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straw kissing in wetlands

March 5, 2010

Forever 21 lace blouse. Comme des Garcons dress worn as skirt. Martin Margiela shoes.

My daily eBay browsing finally paid off when I stumbled across these stunning Margielas that I've lusted over since they've walked the runway. One day, in the place where eBay makes dreams come true, I will find the boot version in black.

So glad this dress passes better as a skirt because I suddenly found more wear for it. Really in the mood for relaxing this weekend after mounds of car trouble (details on Twitter) this week, so bring it on rain.

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69 responses:

  1. Teddy N.

    First one to comment.......i know i said i was going to work on my essay but i checked twitter and it lead me to here. I just wanted to say that this is very reminiscent of my relatives working i the rice paddies. Way to pay homage to your culture! Although you are dressed much better.

    okay. goodnight. the word verification for this comment is Unsifi, sounds like an std

  2. That lace top is actually quite stunning and angelic!
    Looks lovely on you :)

  3. Loove your shoes!!!! You're woonderfull :D

  4. You look gorgeous! Loving how the lacey top sits on you, it looks heavenly :) Can't believe you stumbled across those on ebay, they're too good to be true <3 Hope your car actually gets fixed PROPERLY this time. xo

  5. This looks gorgeous!Great outfit and photos!xxx

  6. I think the shoes are great in sand. Love 'em.

  7. wow the lace top is stunning. i love it.

  8. gorgeous!!!

  9. I love the top and shoes. I also like your hair ribbon thing. :) Very lovely.

  10. Beautiful photos! Love that lace blouce!

  11. the first and last picture kind of reminds me of a native American vibe with the tall grass and long thin branches. Gorgeous backdrop :]
    I absolutely love the outfits you come up with.

    <3 Krissy

  12. Incredibly artistic photos. While they are all stunning, I do love the first. Love the shoes. Definite YES to those shoes.

  13. I love taht lace blouse!
    I was just thinking.. I am a kind of new reader and I don´t know where are you from, so where are you? :D
    I want to go that place just now! There looks so warm...

  14. Beautiful scenery, romantic look, I just love it!


  15. Not my fav of you. but it's okay :)

  16. Love the lace top and the shoes!

  17. dresses as skirts. It really is the best way to keep on wearing the pierce and not wear it as just a one time thing.
    I likeyour shoes they seem very comfrotable

  18. I love the shirt and shoes, but I'm not a fan of long skirts... especially on you, who has killer legs! And I don't mean that in a creepy way ahhaha


  19. My favourite thing about your blog is the amazing places/landscapes where you take your pictures, and girl, you have outdone yourself!!

  20. I love those shoes! Lovely scenery. What type of camera do you use? Please come follow and visit my blog! :)

  21. I could not be more obsessed with your blouse right now. Beautiful photos!


  22. Love that lace top! Glad you got your dream shoes. xo

  23. i loved the blouse/top, it fits perfect for the wheater

  24. i love that blouse its sooo pretty

  25. amazing find. those shoes are iconic. i love them. they perfect in beige too b/c they don't cut your leg line. you look great.

  26. Anonymous

    I love the necklace! Where's it from?

  27. great pics

  28. Cutest sandals! Makes me wish for nicer weather where i live.

  29. gorgeous. the top and the shoes are beautiful shades of beige.

  30. the location is beautiful and your whole get-up is soft and perfect and beautiful (sorry for using the word twice, but it is!!!)

  31. The shoes are great on you! The scenery certainly adds that peaceful "mood" to the photos!

  32. Great find! Love the shoes!

  33. the faded feel of the photos in this post was fantastic...and i loved that lace dress as well:)

  34. love the red ribbon in your hair, really just completes the outfit! and of course the shoes!!! ahhhhmazing =)

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  36. everything about this outfit is top notch.

  37. Loving the skirt!

  38. So chic dear,

    I absolutely love the use of dresses at a bottom piece. This is why I love ladies of style...we can turn anything into another piece if we choose if our "styling-eye" allows us to do so!

    Your blog home base is NY am I correct? This is my first time on ur blog and I could not figure out where! Nonetheless, I'm currently in Marseille, France. You should check out my blog hun. U may find it interesting.

    "Pursuit of Paris


  39. the red ribbon is such a pretty touch!

  40. such a cute shoot.
    shoes are gorgeous!!

  41. oh i like your blog n your picture check my blogs is about street styles in barcelona shops me and etc

  42. I like your lace blouse!

  43. The shoes are wonderfull!!! To die for!!! Love it!

  44. beautiful photos!
    like your special shoes and the red hairband.

    xoxo cla

  45. gorgeous, i love the red ribbon in your hair!

  46. Big fan of the lace top, but I don't think I could pull off the shoes. Lovely on you..

  47. P.S Teddy's comment is hilarious. My mom has a hat worn in the rice fields. Maybe we'll see a inspired version on the runways...

  48. i think the shoes are equally lovely in sand too. & you really pull it off so well

  49. Ahhh, the moment when you unexpectedly find on eBay that which you've been dreaming of for so long. That's what makes eBay so addictive. Congrats on the amazing find!

  50. Beautiful lacy top.

    New Zealand style

  51. Love your lacy blouse! I like that it's romantic and flowy and girly and springy... haha, all words which are not really adjectives. <3


  52. The dress works really well as a skirt, not many ca pull off the midi length!

    There's a blog award waiting pour vous on my page...

  53. Beautiful lace top. Beautiful scenery.

    I love your taste in fashion and style!

  54. Anonymous

    the entire outfit, from head to toe is not very cohesive. you've had better days.

  55. love love that lace blouse and the dress as a skirt too! Ohhh lucky you to score on those shoes,they are stunning.

    Adore the outdoor photos taken here too :)

  56. Great photos!! I love your top!!

    Check out my blog at

  57. i love that lace shirt!

    F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  58. What a beautiful setting. I love the versatility of that dress/skirt piece.

  59. the shoes are SICK! i want!!! you look amazing..

  60. The top is gorgeous and angelic! Wish I can buy too. :)

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