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April 13, 2010

Vintage dress and vest. Miu Miu sunglasses. Giuseppe Zanotti wedges.

Yup, I devirginized my hair by weaving it a few shades lighter and redder - just goes to show how crappy of a blogger I've been since I did this almost two weeks ago. The next time I go in to do whatever to my hair, I think I am going dye the rest of my virgin hair the same shade but lighter. Too bad I dread waiting in a salon. There is something maddening about sitting in the same position for two hours.

Months of looking for new sunglasses, I finally found my dream pair. A good mixture of the vintage cat-eyed look I was going for and the wayfarer silhouette that unseeingly flatters my petite face. Being that I actually splurged on sunglasses (I've always struggled spending the extra cash on anything other than shoes or bags), I am no longer tempted to throw them in my glove compartment or my purse. Instead, they go in the most adorable, obscenely-large forrest-green velour case that I love so dearly. I lost both my Raybans anyway, so I am a hipster no more.

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98 responses:

  1. oooh i love those wedges!! gorgeous

    helen x

  2. Great photos, love the second one!
    You look great in that dress!

  3. Getting such a 50s diner waitress vibe from that dress... so cute!

  4. Anonymous

    you look gorgeous and that outfit looks stunning on you! then again what outfit doesnt :]

  5. Wow, lovely weather :)
    I found a perfect pair of shades similar to that in h&m!
    It would be mine

  6. Great outfit! I really like the dress :)

  7. love the outfit. and those shoes are amazing!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Very spring/summer transition, fabulous. You should check out Barton Perreira frames, they're located in Orange County too.

  9. Love the dress and the wedges! The neutral/soft colors are amazing!

    xx Emi

  10. It´s a lovely outfit!! You look great! I specially love the vest and the shoes. Beautiful pictures, btw!

  11. i love the second photo. It's gorgeous how the wind blew your skirt.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  12. Anonymous

    WOW! So "stunningly chic," so simply "classically gorgeous!" Who knew, one could possibly "out-beauty mother nature," at her very finest!? :)

    Such eye-arresting, delightfully sparkling spring scenes, each one so dreamily lovely! Are you really real girl, or did i somehow wondrously conjure you up in my dreams & imagination!? :)

    Raych, that park bench shot, will forever be impressed upon my mind, as there truly couldn't be a possibly prettier park bench on planet earth! So "gorgeously fine & divine!" You seemingly, dreamily, give altogether new dimensions to the expression --- beautifully "grace the place!" So "love it!" So "love ya, babe!" :)


  13. Love the dress!
    It looks so comfortable

  14. love the hair color :) so appropriate for spring!

    mm i'm totally with you on the hard-to-find glasses for petite faces, it's impossible!

  15. Ohh miu miu sunglasses and I love the flow and how your dress dances in your photos :O

  16. cute vest :) that second photo is a great shot!

  17. amazing! truly chic.
    absolutely love the shoes and sunglasses. <3

    great photography, too!

  18. love the hair. i was red before i was blonde... so much upkeep!

    bummer about the raybans... i love my on pair of wayfayers... although i'm super obsessed with a pair of round oliver people's right now... south coast, the keeper of my paycheck.


  19. You always have the perfect shoes for your outfits. You look like a 70's model.

    I have sunglasses just like that but the tortoiseshell ray ban version. you look adorable, rock it out!

  21. those wedges are pretty awesome!



  22. Ah! Tell me why when I saw the 2nd photo I was like pulling my shirt down? Ha, like that would some how help you in the photo to make sure your skirt didn't completely fly up.

    I like the hair color. It's subtle enough that you could just get away with being like, "oh yeaaa - this just happened on its own." Whenever I go into the salon I know I'm going to be there forever so I'm texting back & forth for hours and really fidgety.


    P.S. - I'm bummed I didn't get to go to Socal with C.C. & hang out with you. You should come up (when the weathers nicer) or better yet we'll come down for sure in the summer time!

  23. Love that vintage dress!

  24. wise words;) love the vintage dress:9

  25. wow love how the skirt flies in the 2nd picture!

  26. Love the dress, and those wedges! Just lovely!

  27. those wedges are amazing!

  28. The new sunnies are seriously great (and Miu Miu haaaay girl). I love the wedges (and the dress). I love it all. And your new hair is fun!


  29. Lookin' good, Raych! The hair is awesome because it's not too different, but the subtle change makes an impression :)

    Live Love LA

  30. AHH! I am in LOVE with those wedges, they are great!!! :D

  31. Wow that bench is amazing! Love the dress.x

  32. Love the sunnies & your new haircolour is great! It's a subtle chance, but suits you!

  33. I Love How You Play With Volume!

  34. perfect outfit! love it!
    great blog, i'm following

  35. Wow,you look great in that outfit!the wedges are very beautiful, and the dress also.
    Great job.


  36. You have a super style !
    We love it, you look gorgeous :)

    Kisses from France
    Olivia & Mariam


  37. Great pics,love the wedges.

  38. Pics have great climate! Dress and pumps - lovely!

  39. This pictures looks so good. You are so beautiful. I really like you and your stle. great blog. I'm a new follower ;)


  40. i think this is my favourite outfit you've worn so far! it's perfect. that pretty dress with the vest, and those wedges are incredible!

  41. I LOVE the color. I recently devirginized my hair as well but did it myself. Didn't come out well, so I want to leave it to a pro. Your 2nd pic will serve as an inspiration =]

  42. I love the white dress. Also, you have to check out this band, because the Swedish-Japanese lead singer seriously looks like your doppelganger!

    Their music is pretty good too...


  43. I'm completely in love with this outfit - it has such a Grace Kelly safari girl vibe. Everything about it looks so comfortable yet still put together and pretty.

  44. It's great how the dress formed a circular shape when the wind blew it rather than just being wrapped unto itself randomly.

  45. Babbbbbes - GREAT outfit.

    Your heels in particular are making our hearts melt...


  46. Fabulous look I love it and I'm so glad that you got your dream sunnies. I sadly let my dream pair go and I didn't buy them;I was on shoe hunt,go figure...and on a side note I love your shoes!!!

  47. you look amazing, as usual! i love your wedges. come up to sf and hang with liz, aimee and me!!!

    xo -j

  48. looove those wedges. and the vest. ok, all of it.

    MICHELLE || Glisters and Blisters

  50. the hotness of you, doofus

  51. 2nd image. great shot! I just got the grey ant status shaded I've been drooling over and I love them!

  52. I adore these wedges, so beautiful! The glasses are gorgeous and a nice change to ray bans :)

  53. You're adorable with this dress and the shoes are awesome! Great post!

  54. omgggg love the sunnies and shoes,
    your style is amazing =)


  55. Gorgeous pics, I love your dress!

    xx Alex

  56. Anonymous

    Love the outfit. So retro!

    You'd love this:

  57. From the dress to the heels - killer!

  58. Anonymous

    Love the hair color and sunglasses and I know where that is! Huntington Beach!


  60. those shoes are amazing and that shot with your skirt fileld with wind is just perfect. lovelovelove

  61. real cute!
    I love the whole thing!

  62. Gorg. I love me a full skirt. The wedges are fire!

  63. I did the same thing last week and ended up in the salon for 5 hours!!!
    The price we pay...

    BTW those wedges are fab!

  64. lovely shoes i must say ♥

  65. you're right; those gorgeous sunglasses flatter your face so well! i still can't bring myself to splurge on sunglasses because knowing me, i'd lose/break them the first day.
    i really love your new hair too!
    and the color scheme of this outfit - light neutrals, so perfect for spring.

  66. the dress looks amazing on heels

    want to link exchange??

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  67. Love your wedges! ñ_ñ


  68. I love how you paired the vest with this look...and those shoes...... <3

  69. ADORE! i want to steal your shoes.

  70. love the glasses. love anything miu miu for that matter!

  71. loving the second photo...

  72. amazing. so simple and beautiful!
    I'm loving the neutral tones at the moment.
    Fantastic blog xx

  73. I love that vest over that gorgeous dress. sweet outfit.

  74. Greatjob!! I love yr blog


    stroll on my blog

  75. lovely LOVELY outfit! love the wedges,dress and vest!! very lovely! love your blog too!!! :) new fans right here!

  76. love it!

  77. I love the vest, I've been searching for one just like it!

  78. I love the new hair color-- it's very subtle. I almost didn't notice it, but it's really a very pretty shade for summer, and your waves look lovely. :) Also, those WEDGES- fantastic.


  79. i adore this <33 it's so comfortable and chic and i need those shoes in my life! i've been following your blog for a while and decided to start my own - fancy a link swap?

  80. The picture with your skirt swollen by the wind is truly beautiful !

  81. what an amazing outfit!! such an old prairie feel but yet so classicly chic and modern at the same time <3

    I <3 the heels and the vest

    and the sunglasses!

    -the outfit maker

  82. I love this pictures, looks so retro:)

  83. Your sunglasses are PERFECT. That's exactly what I've been looking for--maybe I'll find a pair this weekend! :)

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  84. gorgeous pictures:) such an innocent dress :)

  85. I really like your outfit here!!

  86. Hey, you're in HB! You have a lovely blog, Rach :)

  87. love the waist coat and the wedges!x

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