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warrior princess

April 27, 2010

Zac Posen x Target dress. Frye boots.

Playing with the snaps was initially my favorite thing about this dress until I realized that it moreover contributes to my goal of looking like a warrior princess. And usually Target quality is a hit-or-miss for me but this looked promising in the lookbook and fitted surprisingly well once on. The slightly flared hemline is itching to be layered with heavy jackets but will still be worn lovingly through the summer heat. I also found a lonely chambray dress hanging on the rack that I didn't even realize was a part of the collection and took it home with me as well. Can't wait to force my new purchases to befriend all the dusty pinks and nudes in my closet.

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99 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    you seem to piece your outfits so well and each post brings something new to the table, I absolutely love it!

  2. You look so effortlessly beautiful in these images. I adore the "buttons" on the dress and the wheat background is so lovely!
    Love these the most!


  3. Love love this dress on you! Do you mind if I add it to the wikifashion gallery?

  4. These shots are breathtaking. Target should post these on their site!

  5. Love the dress <3 It looks beautiful in the environment (the contrast).

  6. my dear, my dear.

    you look so stunning. these shots are heavenly and the Zac Posen for Target dress is fantastic. I wouldn't of thought otherwise, it being from Target. amazing.


  7. wow... these pictures are glorious, you look absolutely amazing. Kind of like a greek warior / godess!
    (neat, huh?)

    Marine / another fucking fashionista

  8. that dress is gorgeous! i would love to get my hands on some of those zac posen pieces!!

    helen x

  9. love the dress. i love when you take pics from the field XD

  10. You take such nice photos!
    I love the dress and the nail polish colour :D

  11. amazing <3 i love your bangle too

  12. the dress is amazing and it looks perfect on you. love it!!

  13. I love these!

  14. Only one word for these! Love all, the set and above all your look!

  15. great! it fits you perfectly, the navy suits you and such an amazing location!


  16. ah! i totally didn't realize the collection was in stores yet! i'm going this weekend hahah


  17. Amazing pictures! And you look really pretty :)

  18. those pictures are so beautiful!
    and the dress is a dream


  19. The dress is lovely, I'd like one in every colour!

  20. wow nice dress,
    you look beautiful!


  21. absolutely a warrior princess.

  22. That dress is hot!


  23. oh that dress is so stunning! i see it everywhere but canada... drat!

    looks beautiful on you!



  24. Ohhh, seeing everyone's Zac Posen purchases makes me want to run back to the U.S.
    Beautiful dress! And congrats on that other lucky find ;)

  25. cute! who took your pictures! very nice! us girlies are heading over to la/oc this weekend =)

  26. Great dress and really nice pictures! You look beautiful

  27. Where did you find wheat fields in southern california?!!?

    stop by my blogs!

  28. Anonymous

    "Holy Moly!", "Shezzam!", "Holy Heaven!" "So, So, Smokin' Hott!" (hey, the left corner of the field in middle teaser/pic seems "almost ablaze!" :)

    "WOW!' Raych; mere words seem somewhat lacking, Dear!" :)

    Ya know, while appreciating the "grand beauty" of the teaser pic --- and "SERIOUSLY!!!"(lol), it was mos' def' quite the teaser, as i could hardly await in anticipation "w/bated breath" the remainder of your "visual feast!" --- pondering, wondering what/how you might title the post; "honest-to-god," i truly first came up with "warrior-princess" & immediately, thereafter, "goddess-lover." Hey, as the sayin' goes: "great minds..." :)

    "Warrior-Princess," of course, noting the "bold-fierce dynamic" simultaneously with your "regal/royal nature & bearing." :)

    And speaking of nature, your ingeniously choosing of such wondrous & lovely nature settings & backdrops, Raych --- to seemingly "enfold & embrace you," in your own "gorgeous lovliness," Sweetheart; well, it jus' creates this most "romantically, dreamy air!" Thus, the suggestion of, invoking of, "divine goddess/lover", babe! :)

    I mean, even down to details of your "dreamy nails" "dramatically captivating," Raych; your presentation is one of sheer impeccable "artistic & beatific vision!" :)

    And all-together, the combined effect/impact of this so exquisitely beautiful pictorial is, indeed, suggestive of "gloriously, heaven-on-earth!" "Ahhh!', 'Oh Wow!', Raych, to so fortunately be in that fabulous field frolicking so ...! Hey, a guy can most wonderfully dream, right?!" :)


  29. It's totally great
    i love this dress!!!


    follow me on

  30. wow I love your dress (!) - And the feeling in your pictures is always so beautiful!

  31. every pic looks fabulous!! btw how do u style ur hair??

  32. I WANT THAT DRESS SO BAD!!! But I can't spend $70 on it :(
    I might get the tank top with Zac written on it though

  33. Cant believe the collection came out early. Ugh..there is absolutely no point in me trying now, only to be disappointed by the empty racks. The rivets are beautiful on the dress. Thought Libertine's quality was not so good but Zac Posen really worked it!

  34. Hey there,
    I posted a link to this on my blog .... along with my quest for that dress ...

  35. I absolutely love the second-to-last photo! The dress fits you perfectly :)

    Live Love LA

  36. you look fly as hell!

    MAMA P.

  37. loove your dress. I got a Zac Posen for Target dress as well! I'm excited to wear it <3

  38. Wow, you look absolutely GORGEOUS in these!

  39. target should really used these photos to advertise this dress. You absolutely killed this dress!! i am in awe =)


  40. that dress looks great on you!!!


  41. gorgeous. i can't wait to get my hands on that dress.

  42. This dress is really pretty :] I actually saw it online when it first came out and lusted over this. [saddly, not in the target store in Hawaii :( *sighs*].
    It looks absolutely stunning on you.

    <3 Krissy

  43. the 4th picture from the top is absolutely stunning. that dress looks fantastic on you. and i'm slightly envious of the fact that you have a field like that one...

  44. These pictures are stunning! I love them. And the dress is lovely :)

  45. What an awesome dress! The metal work on it is very cool. I knew that Zac Posen was doing a line for Target, I will definitely have to check it out!

  46. Ahhhh, I love that first and third shot. Makes me want to cry with... goodness!

  47. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!! They look so great--the color scheme and everything.

    Did the Zac Posen x Target collection just come out? I can't keep up--better head over to Target soon.

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  48. the dress is really nice and original!!! the photos are superb

  49. Very very nice!! This looks like an editorial. :] Love the dress and you look sooo pretty!

  50. what the.... i didn't even know..... totally missed the release. this dress is amazing, truly. looks great on you.

  51. Anonymous

    This dress was made for your body, you're totally owning it!

  52. Gorgeous! I especially love the 6th picture!

  53. That dress is all sorts of gorgeous <3 Love your blog!

  54. With the title and images I kinda of pictured you as this...

    hehe! Anime movie - Princess Mononoke! You're always such a cutie.


  55. Anonymous

    ...following up on above, "SERIOUSLY!!!", Raych you ought to most definitely send this photoshoot to Zac Posen & Co., as he'd have to be legally blind not to be absolutely amazed & impressed the way you're stylin' his creation, babe! It's not really so much a matter of your "ownin it;" you, my Dear, "alchemically transform it" into something seemingly "other-worldly beautiful!" :)

    And it's really hard to imagine any other woman on this here planet, babe, able to "breathe so much life & spirit" into a garment as you do with this here dress! Your very spirit seems to jus' "magically interwine" with its spirit, and thusly, you're not merely wearing it --- the two of you are like, so "esoterically connected," in a sense "spiritually dancing & makin' love," Sweetheart! :)

    Honestly, there's this "so exquisite, ethereal beauty" throughout, bordering on the sublime, Sweetheart! And Zac would have to be an "aesthetically blind" fool, not to be somehow "moved & wowed by it!" :)

    So who knows, if he doesn't offer you an outright modeling contract, i wouldn't be surprised at all if he did; then, at the very least, Raych, he'd likely truly want/desire you to "breathe such life & beauty" into even more of his creations in some kinda collaborative venture! Hey, i know i absolutely, certainly would! You jus' never know ... :)


  56. Wow, Really really nice photos! Love them, your dress is awsome, as always, thans for sharing.


  57. this is incredible, where did you find this in orange county without having to hop a chain-link fence you would likely catch this killer dress on?

    unlessssss..... is it huntington? the marsh has a non-marshy spot?!? no. way.

    how are you mija? I miss my righteous blogger amigas :P

  58. I checked out the Zac Pozen for target collection and loved that dress, i got the tye dye one instead though but the red jacket was to die for, great look!


  59. that dress side tracked me at target the other day while i was trying to buy a trash can and toaster oven... i will be back for it.


  60. really loving these pictures of you! can you say gorgeous? that dress is insanely cool.

  61. do you mind if i ask where you get your hair cut? i love it!

  62. you look absolutely fasntastic in that dress! like a modern day xena! :P

  63. Hey R,

    Since I can't comment you on facebook anymore I'm gonna lleave you lovin on your blog. I hope you don't mind. I really don't have much to say because I have to be up at 5:30am tomorrow and its 12:15am. But this is a pretty epic field of weeds, if only it was the kind you could harvest.......

    p.s you;d make Xena proud.

    p.p.s wasn't she a lesbian too?

  64. you are the most stylish warrior i've ever seen. zac posen is great!

  65. I'm in love with your dress and pics are simply perfect! wow!

  66. Anonymous

    biting off FashionToast? Rumi's blog > yours.

  67. My favorite part of the collection were the cuts and designs of the pieces. I tried on a few but I didn't see yours at my store but i really loved the fit of them.

    The dress looks gorgeous on you.

  68. look so pretty and the dress is super gorgeous on you!!!

  69. Amazing pictures! Beautiful light!

    That is everything i like!
    Your one of the best blog i saw.
    The dress and the shoes are super and you wear it so well!

  71. these picture is gorgeous, as is the dress! adore the outfit. <3

  72. the hotness of you, doofus

  73. what size did you get, xs or s? i found them to run really small. definitely not the usual vanity sizing of target.

  74. love. you look gorgeous and the lighting in these shots is amazing. you look like a medieval warrior girl.

  75. who's your photographer? she/he does amazing work! I think you should tell us in the next post!

  76. your dress is awsome!
    I love you're red lipstick too!

    Leave a comment,

  77. wow!!! amazing photos! they could easily get published as fashion editorials in a magazine! (:

  78. first time checking out your blog and definitely not the last. you have amazing style. love it.

  79. That dress looks incredible on you. I've seen other bloggers modeling the same dress and thought hmmkay that looks sorts odd. But it looks perfect on you.

  80. i love these photos! you look just lovely!

  81. U look great in the dress and the pics are amazing

  82. this is completelely amazing. Your dress is gorgeous, but also the photography is really wlel done :)

    x Olivia

  83. the dress is amazing

  84. I have a new appreciation for trimmings after seeing this dress.

  85. Wow. Just looking at the dress by itself, it looked so so but on you it looks amazing. The photographer did an fabulous job capturing you in this dress and the scenery.

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