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May 2, 2010

Last Saturday I was dragged against my will to go to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana for a school project only to find mass amounts of people and activity all around the front entrance in little booths ran by cute older ladies. Of course my short attention span ran off to view the clusters of texture and shiny things. And after being so confused at the amazingness all around me, I asked one of the cute ladies exactly what type of event this was and I apparently came at the perfect time. I was in the middle of the annual Bead Society of Orange County. So cool. Next year, I will make sure I am carrying cash, so I walk away with more than a few cool pieces of "appliques" that I'm not too sure I know what to do with.

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50 responses:

  1. wowwww that looks like absolute heaven! hope you walked away with awesome trinkets!

    helen x

  2. Ah, wish I was the too! So much cool stuff! lucky you.

  3. Anonymous


  4. ahhh! i love the basket full of lace. sometimes i think its good that i don't carry too much cash. if i saw this, it'd all be gone too quick.

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  5. I apologise for not replying back to your email yet girl..but defiantly let me know when you're back in NYC =]

    but wow what an amazing find of a place...atleast you'll be more prepared for next year right :) hehe

  6. wow that place looooks amazing!
    It is a shame that you didn't bring any money but there is always next year :D

  7. Love all these pics, so inspiring!

  8. oh wow those are quite lovely accessories! i love all the silver rings and those cuffs!

  9. Amazing stuff! Which city is it?

  10. Ok, stupid question- I see it now

  11. Wow that bracelet is amazing!!! Great shots!

  12. Please adopt me so I can go with you next time!!!
    Those laces look SO beautiful!!!

  13. I DIE!
    the first pictures killed me! hahaha!

  14. that's a great show! I had a friend there, Javita Harris Casey, she does amazing pieces, some one of a kind.

  15. that jewelry looks amazing <3

  16. i die of envy seeing all those accessories! i wish we have an event like this here!

    i <3 your blog. now following you :)


  17. This is amazing stuff. Guess the event was a blessing in disguise :)

  18. oh my gosh! so amazing! i live right by santa ana, ill be sure to go next year! lovely pics

  19. what a amazing place. totaly love
    the rings and more.


  20. Fantastic pieces! I'd love to have'em all!

  21. Really beautiful photographs!


  22. oh wow!!! these photos are simply amazing!!! which camera and lens did you use to take them?

  23. I love all the jewelry and the laces were very pretty

  24. Wow I love this whole ethnic inspired jewellery. Beautiful photos! <3

  25. Oh my goodness! What great detail in all the beads and such. I love the photo with all the buttons. Gorgeous pictures all around

  26. I need to know more about this occurrence! Lol the last time I went to the Bowers was in like the 6th grade to see some mummies. We still need to go shopping again! ;p

  27. Gorgeous pics!!! Reminds me of the columbus street flea market. Love these kinds of trinkets!! x

  28. Your kidding? I live somewhat close--I could have gone! I wish I knew.

  29. Oh wow, so many beautiful things! All those colorful things reminds me of Dries.

  30. Wow!! What's the address I want to go there and shop!

  31. Anonymous

    Was it for anthropology 100 at occ?

  32. Heaven!!! I want those rings...

  33. amazing! lucky timing!! looks incredible!

    jp xx

  34. Seriously gorgeous jewelry. And the pictures too.


  35. I think that's the slowest I've ever scrolled down through a blog post. Positively **drooling** over these images! Gosh I love me a GOOD jewelry market/fair!


  36. These photos are amazing, so beautiful!

  37. those jewels are typically Morrocan (berbers), it amazed me seeing it on your blog!!

  38. stunning designs, textures, colors ... some wonderful pics

  39. Judy

    hey hey, which mint nailpolish is that!?

  40. Gorgeous stuff, the jewellery looks beautiful!

  41. Wow... amazing baubles, colors, textures, shapes, patterns! Stunning photos.

  42. I would die!! love love love love.

  43. WOWOWOWOW!! Everything is simply gorgeous! How lucky of you to stumble across such an event =)


  44. Anonymous

    Wow I was in awe when I looked at the photos! My attention would be all over that and my cash. ;)

    wow i love the jewelry way too much!
    i'll have to check it out soon...
    i love your blog.. i was looking through my old magazines annd you were featured in an old riviera :)


  46. It's probably a good thing I wasn't there, because I would have gone broke for sure. Awesome place.

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