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April 3, 2010

Mink Pink dress. American Apparel bra and jacket (thank you). Seychelles boots. Leviticus handchain. Forever 21 rings.

I accompanied the coolest sister combo to a musical in Orange County when their darling family insisted that I could be an adopted addition. We watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat which lends itself directly to more glitter on men than I can possibly ever want to imagine, not that it's a bad thing. After the show, there was a typical combination of finger-food galore and an apparent elderly crowd which enabled us to cure boredom by taking a plethora of pictures in the bathroom. Though, I'm sure our narcissistic would have shown up eventually, you know, after cheap champagne and a Crystal Castles cover album to boot.

Btw, after typing this all up, I just noticed how Olivia ruined my potential perfect rendition of Crystal Castle by flicking off the camera. Real classic, sweetheart. Something else that's classic: I know the Forever 21 cross rings are really cool and all, but is it this cool?

You know what is cooler and cheaper? Ring / bracelet hybrids. Thank you so much Tara for the awesome jewelry!

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69 responses:

  1. haha! that auction is pretty funny :)


  2. you and your friends look so cool and stylish in these photos. i love all your outfits. that bracelet/ring combo looks incredible! am going to check them out. also love the look of that jacket/blazer you've got on. xx

  3. Anonymous

    cute dress! how is the sizing? Wondering if I need xs or s

  4. love that first photo. uhh and how weird is it that I have basically the SAME picture (hanging over) minus your friend flipping the bird. that is a surprisingly relaxing stance.

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  5. i really love this grey dress. love the back especially. xx

  6. i really like that dress! wow that ebay auction is ridiculous...especially since they re-released it on f21 the other day for the $6 and i ordered one..did anybody else notice?

  7. You're so pretty :) Love that jacket and that purple nail color. Great pics!

  8. oh my gosh! I worked at the Gem as an intern last winter. I'm glad to see they're still doing well! Was the show good? The people who own One More Productions are soooo nice.
    I love love love that handchain btw

  9. Wicked jaw droppers!

  10. wow, that ring only cost 4 bucks, haha

  11. $75??!!


    ....29bids. crazy.

  12. I love coming across blogs to find other great bloggers on the blog. Olivia has amazing style at such a young age. She's awesome! Who the other girl? Forever21 ring for $75..umm a little too overboard don't you think? You can get a sterling silver ring or something a little more genuine for that price...Don't buy into the hype ladies.

  13. Great Crystal Castle pose! And I dig your jacket!

  14. I love your dress, especially with the jacket! xo

  15. Anonymous

    "HAPPY EASTER!, Raych- :)

    Really, really, truly like this photoshoot as it gives gorgeous glimpse into window-of-sorts of your occasional day-to-day experience. :)

    Your attire seems somewhat so typically, uncannily, imaginatively & creatively, appropos; for, whereas the production involves combination of ole biblical storyline into modern times, your "sensational style of dress" here, also seems to combine components of differing eras --- retro/golden age forward to contemporary/new age. So as "extrodinaire" usual, "yes, you so rock, babe!" :)

    These wise quotes i came across below, brought you to mind, racyh; as they likely give a kinda insight into your "amazing sense of style!" As you seem to so wondrously, naturally, incorporate and embody them, dear: :)

    “Beauty is the result of realizing what is special about you and not focusing on the things you don't like.”
    — Bobbi Brown

    “To choose clothes, either in a store or at home, is to define and describe ourselves.”
    — Alison Lurie

    "Insist on yourself. Never imitate."
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson, was a transcendental man.


  16. Hhhaa I agree... I've never seen one of the cross rings IRL, but I'm sure it must have a holy glow or magical powers, right?

  17. Love all the fun photos! And I can't believe the F21 ring went for that on ebay! crazy.


  18. Lol, how ridiculous (the auction, that is)! Looks like a fun weekend, and I LOVE your hand jewelry. I've been looking for something like it ever since I saw the one on Bona Drag; I'll go check this option out!


  19. Haha, people are so silly sometimes. I just picked up that ring at my local F21 a few days ago, since they only just got a butt load of them.

  20. it look so fun these photos!! beautiful comfortable outfit!

  21. you look incredible! so simple and perfect, just what i like. that jacket and bracelet have me drooling.
    & wow, that ring - it's like the H&M garden collection pieces that are gonig for $100 on eBay. insane.

  22. michelle

    i have that same ring! but i got it for 4 bucks. :)

    who ever got the winning bid on that ring must be kicking themselves right about now. i just saw it in f21 again a couple days ago. haha...

  23. i loved your Threadsence interview!!!

  24. I love your photos, the quality, the effects are amazing what camera you use? I enjoyed watching your outfits are fantastic :)

  25. i saw that on ebay and my jaw dropped. people are so foolish! they put it up for sale again on a few weeks later. i just bought it. for $4. what is wrong with people? anyway... i love the slave bracelet, where's it from? please don't say forever 21. ha ha.

  26. The jewelry is awesome with the dress. Also the price for that F21 ring is crazy :(

  27. Wow, $75 for what was originally a $4 ring? No thanks! You look great though, as always! Love the dress.

  28. holy crap! that's a lot of money for a f21 ring!

  29. wow...a really expensive f21 ring!
    i love ring/bracelet hybrids too.

  30. Amazing photos!! You look really cute!!

  31. Love love love all the jewelry! They may hear us coming with all the clinking of metal- but boy are they glad we arrived!!

    Such great inspiration!!
    Visit my blog:

  32. love the bracelet/ring you have on. it's beauitful!
    and your friend olivia is so gorgeous

  33. great outfit!

  34. negative. it definitely is NOT that cool.
    but you are! cheesy, i know...

  35. this looked like the jam! ps. i have the cross ring... i paid 3.80 for it... there's was too much hype over this.

  36. Looks like a lot of fun! You look cute.

    tweet tweet tweet


  37. You exude such confidence in what you wear - it's awesome. That ring auction is totally ridiculous.

  38. haha, I still thought crystal castles regardless of the camera flip off. And I love your red beret! So cute.


  39. That first picture is KILLER. I can't stop staring at it.

  40. LOVE IT!!!

  41. Just saw your interview/photo shoot over at Threadsence! Congrats! I loved reading your answers and your photos with Aimee were so cute!


  42. amazing pics! you're always sooo cute! <3

  43. These photos are so fun and you look effortless.

    that is crazy because the ring probably cost less than ten! orignally

    Vi from Cali

  44. great photshoot! i love that ring :)

    beijo from Portugal *

  45. At first, I thought you were the one bidding on the ring... haha!

    I looooove the looseness in all these layers and pieces. So casually chic :D


  46. I want thisdouble fin´ger connector too :(
    realy nice !!

  47. Looks like a super fun night out; my favorite photo is the "zombie" shot... I've been eyeing that handchain ring forever, trying to hold back (save $$)... but now that I see you rocking it, I'm tempted to splurge!

    Bad influence! but in a good way ;)

  48. Someone's reselling F21 at $75? AND people are still bidding on it?

    That sh*t is so stupid.

    Maeko. thereafterish.

  49. wow, glad i snagged that ring up when i did. cuz it def only costed like 3 bucks.

  50. Hey, i'm not sure if you actually get a chance to reply to comments, but I was wondering what camera you use? the quality is amazing!

  51. superbe !!!

    Des bisous de CELINE&CHARLOTTE

  52. Sois geniales, y estilosas, como no.
    os sigo

  53. ahah OMg you and your friend are soo adorable! :D love the outfits, Love THE RED HAT! grey tanktop is sooo perfect because i can think of soo many cute outfits with it!

    Great post!

    -The Outfit Maker

  54. UM. YEA. I dunno if the F21 ring is THAT cool. o_0

    You and Olivia are so cute and amazing. =)

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