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May 23, 2010

I get a lot of questions about the nailpolish I'm wearing. Here is my current rotation: Forever 21 Coral. OPI's Done Out In Deco. China Glaze's Re-fresh Mint

My favorite fluffy vest paired with a lace hoodie made by K V N.

  • LOVE this Makeup For Ever concealer (I use shade 8, but I pretty much grabbed at random) my friend introduced me to after convincing me I too accustomed to my mediocre Bobbi Brown stick. The small bits go a long way allowing me to skip foundation and powder. I guess it's not for everyone; I recommended it to a friend who ended up returning it.
  • A lovely red by Lipstick Queen in Rouge Sinner.
  • I never dare to leave the house without filling in my brows with Anastasia brow pencil in Ultimate Brown.
  • The habit of looking at your wrist for the time no matter where you are is learned quick.
  • Got this amazing beaded mesh thing at the Bowers Museum a while back and finally made it a headband - perfect to cover bad hair days.
I've also gotten a few questions about selling my clothes on eBay again and I'm slowly but surely working on a blog shop.

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