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wind braces us up

April 21, 2010

Modcloth dress. Zara denim shirt. Rodarte x Target blouse. Chloé wedges. La Mer watch. Secondhand belt.

During my trip to New York this previous season, I not only met a ton of really cool people, but among these said really cool people were several staff members from Modcloth. You can imagine my excitement when Turi reached out to me and asked if we can collaborate further and actually get a dress named after my blog.

The cool floral print is actually more lovable in person, and the wrappy ruffles muddle me with its quirky tiers and asymmetry. I opted the default belt with one of my own and layered it over a sheer blouse. Click here to see my interview for their blog as well as my favorite Spring items from their website. Thank you Modcloth and Turi for your wonderful gifts and hospitality.

Other fun amenities that will be pointed out via bullet points:
  • While combing through my neighborhood Goodwill, I stumbled on a ton of Rodarte dead inventory donated by Target - this blouse came home with me for two bucks.
  • Light-washed denim is so much cooler than raw denim.
  • I've been dying over this La Mer watch for ages but would not succumb to dishing the money (I know I had to have blogged about it once). I almost gave in when I saw it in person at OAK NYC but realized that my money was needed to fund NYC's taxi industry. Picture of me literally window shopping.
  • It now sits on my wrist as it should every single day since having the time on my wrist is so much easier than digging through my purse for the iPhone time. I really just need to learn how to quickly read analog time. Thank you Tobi for giving me the opportunity to purchase my new favorite wrist accessory.

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80 responses:

  1. Congrats! That's such an honor :)

    And amazing Goodwill find on that Rodarte blouse :D

    Live Love LA

  2. Great style!You look so cool :)

  3. u will appear in the next post of my blog
    comment back

  4. Anonymous

    digging the arm candy and your nail color. what nail polish are you wearing?

  5. I like the colors! And close up of your wedges please?

  6. Oooh your wedges are to die for!! perfect pair!

    You look fabulous :)

    Margaux from BoRO X

  7. your outfit is amazing! I love the shoes, shirt and dress so much.

  8. wow congrats! i really looking forwar to see the dress on;)

  9. Anonymous

    i love what u did with your hair and your taste is impeccable as always

  10. Like always, you look amazing <3

  11. this look is a loveeeeeee. hope to see more about this amasing blouse!

  12. cute outfit! love your shoes. congratulations on the blogger honor! <3

  13. Cannot believe you found Rodarte for Target at Good-freakin-will!!

    I am in need of the Mustard cami if you have one to donate:)

  14. Beautiful wedges!
    And that is SO amazing that you found Rodarte at Goodwill .. we don't even have something that resembles Goodwill here .. pff

  15. Good Will is the best! :]
    I found at mine a vintage leather coach messanger type purse. they don't make them like that anymore... saddness. haha the best shopping that doesn't get enough recagnition as it should.

    Your denim shirt and shoes are absolutely perfect. I love how your poses in photos are always effortless.

    <3 Krissy

  16. Uhm. I have that le mer watch in cognac. Seriously rach, you're dancing on my brain.

  17. Love the shoes!


  18. wowww i wish i could go thrifting in the US! seems like you guys have awesome stuff there!

    helen x

  19. Rodarte at Goodwill? Which Goodwill did you go to?? That is so awesome! Congrats on getting the watch, it looks fabulous!! Great things are worth waiting for... : )

  20. totally going to my neighborhood thrift stores in hopes that Target donates there too! hehe. Anyway, LOVE the watch!! Where's your ring from?

    The dress is gorgeous--congrats!

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  21. Soo lovely as always. :)
    By the way, what nail polish are you wearing? Such a nice color.

    2. rodarte at goodwill, for $2?!? that's AMAZING.
    3. major props :)

  23. your wedges are pretty awesome!

    xo justyna

  24. You never wear blue, but you look freakin' rad. should wear blue more!

  25. isn't that crazy?? i found a target x rodarte dress at my goodwill literally a week after the collection came out... lovely outfit raych!

  26. I love the blouse! You're so lucky to have found it at a Goodwill store. Do you have any advice as to how to shop in thrift stores? I have this habit of just casually going through the store and end up walking out empty handed.

  27. I have that watch too!!! i love it i wear it all the time, you look great girl. I'm from irvine and a lot of your pictures look like they're from places I've seen before.

  28. The goodwills in Las Vegas SUCK!!! You are very lucky!

    Modcloth is amazing. They are everywhere in the blogging world right now.

    xo! Kristin

  29. Love the nail polish! What brand and color is it?

  30. Anonymous

    Hi Raych- :)

    Feeling really blessed for two of your lovely posts within a week, Dear. Thanks! :)

    And hearty congrats on not only's "blogger of the month," but also recently whatthehellz's "blogger of the week!" Truly deserved "recognition & props!" :)

    As mentioned in my last comment, you've seemingly taken dress-up to an art-form-of-sorts. Modcloth's being moved to actually name a dress after you, Raych, seems definitive proof of the acknowledgement of said "art," and evidence of its inspiration!

    Speaking of inspiration, and reflecting upon your last couple posts, Sweetheart, you shouldn't be surprised that you inspire poetry. So between rockin' the "bohemian flowerchild" look, to "fleur du goddess," hope ya might find somewhat appealing to your artistic sensibilites: :)

    ------flowerchild/goddess ------

    floating out upon gentle spring breeze
    breathing in, aah, your lovely essence -
    essentially, like dream of sweet goddess
    of wondrous beauty, ever blooming anew!


  31. that watch is the perfect little layered mess. and i love the denim + floral!

  32. it's a gorgeous watch!!! and i love those sleeves, so pretty!

  33. Love your denim shirt! I'm lookink for one like that but I didin't found it yet!

  34. Love the look! So simple and summery!


  35. This is such a great outfit! Love the denim shirt and dress combo

  36. GOd, I really love all your photos and outfits, the nail polish is also greta, where is it from?


  37. so pretty <3
    and congratulations! you deserve it.

  38. Looove your style!! that's a perfect outfit! =)
    follo you!

  39. THe perfect denim shirt. I love all your photos, beautiful clothing and accesories, and you style yourself so well. im a follower of your blog and really enjoy it, check me out...

  40. I have been looking for a great leather wristband everywear, I love this take with the watch!

  41. Just found your blog from modcloth and spent the better part of my day at work rifling through the whole thing. Love your style and it was really interesting to see how your shots have evolved through the years. Very inspiring.

  42. Your shoes are so bad-ass !

  43. When did goodwill get this good? I will have to stop in!

  44. I am loving those wedges!!

  45. Congrats! thats so wonderful.
    I had a watch just like that from Nixon but i love it 2 new years ago .

  46. these are the coolest pics! i love the location and your outfit! I'm So glad I found your blog! following :)

  47. Love love love love everything! You're definitely an inspiration. :D Have a great weekend!

  48. Congrats for being modcloth's blogger of the moment..tha's how I discoverd your blog!
    I love your look in these pics, esp the contrasts of the girly dress with the oversized shirt! Great!!


  49. Anonymous

    Good-day Raych- :)

    A mere hello, and pseudo apology-of-sorts, as i so uncharacteristically misconstrued "blogger of the moment" for "blogger of the month." Definitely, "my bad!" :)

    Please forgive me, as being a "word person," i so understand and appreciate the significant difference. As "blogger of the moment" connotes a far greater distinction, as in this "moment of time ...," extending indefinitely into the future, Sweetheart. A true recognition, acknowledgment & tribute to the impact & inspiration of your creatively, stylish blog, my Dear! :)

    So, tho' i know you'll forgive my unfortunate faux pas, allow me to offer another lil' poem as a gift & gesture inspired as i reflected upon what truly makes your blog so "especially hot," so special, & so unique! :)

    Have a most lovely weekend, babe! :)

    ------- you shining through ---------
    ----------- (sartorial art) ------------

    seems, merely takes jus' some timeless moment
    she so stylishly captures, yes, arrests one's heart
    offering gorgeously, glamorous, tres chic visions
    adorable impressions, aah, to treasure and cherish
    so sweet inspirations, of her lovely soul and spirit.


  50. Wow, you are so lucky to have found all the Rodarte stuff at Goodwill! I love these pictures of you, all the accessories are spot on. Your nails are the perfect color!

    -Shoeless Simone

  51. I love your outfit!
    Can't believe theyre from target...
    wish they had them in japan!

  52. love ur blog

  53. Love the outfit! Nice accessories!!

  54. u have an amazing blog!!!
    nailsss love them!!!!
    please visit my blog is new im new awww!!!

  55. love the nails!


  56. Just started reading your blog... I agree with you about the denim... much more comfy!

  57. Love the pictures!

    Xoxo Birgitte

  58. That watch is gorgeous, and I never even wear one. You've passed your obsession on to me...I want it..

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.
  60. great shirt and nail polish ;)

  61. What a beautiful outfit! And gorgeous photos, I love the black & white one the most.

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