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May 26, 2010

Marc Jacobs dress. Forever 21 Shirt. Maison Margiela shoes.

Felt like I didn’t abuse the winter enough to get layering and bundling out of my system, so due to my usual bad-timing, I am now tending to my compulsion by pairing things over things that I normally wouldn’t wear. I found his whimsical printed at a secondhand shop reminiscent of a 60s apron and hoped to obscure it by off-setting the loudness with something more soft.

Posted this sequined mesh thing in my previous post and here it is, poorly wrapped around my head with tatty holes and ribbon. Not much of a DIY-er but am still dying over the gorgeousness of this and its ability to make any outfit whole. I definitely want more head jewelry but not in a Blair Waldolf kind of way.

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61 responses:

  1. love love love you headband!!!!!

  2. love how you layered this! beautiful girl!

    helen x

  3. Anonymous

    Raych, you seem so uncannily & amazingly, "beautifully damn dreamy!", no matter your alchemical-artsy attire choice, babe; as this combo here wondrously invokes lovely scandanavian sweetheart dreams & fantasies! :) <333


  4. Love those shoes!

  5. love the layering you did here!

  6. nice outfit!

  7. Such a beautiful outfit and so inspiring. The lace shirt and dress look so cool together!

  8. very cool outfit!! you look lovely!!

  9. that headband looks stunning. i love pieces like this; turbans, headwraps, and such.
    and lol @ not in a blair waldorf kind of way!

    per your last post, could white lace and white fur be any more perfect? i think not!

  10. wowza i am intrigued by the shoes. they're so unique and go perfect with this outfit

  11. Very quirky dress, cute!

    New Zealand style

  12. I love your sequined headband!

  13. Anonymous

    ...from "creatively crowning head to terrific-tipety-toe," a most gorgeous vision of delightfully dreamy & lovely womanhood!" you ever, "so rock," Raych! :)


  14. Amazing shoes!

    juliet xxx

  15. WHAT an amazing look! I love the dress and the shoes are beautiful! <3

  16. Anonymous

    the dress isn't reminiscent of an apron. It IS an apron. and not a pretty one. Also The white blouse underneath doesn't compliment the dress. To me it just adds a WTF factor. Do not think I am a 'hater' the rest of your outfits are stunning which is why this post is leaving me scratching my head. ...curious as to what your mood was when getting dressed.

  17. I love your outfit it's so cute and the glittery headband thing is so pretty. And the apron dress is so folksy and cute very 60's/70's I love it!!!

  18. Anonymous

    Responding to "anonymous above," in all seriousness & def not "hatin" in the least; but one cannot help but wonder if you've even a scintilla of some kinda imagination? I mean, seriously, can you not actually see the creative impulse underlying this chicly unique look!?

    And though beauty's, of course, "in the eye of the beholder;" however, seems your overall view of "beauty in the world" is sadly, seriously, sorely lacking. I feel somewhat sorry for ya, ya know, jus' sayin'.

  19. what a lovely idea to use your blouse under the dresss !

  20. lovely!

  21. Love the print! It looks so cute!

  22. this is awesome- i love the layering!
    Great headband too- so cute! xxx

  23. You are like a doll today! So sweet!

  24. Your outfit is really cute. Definitely unique. I'm teething over how perfectly wavy your hair is.

    - Sharon

  25. What an absolutely gorgeous dress!


  26. The shoes are simply amazing!!!

    Fernanda Lucila

  27. Anonymous

    Check it out ladiesss:

  28. Anonymous

    Responding to the other anonymous: Please do not quote 'hatin' like I wrote that. I said 'hater'. Their is a difference sweetie. Secondly I am able to recognize creativity but that doesn't neccessarily mean it has to be beautiful as well. The two can be mutually exclusive. Do you not agree? To "that's chic" rereading my previous statement. I saw that I was a bit harsh when describing your look but I still chalk it up to wanting to know how you (and other people too?!) take pleasure from said posted outfit.

  29. I completely agree about it making the outfit whole. I put my thumb over it and the look just wasn't the same. I love those tiny revelations.

    Carey @ C+C

  30. amazing dress! It suits you very well! <3

  31. Anonymous

    In response once again to "anonymous above;" first of all, i'm quite "the dude," sweetie. It seems you would've ascertained such by mere context; however, you seem a bit lacking in grasping an "overall picture," it would seem, in more ways than one. :)

    As for a second instance, my usage of the term "hatin'" was in no way any direct reference to your use of the term "hater." I was makin' the point that my response to your commentary was in no way, "hatin." Quite a substantial difference, wouldn't you agree?

    And i do agree and concur that "creativity & beauty" can be actually mutually exclusive. And as i alluded and referenced, well aware that "beauty is (truly) in the eye of the beholder."

    However, when an overwhelming majority & near unanimity of responses are of a favorable and complimentary nature; and then, lo & behold, you come forth with a response in part of "...which is why this post is leaving me scratching my head. ...curious as to what your mood was when getting dressed" --- can you not understand why it really gives one/most true pause, wonderin' WTF kinda "observation lens" you might be peering from? Ya know, jus' sayin'!? ;)

    And also truly wondering, truth be told, in some metaphorical yet real sense; "actually quite curious," as to what your "fashion sense or sensibility IQ" might be?

    Yet, then again, of course, each & ev'ry other responder here could be congruently critically wrong, and your viewpoint the more valid perception, i guess, right? As there could be countless who somehow agree w/you, but jus' didn't feel nearly as compelled as yourself to come forth to state such, right?

    Well, i'm strongly of the notion & belief that the overwhelming consensus here is the actual & "truest reality." Raych is "really & truly rockin'" in this latest outfit, as most each and ev'ry one she "so stunningly & brilliantly, so creatively" --- incredibly, somehow puts together!" "Damn, You Go (keep on goin, babe!) Girl!!!" :)

    I mean, for heaven's sake, "true credit for when/where credit's (truly) due!" Truly, metaphorically, i hope you try to "take time to behold (ALL) the truly lovely & beautiful flowers!" :)


  32. so beautiful.

  33. Wow. I would never think to do that type of layering, but as always you look fantastic and have such a great sense of style. I love the headband, it completes this outfit!
    The Beso Team

  34. LOVE your Margielas!!!!!!!!
    check out my Blog
    Fashion Quite Frankly

  35. I'll never get tired of seeing those Margiela shoes. I've fallen in love with it the first time I saw it. Too bad I don't own a pair.

  36. Such a unique dress, I love how you wear it. And those Margiela sandals... adore!

  37. Beautiful look Rachel. I love the dress. and the headband ads a touch a sweetness! Have a great weekend!!

  38. the headband looks great! i love when you're able to make something new again.

    xoxo, ashley @

  39. Great layering idea. I really like the pattern paired with the lace. Beautiful!

  40. great outfit!!
    i love how u mix them..
    love the shoes too!

    how i wish u give me a comment on my blog ;D,
    .a little princess.

  41. Anonymous

    dear anonymous.please put down your thesausaraus. Big words do not equal good writing.

    To debate your arguement that the majority of readers find her outfit favorable. Well, many people also find Olive Garden to be favorable. The parking lots are always crowded so it MUST be great Cuisine. Right?! And to some people it is ...bc they don't know better. ...I guess what I'm trying to point out is that everyone believes their own opinion is the right opinion. Please don't take my words out of context. I am in no way saying Rachel has bad taste. quite the opposite. HOWEVER i still stand by my opinion (and i have a right too) that her last outfit is questionable. And these are my last words on the matter.

  42. Hey beautiful, I look forward to seeing your new outfits each time. You look gorgeous in the dress

  43. and we all love Blair, don`t we? :D love the shoes so so so much :)

  44. LOVELY look and lovely blog!

    Besos from Spain.


  45. Woahh, love the crochet shirt underneath. very beautiful!!

    and yes, headband- very Blair.


  46. This look is so cool, you look amazing.

  47. nice outfit, but really really nice Headband!

  48. Beautiful :) I love your jewellery.

  49. perfectly paired. you made this dress rock by adding that lace Forever 21 shirt!! well done!

  50. love those shoes! i've been eyeing a similar pair on shopbop by opening ceremony that is on sale..soo tempting

    like the background of the pics too :)

  51. you look like a bar-wench! not in the offensive way. i just don't know what the word is. housefrau? either way, i like it. and your shoes are awesome. :)

  52. cute headband

  53. The blouse looks so whimsical, romantic, old-fashioned. I would love to see it without anylayer on top.

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