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let the good times roll

April 18, 2010

Forever 21 Turban. BA&SH Dress. Quiksilver jacket. Vera Wang wedges.

Months ago, I lost the oportunity to buy this amazing vintage Dior turban, but my void has finally been filled with a less-pretty-in-quality-but-still-equally-as-cool-on-my-head turban from Forever 21. Spent the day hanging out with Kristin at RVCA - she has such a cute, quirky office with cool, textured things tacked on the walls.

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44 responses:

  1. so pretty!! love the turban!



  2. Your room is so elegant and organised. HAHAHA turban

  3. Anonymous

    absolutely stunning!!! the turban is TOO cute!

  4. Adorable! Now I'm going to have to try a turban sometime on one of my outfit posts...

    That "Holy Fuck!" iphone cover cracks me up!

  5. oooh love it!
    and the dress too!!! :D sooo pretty

  6. sweet iphone case. where'd you get it? (or is it Kristins? smoker!!)

  7. Gorgeous, na!

    I AM BEWILDERED BY YOUR BLOG. [in a good good way, mon ami]

  8. Anonymous

    My,My, My! Why am i not really surprised, Raych, that you can imaginatively convey a simple "bohemian chic" ensemble into some "singular stylish," gorgeous & glamourous, "artiste coutoure" statement!? :)

    Ya know, jus' simply put, you, indeed, seem to alchemically, uncannily translate day-to-day dress into an amazing art-form, babe! :)

    "Damn!", hangin'-out w/you would be some kinda exciting sartorial adventure-of-sorts, Sweetheart; merely, to behold with "wonder & awe" what creatively playful, pulchritudinous palette you might unfold & unveil on any given day! :)

    And tho' you didn't acquire that initial turban of choice, it's truly hard to imagine how it could've worked any better, as this one definitively, wondrously (pun intended, lol) "caps off" an absolutely awesome sartorial statement! :)

    And this one calls for more than a somewhat pedestrian "you so rock, babe;" so suffice it to say --- "Raych, you're so hot, babe, you positively create your own unique & so very lovely-life-affirming version of global warming & energy!!! And how i'd love to be jus' so totally overblown & overwhelmed, damn mesmerizingly overcome, wow, by it all! :)


  9. Love the turban!! (I actually wanna try one out now hehe) Your style is very refreshing and you have such a lovely smile. :)

  10. Love the wall in the first picture <3.
    Your turban is nice :)

  11. What material is your dress made from? velvet? It looks really nice!

    stop by my blogs!

  12. Gah, loving the turban and those wedges. I'm obsessed with chunky white wedges...whats wrong with me!?!!

  13. cool turban - LOVE the wedges!

    check out my blog if you have time :)

  14. these shoes are amazing !

  15. Love the wedges, and all your friend's bracelets and other wrist accessories.

  16. Luv the turban!


  17. oh wow. i'm totally jealous of whomever snagged the vintage dior turban. this one looks cute on you too, though it's sadly way less earth friendly:(

  18. I'm totally turban obsessed---I must hunt this down ASAP, it looks adorable on you!

  19. You look great on that photos!I love your turbant.I love your dress and wedges.
    Great job!:)


  20. beautiful wedges from vera wang :)

    beijo *

  21. That turban is great! You look like a pirate :D
    Love the wedges, they're gorgeous!

    xx Emi

  22. Hey Rachel,

    So fun! I want to hang out with Kristin at RVCA. I love her blog too.

    Check mine out sometime.


  23. it looks great on you!
    i love your blog

  24. Babes turban looks FAB on you. We are digging that look right now. You have style it well :)


  25. I love it! a great alternative!

  26. Amazing pics and adorable dress! <3

  27. I love these pics! love the turban too.

  28. Love the wall in the office:)
    Cute turban!


  29. I've always thought about using a turban to accessorize. I haven't found one that is appropriate enough though. I'm glad you found a cool one!

  30. let the good times roll is right sister! what a great accessory! love the blog! I am now a follower :)

  31. love your pictures and blog!!

    xx, wild

  32. So cool! I've been wearing a turban for 3 days now, and it's creeping me out how much I adore them right now! haha!

    You look great!


  33. I hadn't been around here in too long!
    That outfit is ACE! And you're stunning, but that's not new.


    PS. Haha, hope that doesn't sound creepy. i was aiming for a compliment.

  34. I have the same turban, but haven't worn it yet. Love how you've styled it.

  35. The turban & the shoes, I love ♥

  36. julie

    where did you get the iphone case from! so in love with it!

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