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March 14, 2010

No name tulle skirt. Vintage velvet sweater. Dries van Noten shoes.

Weekend was an eventful blur of fun, from an all day photo shoot with Aimee from Song of Style to really expensive dinners furnished for this food lover's soul. After a long day, it's sometimes nice to humble out in your most outlandish skirt and play in the sun now that we have an extra hour of it. Bloggers unite for not feeling rushed to take pictures before 4pm!!

I also just wanted to say a special thanks to all of my readers both old and new for visiting That's Chic and sending me such sweet emails and comments. It always warms my heart when I get an email from a reader saying they've been reading my blog for x-amount of months (or years at this point!) and they're still interested. So, thank you thank you thank you for the sweet / thoughtful / constructive / loyal comments. I love you guys.

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77 responses:

  1. Love your tulle skirt and I have to agree on not having to rush to take photos anymore! I love spring. xo

  2. such stunning photos... doesn't get better than tulle and sunshine...

  3. That last picture is lovely.

  4. gorgeous pictures! I just recently found your blog and I LOVE it. Always inspiring :)


  5. I'm seriously loving how you wore this with the skirt. Totally amazing.

  6. Aww, you're one of my favorite bloggers!!

    And I looooooove the tutu skirt!

    Are you going to GenArt this week?


  7. i like your skirt! you pull it off!!


  8. Cuuuuuuuute skirt Raych. You've been loving the crop top silhouette lately! But that's okay, because you can pull it off like no other, and I'm definitely inspired to play with proportions now.

    Haha, and I totally hear what you're saying about the lighting. :)

  9. love the beautiful white skirt!! lovely and simple color!!

  10. i always love your killer shoes!!!!

  11. i love the mix of the massive tulle + the velvet top.. plus your dries sandals are wonderful! And nice shots too.

  12. Anonymous

    is ted still ur photographer?

  13. Wow, first of all I love your blog.
    Your outfits and photo's are amazing! Love it :)

    xx Robine

  14. Totally love love love ut tulle skirt! I wish it had a name makes it easy for me to find it ha ha ha. Love ur blog. Visit me

  15. Wow, what a simple and easy look with a dramatic effect.

  16. what a fun romantic look... i could never pull that off... but you look so sweet :)


  17. You really look amazing <3 The skirt is adorable!

  18. I love the simplicity of this outfit!

  19. i love your blog! i love your tulle skirt, it is so sweetand adorable

  20. what a simply're great.

  21. The tulle skirt is splendid. This series reads as the story of a ballerina who left the opera on an impulse, without changing clothes, just putting a warm top on. Or perhaps she is on her way to the opera...

  22. you're so gorgeous Raych! love how your outfits are so playful and relaxed!

  23. Beautifull, i always want to see people use velvet, it's so did you get that sweater? cuteness!
    If you may to see mine:
    for celebs and fashion threads

  24. the lighting in these photos is so pretty. and i adore your outfit!!!! love the black + white + gold.


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  25. Aww, we kinda like you too! Keep up the awesome :)

  26. your tulle skirt so gorgeous.. like a ballerina!

    xoxo cla

  27. I adore your tulle skirt- so perfect for spring!

    follow me:::


  28. What a beautiful look, Rachel. Black velvet top and white tulle skirt. It's just about perfect!

    Just discovered your blog & love it: the clean design, your sense of style & just general nice spirit. I would like to add to my 'favourite self style' list. If you get a chance please take a look @ mine & let me know if you'd like to swap:

  29. Love love love love love your gorgeous skirt. Your fashion is inspirational!
    Check out my new blog?

  30. Outlandish or not, that skirt is a DREAM!

    And here-here to pics after 4pm! ;)


  31. I'm so inspired by your skirt. Even though it's so frilly, you make it look like a piece that could be worn anywhere, anytime!

  32. love this, nice bit of black and white/clean and frothy contrasts ♥

  33. Great title! and beautiful skirt!

    juliet xxx

  34. I love that outfit! I it just looks so fairy-tale-ish and princess-y! lol I always enjoy looking at your blog! Please visit!

  35. what a beautiful skirt!

  36. This look is so cute!

  37. beautiful skirt
    and love the dries van notens

  38. that tulle skirt is SO amazing! It seems super wearable. Such an elegant outfit.

    jules :)

  39. AH! you're beautiful.

    plus your style is super rad.

    check out:

    if you have some time.

  40. what a cute skirt you're wearing, love it! <3 <3
    check out my new post at
    have a great daay

  41. you look so cute in that tulle skirt~!
    great pictures too~!

  42. Anonymous

    Rachel, Oh Rachel - :)

    As I've stated before, you "truly rock, babe; and these pics are positively, absolutely adorable!!!

    ----------------- more than words -----------------
    if a picture is worth more than thousand words
    can capture truly, some most magnificent view -
    then, perhaps, these won't seem so quite absurd
    sweetheart, as i simply say, babe, "i adore you!"


  43. had such an amazing time with u on SAT! ure so beautiful in pictures but way more beautiful in person and super fun not to mention hilarious too!! we must do it again!

  44. btw, tyra taught u well. lol <3

  45. your hair looks short in the first few pics! really cute

    & love the puffy skirt*

  46. So ethereal and beautiful. You can certainly pull off the tulle skirt. I've just stumbled on your blog and have been enjoying all your lovely pictures - and your outfits of course!

  47. Very beautiful pictures and great outfit!

  48. I don't think this could be more gorgeous. You look like a fairytale princess in this outfit; I absolutely adore it!! :)

  49. What girl doesn´t love a full skirt? Beautiful.

    New Zealand style

  50. What lovely, lovely photos. Gorgeous and sweet outfit.



  51. straight talk... normally i would think wearing a tulle skirt outside the house would be a bit of a disaster... this is perfect! you pull it off, and i can admit when i'm wrong. <3

  52. Hey Raych, I'm still reading your blog too, and you just keep getting stylish every post! Just know that your blog will always be my favorite one :) And it's such a great honor that I had the chance to interview you for my blog!

    I wish you all the best things, Raych!

    Your faithful reader,
    Tara Amelz

  53. you're tulle skirt is awesome! you've inspired me to go on a hunt for one. it's my first time visiting and i'm already a fan!

  54. Your photos are simply amazing. That skirt is beautiful on you.

  55. I really like that gold roped bangle you have on.

  56. You look like a modern princess!

  57. Love the tulle skirt!! You look amazing!

  58. Gorgeoooous skirt! You're a babe!

  59. this is perfect!
    i just fell in love with the second picture.

  60. Thanks to you for your blog and for sharing your style with all of us!! You are doing a great job here, your blog is so pleasant and the pictures have great quality, that is also super important!! Congrats!!

  61. Adorable outfit...excellent blog!

    If you're ever in Malibu...come visit our store!

    Were online too

    Meanwhile, I'll be back often : )

  62. that skirt is amazing!

    xo Lindsey

  63. I love they dreamy quality of the sunlight in these pictures! I have a similar skirt, so thanks for inspiration on how to wear it.


  64. The tulle skirt is so gorgeous and fun! This is my first time commenting but I've been reading your blog for a few months now :)

  65. balerina skirt!


  66. If you love tulle, visit for all things made from tulle and net. If tutus are your passion, visit Enjoy the visits.

  67. Anonymous

    I love you so much more than other bloggers like Olivia Lo who seem so contrived and fake. You just seem like a genuinely nice person who doesn't try to act like someone else. You are such a sweetie and can really relate to all your loyal readers.
    Stay sweeet and down-to-earth!
    - a fan

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