and UCI welcome! Definitely looking forward to Fall.

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90 responses:

  1. I love your pink blazer and your necklace! You look fantastic! Love that outfit!

  2. Lovely colors.... dreamy.

  3. what a cute blazer! loving these photos!

    helen x

  4. jasmine

    looking gorgeous as always!!!

    what nail polish are you wearing?? it's so pretty! ^_^

  5. That blazer looks like such a great find. And by the way, your face is so, so great. I mean that in the less-creepiest way possible. But I'm mindblown that those jeans are from Gap. That definitely was not the first name that came to my mind when I saw them.

    - Sharon

  6. Wow what a great find! Lucky girl!

  7. love that vintage blazer! great outfit! :)


  8. Great outfit! The color of the blazer is beautiful and so springy

  9. Anonymous

    hey you're at my old high school!

  10. wow! simply amazing outfit! I really like the nude colored blazer!

  11. Cool jeans and awesome necklace! Great as usual dear! <3

  12. wow adore this outfit! The colours just radiate spring, and that peek a boo bra, just adds to it!


  13. Anonymous

    "Raych, Dear Raych!" - :)

    These pics are near-utterly, "bizarrely-so-beautiful/lovely," babe! :)

    The "church/school cloister" in background, in tandem w/the near sunburst-halo, render an effect of one having or experiencing some seriously, suggestively "sublime education or enlightenment of beauty" on some altogether "grand & heavenly scale or realm!" :)

    I mean, upon first glimpse, my initial gut/response/reaction is honestly one of an imaginative - - - "damn, holyshit! have i possibly died and gone to heaven, now bein' greeted by this "oh,so fine & divinely, gorgeously beautiful creature!?" :)

    "Thank you, God! as surely only you could create such 'true beauty & wonder,' blessing me to so wondrously witness and now in heaven, so gloriously experience!" :)

    Truth be told, i'm presently near ready via astral projection, to virtually "leave my body, taking to the sky...", desirous of bein'
    "so at one w/such divine beauty & lovliness!" :)

    Hey, a guy can certainly, surely,
    "most wonderfully dream," right? After all, Raych; Sweetheart, you're "so damn divinely dreamy," so for real, how pray tell, can one possibly not!?! :) <333


  14. Nice jeans and lovely nail polish colour ahha :D

  15. Great find! Totally love the color! And nice outfit like usual ;)

  16. love the outfit! and i wanted to get a pair of those gap jeans, but there are ones with more patches that i wanted

  17. love the lovely tocuh of pink color blazer ;)

  18. love the necklace and the colors, really simple and yet so beautiful!

  19. That is such a cute blazer!

    Fernanda Lucila

  20. You're so pretty! LOVE the dusty rose blazer

  21. the wait will be worth it...

    great song :)

    Love the blazer

  22. the look's amazing - the vintage blazer's a major score, the necklace kills it for days, the nails are not perfect (which is perfection in itself) and the jeans really add that last bit of zing.

    yes, Gap is more of a treasure trove than people give it credit for...ya gotta dig (and try and have your hopes bashed on the fitting room floor a few times), but it's worth it.

  23. loving the necklace and the fact it's from Loehmanns!

  24. i love those jeans, had my eye on them for a while. they look great the way you styled them with a white tank and statement necklace. you're so pretty raych!
    amen for the shoulder pad removal too. i alwayas do that. although i have regretted it shockingly enough once or twice. usually though it's so much better!!!

  25. I just found your blog and I LOVE your style. I was looking at your posts and my boyfriend glanced over and commented on some of your outfits. He likes it too. I'm so excited to follow your adventures in fashion

  26. Firstly, let me give you a big zot, zot! I didn't go to UCI, but my boyfriend and my very close friend did, so it's close to my heart as well. Congrats!

    Secondly, I would wear every single piece you have on right here, in this exact fashion. I was definitely surprised to read that the jeans are Gap! I might need to make a stop there at some point this week.


  27. Amazing photos!!
    You look really gorgeous.

  28. I came across your blog on Chicisimo and you were wearing Mink Pink.I LOVE MINK PINK! Their stuff is super cute! I get mine from They always have deals/promos going on too on their blog and best of all they ship internationally!

    Love the blog!

    Congrats on becoming a fellow Anteater at UCI ZOt Zot! lol

  29. the only word for this is:BEYOND. love it, love the jeans, love the salmony blazer... larv ya.

  30. Love this blazer sans shoulder pads. And the light in these pics is so divine (esp. 3rd pic)!

  31. Hi, I'm new, but already in love with your blog and your style! Shoes and accessories are fabulous!

  32. All very Chloé. I like. Love the necklace too.


  33. That's a fabulous necklace!

  34. ah i've been wanting to try the whole patchwork denim look. I think i just may. haha looks great!

  35. Anonymous

    renovation & new merch in progress - check it out!

  36. my dear my dear you are one hot ladyyyyyyy<3. This look is simple, chic & now. I love it. Great look.


  37. love the colors in this outfit!
    the blazer is complete perfection!
    i also i'm in serious love with the necklace.
    i just came upon your blog for the first time and i love it!
    you have such great style!
    keep blogging and be yourself!

    if you ever get the chance:


  38. Wow babe - you look incredible.
    The necklace really completes this look too.
    We love your style :)

  39. that blazer is so gorgeous! ugh i never usually like pink but i love this... great piece raych xo MISS U!!!

  40. The photographs are fantastic. They do justice to your outfit. The jacket is to-die-for.

  41. I love how you have put together this outfit. Everything looks great together :) Love the color of the jacket and your jeans are grt too!

  42. I absolutely adore the outfit and the layering of the bracelets. Great look!

  43. Sometimes (most of the time) shoulder pads are worth cutting out of thrift store finds, but I've recently discovered that they kind of look awesome... sooo I suggest you embrace it and rock em' in that blazer! Looks amazing with or without. Even as a GAP fan, so so so shocked by those amazing, wonderfully awesome shoes?! Who knew they had it in them?

  44. i loove this easy breezy look, the pathwork denim looks soo perfect for spring with the light blazer ;)

  45. love the outfit:)

  46. love the jeans!

    read me at:


  47. pink blazer = perfect x


  48. what a cool outfit! i simply adore your tank! Erin Wasson is a genius!
    i always love your blog!

    anyway, would u mind to put my link on your blog? thx.

    lots of loves:

  49. You have a great style and the photos are great.

  50. This is beautiful! When it first started, I thought the patch-work thing was a nasty thrownback to my misguided childhood fashion years... but this is just right. Perfect!

  51. You completely nailed this one...well done


  52. wow. fantastic necklace!! ..your photos are all so beautiful as well!

  53. My brother will be transferring to UCI as well! Cool beans. How nuts would it be if you two had classes? Ha, but super unlikely cause I believe his major is something like East Asian studies.

    I DIE over those wedges! And nice find on that blazer.


  54. I love your nails and the patches on your jeans! Great blog!

  55. You are lovely!!!!

  56. That nail polish is a great contrast!

  57. HEY, my lil bro is attending UCI next year as a freshman! Congrats on your admittance! Perhaps I'll see you around whenever I stop by your campus (I visit at least once a year to see friends :) I'll also probably be taking my brother home every now and then...sigh, siblings). Please don't be freaked out if I happen to give you an enthusiastic "hello". :b

  58. I love this outfit so much!

  59. You look great! I am usually a pink-hater, but this spring and summer I haven't been able to keep away from the soft feminine pinks and peaches that are dominating the stores. So chic!

    Come check out my blog if you get a moment - random musings of different inspirations in fashion, home decor, and art throughout the day.

    Memento Vivere

  60. LOVE UR BLOG!!!!!!!! Pics are awesome!!! Best!
    PunkHeels Girl

  61. KILLER post!
    always love the way your photographs look... alway have some amazing lighting!

  62. these are the best jeans everrrrr


  63. The accessories are great, the shoes are amazing! I love the blazer! Great outfit!!

  64. Love the outfit and the light in your pictures. You look gorgeous!

    xx rk

  65. the pink blazer if wonderful! loehmanns is one of my favorite stores to shop, sounds weird but they have some great finds! the gap patch jeans are perfection.. great outfit, stunning


  66. i'm dying over the soft pink color of the jacket. and just basically this whole outfit in general. and yes, gap's fall shoe collection is so good!

  67. I really like the fact that we van see a little little bit of the bra.
    And I really like the colour of the jacket!


  68. This outfit is STELLAR. well done!

  69. I love your style for this post
    classic but rock too !! LOve it

  70. I've been debating on whether or not I should get those Gap jeans. They're on sale! But I don't think they'd look as good on me. But I love the shade of the blazer.

    Anyway, congrats on UCI! I'm transferring there this fall, too.

  71. couldn't agree more about gap jeans!

    xoxo, ashley @

  72. Can't get enough of slouchy silk blazers, especially in neutral colors...amazing!

  73. This is such a lovely look! Your necklace is gorgeous and I am really in love with these shoes.

  74. loving you nail polish!!


  75. AAAaaand, I have those jeans and wear them with a peach blazer! Our style is kinda similar ha!

  76. love everything about this - from the soft tank to the patchwork jeans <3

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