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everything that shines won't always be gold

April 26, 2010

Comme des Garcons skirt. Vera Wang wedges. Grey ant shirt. Miu Miu sunglasses. Urban Outfitters purse. Forever 21 headband.

There are too many buttons on this shirt than I can deal with for my clothing tolerance. Nonetheless, it's still a favorite as well as this bag I got from Urban Outfitters last year. I really need to invest in purses with a hinged-opening because it gives me the ability to overload obnoxiously large items (ie, shoes) through the mouth and still leaves no viewing obstructions when I'm rushing to find my car keys.

The perfect Saturday night was complete with debauchery of home-made mojitos at a friend's apartment, greasy delivered pizza, botched-up red velvet cupcakes, and my first time playing LIFE on the board game. Our next project involves cooking over Monopoly.

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73 responses:

  1. Wow! Insanely beautiful xox

  2. Your lips looks amazingly beautiful..perfect shade for you!!! :) you always look great girl!! when you come to NYC again let me know..lets book a photoshoot!! :)

    when you get the chance, come through and visit my fashion based PHOTOGRAPHY blog! :)

    Lindsey Mak

  3. hi rachel, raych, raychull, whatever you wanna be called.

    i have to say, i love this look, a lot.
    it's more avant-garde and editorial-ish than most of your laid-back cali style, and it still does look young and cool!

    anyway, kudos to your blog, you're a fantastic person to watch for.

    xos, j.yo

  4. You look gorgeous with red lipstick!

  5. wow you have a really nice smile.
    I ike your urban outfitters bag =]

  6. i really love that bag; wish i snagged it when i had the chance!


  7. I am so into Maxi skirts at the mo - I will def be trying it with epic wedges! Looking fab as ever! ck :) x

  8. i love this look! reminds me a lot of the early 2000s when we'd wear long skirts with wedges..or at least i did haha!

  9. oh what shade is your lipstick girl??
    looks fantastic!

    helen x

  10. Awesome wedges! Love them so much!

  11. I loveeee the Grey Ants Shirt!

  12. Maxi skirts are the shit. I think this is look is superb. The ed lipstick really pops!

  13. everything works so harmoniously together to bring such a chic outfit! well done!


  14. Anonymous

    Rachel, Rachel!- :)

    You've even the knack/ability to creatively take the "bard, Billy", and one of his signature expressions --- and transform & turn it into an edgy-hip creation, all your own, babe! :)

    And as in my last lil' poem inspired by you, Sweetheart; you appear to "universally shine through," as you seem to possess an inate awareness of what would seem should be "the cardinal, prevailing rule," --- "sine qua non," if you will, of any truly dynamic & impressive stylish statement.

    Jus' "how truly comfortable & at ease does one's apparel/garb " really render her/him; and, is it truly reflective of, exceptionally complementary to, or an extension of one's own natural & "inner beauty," allowing one to ultimately, consummately, feel "truly incredibly comfortable (confident) in one's own skin?!"

    It would seem when thusly, truly creatively, imaginatively, & most masterfully done, lo & behold, some "form of art" is thus rendered, manifested!

    And Rachel, my Dear, you seem to amazingly, incredibly pull such off seemingly at will, "ever shining through," --- in practically whatever you do --- as you alchemically ever come forth as one "truly dynamically beautiful, 'most fine, refined, & golden'" of girls, Sweetheart! :)


  15. loooooooooooove that shirt!

  16. Maxi skirt + wedges= best combo ever. This outfit is pretty simple, but I think it's actually one my favorites that I've seen on you!

    stop by my blog!

  17. That's a really hot look. Those wedges and skirt look awesome together. Love the red lips!


  18. love the wedges and bag so much! such a nice outfit.

    check out my blog if you have time :)

  19. amazing shoes!!
    xx helen

  20. You look so different in this outfit, for a moment I though you had put someone else's picture up. The outfit is brilliant, the red lips and full length skirt is so chic!!

  21. Those Vera Wang wedges are really nice in white. I included the black version in a post about lovely wedges I wish I could afford, but I reckon the white ones are that little bit nicer.
    Your sunglasses are nice too, they add a girly aspect to the outfit.

  22. You are amazing in these pics!!! Nice red lipstick!!

  23. love the ensemble... now, that's chic no doubt;) :))

  24. i love your lip color!
    do share what brand and shade it is :)

  25. HOTTTT!!! Such a cool outfit <3

  26. I love those shoes!!! :D And that outfit is so fun! I'd never be able to pull it off

  27. Love your otufit, specially your large skirt and the bag, you look great with red lipstick.


  28. Great look - Your shades're amazing!!!

  29. i really love this outfit! the shape of the long skirt is so pretty and dramatic, and i love it paired with the more rough, baggy shirt. the sandals are great as well- i love it all! ~joelle

  30. I love those wedges!

  31. Love all look! Your long black skirt is amazing ;)

    beijo *

  32. beautiful! the lipstick and nail polish are such a nice little touch.

  33. monopoly makes me so. angry. haha. i really enjoy this combination. it's not too often you see a semi-baggy shirt paired with a floor-length skirt AND wedges. it's pleasantly surprising and i rather like it.

  34. Your hair is getting long!
    I love how you styled the long skirt. I'm always looking for inspiration because it's such a hit-or-miss item.

    Live Love LA

  35. That shade of red is perfect on you, and perfectly balanced with the black sunglasses and white headband. Love this look.

  36. I love your glasses! Great blog!
    Please visit/follow my blog

  37. this is too beautiful for its own good. I love those white wedges paired with a black maxi!!!!

  38. I am in love with your bag, I can't believe it's UO!! <3

  39. great look!! I love the bag and those shoes! xx

  40. great look the lips make the outfit!
    i adore your miu mius amazing glasses.

  41. acho linda esta sandalia que vc esta usando gosto do seu blog muito lindo com fotos criativas beijos

  42. really cute headband!

  43. I love Life. That was my favorite board game when I was a kid.

    Your outfit is killer.

  44. Anonymous

    Omg please tell us what is your lipstick shade!!

  45. I love the long black skirt.
    The red lippy looks fabulous on you.

    New Zealand style

  46. The skirt looks comfortable rather than constricting and I love how the shirt falls on your body. 3rd pic is my favorite! haha.

  47. love ur blog

  48. Saved in my inspiration folder!
    Love everything about this outfit. The way you wear this maxi skirt is so fresh and young and absolutely stylish. And don't even get my started on those wedges - LOVE!

  49. you look amazing, really dig the skirt!

  50. i wanted to get a skirt like ths but it looked like crap on me. you can deff pull it off

  51. LOVE this.. i just saw a ton of maxi skirts on zara's may lookbook.. ahead of the trend girl! looks great how you styled it!

  52. Anonymous

    Hahaha this is in Santa Ana, drive by there on the way to work.

  53. I'm really liking the wedges... And yes!!!!!! Mojitos are so good! lol!

  54. I LOOOOVE the Miu Miu sunglasses! I want/need a pair.

    xx rk

  55. looooove it!

    Have a nice day!

    A kiss from FLORENCE!

    ❤Irene’s Closet❤

  56. Anonymous

    wooow ur the only person i know who can make a long skirt look soo nicee!!!!!:)

  57. I so dig this look! Love the length of that skirt with those wedges.

  58. that comme des garcons skirt!! killer!

  59. please please please, I'm dying to know what lipstick you're wearing!

  60. budweissserrrrrr. great skirt. I need something long that is stretchy enough that my long strides don't trip me up.....

  61. buttons are definitely a pain in the ass! especially when you just applied nail polish! (:
    great outfit! (:

  62. your outfit! Your're so stylish! Well done girl!

  63. sent you an email :) loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  65. What an amazing skirt. Love the entire look, very chic!

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