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hello spring

April 20, 2010

grey ant sunnies // topshop gingham skirt // seychelles boots // chris benz maxi skirt // maison martin margiela clogs // bex rox ring // topshop leather pouch // all saints trousers // derek lam purse // topshop oversized tunic // zimmerman swimwear // chloé sandals // valeur headband // lover blouse // stella mccartney bow trousers

Time to scavenge Goodwill and eBay for things that are dangerously similar in aesthetics and infinitely easier on my credit card.

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33 responses:

  1. ooooh i would love a pair of those grey ant sunnies and the zimmermann togs!

    helen x

  2. Beautiful items <3 I really love the bags and the topshop tunic!

  3. Love! Especially the Lover Blouse ::heart::


  4. Love the

  5. That Derek Lam bag is jaw dropping gorge!

  6. Heart the Chloe sandals :D I must get one!

  7. Grey Ant knows how to make some sunnies.

  8. I like the bags!
    Your style is really nice ^^


  10. GAHHH the Derek Lam purse and the Chloe sandals. Dammit they're 50% off too! -__- Soo tempted.

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  11. My favs are clogs and pouch!

  12. Great Pieces. I love the platform sandals and leather pouch purse. Definitely a fresh look for Spring.


  13. ooooo love that red maillot!



  14. I love this list!!! wish they were still selling the black grey ant sunnies!

  15. I think this is the best wishlist I have ever seen. you have excellent taste!

  16. beautiful finds! that red onesie is exquisite... <3

  17. your version of spring is so much brighter than my version... which i'm still work on... can't decide on some things that need to be purchased. also, when you go scavenging... let me know. i want in!

  18. Love all the pieces,specially both bags.
    Great post.


  19. Beatufiul finds! Love the lover blouse!

  20. Love that Topshop Pouch Bag! And in such pretty color, too.

  21. I love those Margiela clogs and that druid-like skirt

  22. I love your hippie style outfits! and my best pick on your featured fashion item was that grey ant sunnies! love that color too!

  23. Great picks! I love the red swimsuit and topshop tunic!

  24. love the purse!


  25. Love the Lover blouse! I think I might have to splurge!

  26. i adore your choices for spring! Especially the sunnies and maxi skirt.
    I have a shopping suggestion for the sunnies...take a look at these from
    (ProductCode: 1086641489)
    they have a slightly more rectangular lens, but are similar to the grey ant sunnies& not to mention, VERY easy on your credit card. I have a pair and can not get enough of them!

  27. Alyssa has those Chloe flats. hah

  28. Perfect pieces to wear on Spring days!

  29. that Topshop purse! Topshop does it so right.

  30. These boots are gorgeous, I want something very similar. And the blue skirt, it's adorable. Yeah, spring is definitely here!

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