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March 1, 2010

James Perse shirt. American Apparel slacks. Vera Wang wedges. Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer. Daily rings.

After taking a scarce drive around PCH, I came to some realization that I would actually miss California if I ever moved to another state, especially being an incorrigible lover of almost consistent weather, lazy Sundays, random care packages from American Apparel - manufactured in downtown LA (thanks for the slacks), hypnotizing scenery and cute boutiques.

Been wearing this blazer over almost everything. It was one of those pieces that I somehow fell in love with overnight, even though it was something I wasn't too head-over-heels crazy about when I got it.

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110 responses:

  1. Loooove those Vera Wang wedges! Hot outfit.

  2. beautiful photos! and even better shoes.

    check out

  3. You look Korean in the second picture :P
    Gorgeous outfit. I wish they had more small, independent, whimsical boutiques here in Singapore.

  4. *sighs happily*
    ohh the things you can pull off.
    gorgeous photos and even more fabulous fashions :]

    <3 Krissy

  5. Love your overall outfit! And I'm especially in love with your wedges!

  6. You're always sooooo chic! Love your wedges so much! Great!

  7. i really like this, a very smart look! the coral top underneath makes it a cooler look :)

  8. HEY B e a u ti f u l lady loves!

    still so sad we did not get to meet : (

    come back to nyc ! asap.

    loving this salmon/blush color on you.
    works perfectly with the gold jewels.

    have a wonderful start to your week


  9. I still can't get over how stunning those shoes are! Do you know of any stores/websites that sell them?!


  10. I am so obsessed with those wedges! And that blazer : )

  11. love the jewelly so much!! gorgeous outfit, love love james perse shirt!

  12. love your shirt and shoes! WoW!

  13. You're so pretty when you tie your hair up!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.
  15. Love everything about it! The bag, the pants, the blazer, the shirt, your hair, just perfect!

  16. I love everything about this outfit, especially the wedges. I've also been dying for a pair of those slacks, they look so fantastic.

    In Class, En vogue

  17. I love the colour of your shirt!

  18. You look so chic and amazingly pretty! Those wedges are absolutely amazing. Wish i had enough saved up for a pair like that hehe


  19. You can't go wrong with a Ralph Lauren blazer and those wedges rock! xo

  20. love all outfit¡¡¡
    the rings are so pretty and the shoes are great
    one kiss

  21. Oh my God!
    My boyfriend and I have that discussion all the time! It starts with us pretending we have to move to another state after college for work and then we brainstorm all the possibilities. We've accepted the fact the only place we could move for work would be up north. California is so wonderful!!!

  22. oh i love the close up on you and the last photo PERFECT SUNLIGHT

    the shoes are so cute

    Vi from Cali

  23. Wow, fabulous wedges! :D And the last picture is so pretty :)

  24. Love the blazer, such a great colour!! And those SHOOOOEEESS!! Gorgeous.

  25. Awesome outfit.. and I need those shoes!!

  26. love that orange-y colour on you! the bag and shoes are gorgeous too! ah.. i used to live in southern california and would seriously love to take a drive down PCH, get a jamba juice and in & out burger and take a dip in the ocean... oh, england is seriously missing some wonderful things! xx

  27. Beautiful wedges and awsome blazer! Love your rings too :D

  28. That last photo is gorgeous! And I love the wedges too.

  29. Beautiful pics! The wedges are fabulous

  30. Thanks for visiting my blog. I think you are gorgeous and just added your wonderful blog to my blogroll. Have a great day.

  31. love your shoes.. a great outfit!

    xoxo cla

  32. you look gorgeous! I love the dreamy shot with the sun in the background. California is a state you just can't leave!

  33. i have the same wedges, but in black... aren't they wonderful?
    love your blog, just stumbled upon it.

  34. uhm... ps. also have the same jimmy bag in white.

    you're dancing on my brain!

  35. your blazer and wedges are amazing!

    Theory of a fashion victim

  36. i adore that coral top on you! and those wedges and rings are literally to DIE for! you are fabulous!

  37. I love how the 2nd pictures shows off your shoes and your bag!

  38. great outfit! love your rings!

  39. luv this outfit, everything you have on is insanely amazing and you look goregous!

  40. Those shoes are just amazing!

    juliet xxx

  41. Gorgeous outfit!! I love the blazer and wedges. :) Very pretty.

  42. i can totally see why you cant stop wearing those wedges, theyre too freakin cool, n you look great w/ light make up

  43. this outfit is so perfect. i miss pch =( there's still snow in ny ugh

  44. your right...too much to miss here in good ol cali. i love how you can go from the beach to the mountains in less than 60 minutes.
    lovin those shoes!

  45. you taunt me with those wedges ahhhh

    two weeks until I should be getting my pair!

  46. you are so gorgeous! love you style!

  47. what type of camera do you use? photos are awesome! and i love your style! keep blogging :)

  48. im drooling over your wedges!!!! wow!! :D

  49. You look gorgeous with your hair up too!

  50. Love your blazer
    so gorgeous

  51. You are amazing. I love the James Perse button-up soooo much...what a gorgeous colour!

  52. the contrast of colors between your top and blazer is amazing. i love that color and the structure of the blazer. way cool.

  53. Nice to meet you finally at the Chictopia party at Tribeca Grand! (we did a group shot with Cupcakes and Late Afternoon and Taghrid).

    I tried those wedges on. Great aren't they?

    Karen x

  54. Well of course they are Vera Wang OmG love them

  55. Those wedges are killer! Love the last landscape too, looks so serene.



  56. First time visitor of your blog, and I must say I am very impresses! I love your awesomely chic style, not to your wonderful photography!

    ps. loving those nude wedges:)

    xx raez

  57. Love those shoes!

  58. Realistically, I will end up in NYC next, but I have dreams of California and year round warmish weather! I love those shoes, they add plenty of height, but look comfortable.

  59. oh how i love this raych, especially your gorgeous top and wedges!

  60. RACHELLLL! you look so good in this post! :)

  61. Anonymous

    I'm still as to what color lipstick you are wearing in your last post?

  62. Amazing look! Great platforms:)

  63. LOVE the slacks and those wedges are killer. Beautiful images.


  64. The wedges make it look just incredible!

  65. love ur style.. love the color of ur top fits well to the color of ur blazer :) good choice!

  66. Absolutely loving that blazer, it's the perfect shape and camel colour. Those shoes are gorgeous and the wedge is high and perfect. Wish it were warm enough to wear similar shoes here xx

  67. Beautiful pics! The wedges are fabulous

  68. I love your outfit and those shoes are to die for!!!

  69. You nailed it! Love the emblem cuffed blazer!!


  70. Those shoes are epic! And coral looks great on you. So fresh and young and warm :)


    love the look, totally chic and fabulous
    thanks for sharing
    love the blog, keep it up
    and thanks for the sweet comments, means the world


  72. Love your necklace! So beautiful.. :]

  73. nice pics! and those shoes are boss!

  74. Can't believe those are Vera Wang wedges.. They are beyond beautiful. The color and shape.

  75. You have the best accessories. Photos are beautiful as usual.

  76. cool wedges you got there!!

  77. i love the James Perse shirt and your wedges!

  78. I've been really digging these preppy style ensembles myself lately too !!!

  79. Those are some killer wedges! I really love them, where are they from?

  80. I absolutely adore this look. The blazer is gorgeous, I want to have it! And the color of the shirt, so lovely...

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    i loved it ..
    basically i love people carrying such bags

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