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lavender labyrinth

March 29, 2010

ModCloth dress. Beth Bowley cardigan. Burberry booties.
Wore my newest spring dress in an Easter colored babydoll cut. Not usually a fan of the pregnant-prone silhouette, but soon realized that it curtails my bra size to the chest of a 12 year old. Possibly too descriptive, but it's been a dream of mine - just never been a fan of breasts. Did I mention how fluffy it is? Double-layed, so good.
Went and got In n' Out in this dress with James on his lunch break and made sure to order my fries well done. The ability to customize my favorite-tasting burger with my preference of fries is enough for me to eat only In n' Out for the rest of my life (protein style <3). Followed the food-coma with a trip to a new Loehmanns where I was overwhelmed with the shiny collection of designer sunglasses highly discounted. I picked up these Donna Karens that remind me of Margiela l'incognito sunglasses, only a lot less cooler.

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  1. Stunning! The layers of that dress are amazing. Not a fan of breasts? Welcome to my pitiful life of wanting a bit more, it's kind of great not having them though. Those booties are the definition of fantastic. Look fantastic up in the dictionary and you'll see those bad boys right there. Awesome shades as well :)

  2. That dress is adorable, I love how girly it is and how you paired it with those shoes!
    Love this look.

  3. I really love this dress...maybe its the layers! So cute!!
    aaahhh and the booties, great!

  4. Love that the dress is double layered.Mmm In n Out. The grilled cheese is amazing.

  5. That dress is sooo pretty! It looks great on you! I really love the pattern and the color!

  6. ive been DYING over the lavender labyrinth dress, so jealous youve got it
    how are you in contact and working with modcloth? please let me know, i'm very interested as i just worked with eshakti and would love to continue collaborations..if you have a name or any tips to get into contact with modcloth, let me know
    thanks for sharing darling
    and thanks for the lovely comments, they mean the world!


  7. I'm a fan of the pregnant dress. haha. Especially during buffet time.

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  8. This dress is such a pretty colour on you! I love it :)

  9. Pastel colors are great for spring/summer. Great dress!

  10. The dress is so cute:))
    And matched with those shoes rocks the world!

  11. oooh that is a pretty dress! great photos!

    helen x

  12. what a cute dress, i love the colour !

  13. such a pretty colour!

  14. Love the double-layered skirt on that dress. It looks like a smoothie!

  15. this is really pretty and cute! I love everything, from the shades to the shoes!

  16. this is really pretty and cute! I love everything, from the shades to the shoes!

  17. the colors really compliment you, and that dress so does not make you look preggers it's actually really flattering!

  18. Those shoes are awesomely adorable, and that dress really suits you.

  19. What a cute spring outfit!

    I have the Burberry booties too (thanks to your sizing help!), and I love seeing the different ensembles you were them with. Very inspiring!

  20. absolutely love the dress and the new sunglasses, you look perfect for spring xx

  21. this is my favorite type of look -- super girly dress with rocking boots to make it a little grittier! i did something similar here if you're curious:

    Super cute!

  22. The dress is beautiful & mixed with the boots = amazing. The perfect comfortable spring look!

  23. I'm not usually a fan of the babydoll either, but I'm really digging this one. I think the sunglasses are kind of superhero-esq, in the best possible way.

    In Class, En Vogue

  24. Spring has sprung :) I like this look on you. A bit different than your usual, but you work it well!

    Live Love LA

  25. Anonymous

    "...consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:
    and yet do i say unto you, that even solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. matt. 6:28,29

    the above scriptural passage seems somewhat reminiscent of your seemingly, ingenuiously simple yet so naturally elegant sense of style! delightfully, displaying both your "girlish & womanly" charm and beauty! :)

    hey, you're almost alike a "walking wondrous cascade of lavender labyrinth lovliness" (ushering in glorious springtime!) - - - of such simply stunning, sensational beauty, one would jus' truly love to become "so utterly, enthrallingly, so deeply lost in ...!" :)


  26. Anonymous

    ps(to above): i do believe, it's the second sorta self-deprecating comment i've come 'cross regarding your feelings towards your "rack," babe; but as sayin' goes, "god, didn't create no junk," so why not jus' merely "embrace your breasts," in all their exquisite beauty!? :)

  27. the dress is cute! yea i hate my boobs too, they make long necklaces lay funny. hate so bad.

    In'n'Out! i want some.

  28. that color is stunning on yoU!




  29. mmm in n out, i'm seriously craving them now.

    cute dress, perfect timing for easter :)

    the contemporary ingenue

    xoxo E&L

  30. love the volume of that dress. very beautiful. your shoes are lovely too.xx

  31. I love that dress! You look amazing!!

  32. love this dress, it's like all the good things about spring rolled into one!

  33. Anonymous

    Love the sunglasses!

    Check it out:

  34. I just love your whole look here! You're really working the whole pastels trend, and you look fantastic.

    Also, I actually get the whole breasts thing. They're not really a boon to most fashion-forward silhouettes. I've often wished I could send mine packing... but then I get over it. I guess I'd miss them if they were gone.

    Ok, enough late-night talking for me, obviously.


  35. what a cute dress! not a fan of breasts either, or hips for that matter...I guess that's what happens when I look at too many runway shows! anyway, I just started following your blog recently, and so far, I love it =)
    - Christina

  36. I love that dress so much! It is incredibly cute, and has the perfect shape!

  37. Love the dress- so adorable! And booties look killer with it! Gorgeous xx

  38. I love Loehmanns (used to work across the street from one DANGER) and LOVE In-n-OUT!!

  39. ahhhhh! i am definitely in love with that dress. in. love. you look adorable in it & those booties are adorable too.

  40. Love the double tiers in the dress. Really cute look overall

  41. I'm still as in love with those booties as ever! And the dress is adorable in all it's 12-year old chest glory, haha.

  42. So lovely!

  43. Wow I love that dress it's so perfectly springtime!

  44. that dress is so so pretty! i adore the color. and the booties are such a great touch :)

  45. The Burberry booties are killer! Love.

  46. Pretty in pastels :)

    New Zealand style

  47. I can see how the dress fits on you, it doesn't just hang on you, it hugs your body. I love it!

  48. Lovvee the dress, reminds me of some M by MJ one I saw a while back! This is gorgeous, I adore your blog.

  49. so cute dress! i love the dress;]

  50. Love that dress so much I'm making it my first ever ModCloth purchase! It's perfect for a shower I'm going to you and you modeled it so well! Love how you rocked it up a bit with those booties!

    xx Vivian @




  52. Very cute outfit! Happy easter!

    juliet xxx

  53. I love the lavender dress with the tough black shoe boots! Gorgeous styling

  54. wow! amazing look
    love your dress

  55. I just happened upon your blog and I love it...have been reading through all your posts and I think they are truly gorgeous...will be back!

    Love love love,



  56. @raychizzle please don't stop blogging. i've just fell in love with you! :P LOL

  57. This is gorgeous. I also loved your "just never been a fan of breasts" comment.. hahahaha. Makes me feel a bit better about my lack thereof!

  58. lovely dress and I love your kick-ass shades!

  59. elle

    i kind of see a glimpse of lavender nail polish, i've been looking for the perfect color and i was wondering what you were wearing? thanks!

  60. I love preggy-look outfit from dresses to tops... Seeing your dress reminds me that I need/want to get new dresses such as yours. :D

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