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threadsence hot minute

April 7, 2010

Some of the best parts of blogging are the unexpected emails you get and the people you never expect to meet. After a bunch of emailing with my new friends at Threadsence (coincidentally also based in Orange County!), they arranged a blogger-date with my now asian-San Francisco counterpart that I wish I had met sooner. Prior to meeting the stunning blogger behind Song of Style, Aimee texted me "I hope they feed us", and it quickly became clear to me that we were going to get along perfectly.

The day consisted of nonstop laughter, racks of clothes for touching, gorgeous scenery in Downtown Fullerton, a lot of hair flicking inspired by Erin Wasson, and an amazing crew who were so incredibly sweet - namely because they did end up feeding us... tacos to be specific. We took a million and one pictures in two outfits that we got to style for our feature interview for their website which you can find here.

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57 responses:

  1. wowww nice photos! looks like so much fun!!!

    helen x

  2. Love all the prints. Second photo is my fave :)

  3. Is that blue thing a skirt or a dress? Fantastic anyway! Where dit you get it? :)

  4. love this soooo much!

    would you like to come and see my blog IRENE'S CLOSET?

    Have a wonderful day!
    Irene's Closet

    A kiss from ITALY!

  5. Fantastic photos and both dresses are simply gorgeous. Looks like an impromptu fashion shoot

  6. Absolutely stellar smiles! Adore the floral dress.
    Haha 'I hope they feed us'....I would totally relate to this too!

  7. Rachel's still the prettier one=)

  8. yay, YAY for blogger meetings. I LOVE song of style, and you guys look bE-YOND in those dresses.

  9. beautiful photo shoot! love seeing bloggers getting together! the pics of you two are stunning!



  10. That blue folded skirt is probably the best thing in this shoot other than your two gorgeous faces.

    Maeko. thereafterish.

  11. Interesting skirt!

  12. looks like so much fun. you two could be sisters... love this.


  13. Anonymous

    Raych!, Raych!- :)
    "... of course, "you, so rock, sweetheart!", yet sometimes seems words kinda fail ... :)

    aah spring's, fave flower

    it is said, take time
    to smell, admire flowers -
    as they bestow, joy, mirth
    rendering beauty, for hours!

    i certainly try, to pause
    to prove this, oh, so true -
    ne'er such a delight, babe
    'til beholding, beautiful, you!


  14. loved this post! awesome jewelry! X

  15. I love all the photos!

  16. gorgeous! you guys both look so great.

  17. you guys look like best friend here! and very cute together.

  18. adorable! i would have thought you all had known each other for years

  19. looks like a good time. you guys look great.

  20. These pictures are beautiful! So exciting!

  21. Where is your jewelry from, mainly, the bracelets??

    stop by my blogs!

  22. Aww, you two are beautiful! So well dressed ♥

  23. Im giving away this little black dress that i designed, on my blog.. you should go and comment; i think it would look great on you!

  24. Stylish girls! You guys look like you're having so much fun!

  25. loveeeee

    its crazy how much you guys kinda look like sisters.

  26. these photos are so nice i read both inteviews yesterday! love the outfits

    Vi from Cali

  27. Adorable! Your smile captures well on the camera! Lucky!

  28. oh you girls look so cute and stylish. love the picture of you two laughing and holding hands. nice!

  29. You look so beautiful together!

    juliet xxx

  30. You're the coolest girls ever! woooooow!

  31. Great photos!!
    The second one is my fav ;)

  32. Lovely. Inspiring. Innovative. :)

  33. You and Aimee are so ridiculously beautiful. Loving all the floral!

  34. You girls are both so gorgeous! And love those dresses.

    xox Courtney Michele

  35. that's so cool I love how you know other bloggers and have the opportunity to do fun things with them.BTW the pictures are fabulous!!!! :-)

  36. you two are just so insanely gorgeous! love these pics to death.

  37. bloggers unite...for food :) haha, sounds like a lot of fun. I personally really enjoy Aimee's blog

  38. Anonymous

    Francesca, above- :(

    What a truly twitty & immature, totally classless comment to make.

    Apparently your lack of any real class or sophistication, beautiful spirit; unfortunately, renders you incapable of any true appreciation of such. So Sad.

  39. you guys look so cute!
    love the ouftis and the photos are amazing(:


  40. awesome photos awesome outfit !
    love it ♥

  41. Love that navy skirt.
    Oh screw it, I love it all!

    New Zealand style

  42. What a great shoot...loving the clothes!!

  43. wicked shoot - love the wedges!

    check out my blog it you have time :)

  44. Sounds so much fun !!!!!
    Love your outfit !!!!!
    Please go to my blog
    cause otherwise I'm just talking myself !!!!! :)

  45. Oh wow how fun! We love both your blogs - so fun to see bloggers unite and become friends in life too.

    Tacos - yes please!


  46. you guys are fabulous and i love your blogs!

  47. Love your white shoes!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!

  48. Greatjob!! I love yr blog


    stroll on my blog

  49. Nice pictures.
    Have a look at my forum:
    We also have a fashion section ;-)

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  51. This is a beautiful set of photos! You both have really great outfits, I love them all.

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