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March 19, 2010

Urban Behaviour courtesy of Threadsence. Vintage polka-dot thing. Alex Lane shorts. Martin Margiela shoes.

Talk about an ephemeral heat-wave in California, I missed my 80 degree sun. Estranged weather patterns in California called for perfection where it’s hot in the sun but cool in the shade. I figured as much pulling out my barely there outfits I've missed so much. A rather astute reader commented that I’ve been keen to the croptop silhouette lately. It didn’t even dawn on me, but I guess I’ve been subconsciously pairing said combination and look forward to doing more so if the weather holds up.

Excited to hang out with friends this weekend that I haven’t seen way too long because they have better study habits than I do. Anticipating a good time this following week.

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68 responses:

  1. All these polka dots remind me of artist Yayoi Kusama. I definitely recommend you check her out!

    The weather has been sooooooo amazing right? Aren't you glad we live in Southern California?

  2. u pull of polka dots really well!!! ur outfits are always so stylish! really love ur blog!

    xoxo jenna

  3. omg beautiful outfit! loving the polka dots!!

    helen x

  4. this is such a cool outfit. love the mix of spots. you look great. xx

  5. Anonymous

    you look amazing. where did you get the head chain from?

  6. I'm loving the spotty patterns. And I do adore your headband.

  7. My goodness, I love this!! I haven't seen big polka dots in while, you make me want to buy some!

    -Shoeless Simone

  8. sun spots;)

    i think your the only person who can pull off multiple types of polka dots

    very nice!!

  9. That polka dot thing is fantastic! you look so simply yet epic!

  10. That "polka dot thing" is a perfect exqample of why I love vintage so much. It adds such a unique acccent to your look!

  11. The mix of those spotted pieces is absolutely fantastic. And the colors are just so nice together.

  12. Your Margiela shoes are ridiculous! They're so amazing, makes me wanna steal them from you. Love the polka dot overload. But that's not right, because you really can't overload on those.

  13. oh how i love the polka dots! i have never been a fan of the particular print, but you make it gorgeous! i love these shots.

  14. i LOVE your quirky & awesome sense of style.
    Liz. X

  15. Anonymous

    Raych, you never cease to amaze, babe! From what seems an uncanny combo of amazingly wondrous imagination & creativity in tandem with delightfully whimsical flair & personality, you manifest a marvelous "sense of style" uniquely your own! :)

    Now, really, (as someone alluded, above) who else besides you would've "creatively, imaginatively thunk" to not only boldly introduce exciting polka dot to enhance a simple casual look, but to have "contrasting and dancing polkas" together - - - a rare true treat of stimulating visual wonder! Talk 'bout "gettin/capturing one's eye or attention!" :)

    And then, "lo & behold," like a "truly divine, fashion diva," you give a simple yet sensational look, an absolutely crowning touch, how ...?

    "Wow!," by placing a "simply stylish" headband crown upon coif, and "damn/bam!", "voila!": like magic & fairytale fantasy, behold a beautifully stunning princess/goddess!!! I iterate, "babe, you so rock!" :)


  16. haha, thanks for the "astute" comment! :)

    honestly it looks amazing on you. and this outfit miiiiiiight very well be my favorite you've ever posted. it's carefree and easy without being california-typical. and the mix of polka dots is genius!

  17. Anonymous

    love it babe, great shots!

  18. so much spotted, really adorable! love love MMM shoes!

  19. i really love the polka dot wrap!

    gorgeous photos.

  20. stunning outfit!
    beeeautiful, looks so breezy and comfy. the fabric looks perfect.

  21. you are so your headband and the incredible polka dot!

    xoxo cla

  22. You look amazing!! The whole combination is genius!

    xx Emily

  23. those shorts are to die for!

  24. I love the polka dot thing

  25. i wish i could live in ca too ; ) im jealous on your shorts !

  26. such a lovely outfit
    especially that folak dot thing


  27. wow, you really made things go onto your style.

  28. These pictures are absolutely perfect. i especially love the last one.

  29. I love your vintage polkadot thing!

  30. I love this look! I love pokka dot prints! You look great! follow me @

  31. Very cute!I love the headband. The black and white photo is gorgeous.

  32. I love the layers of polka dots. great pair of shorts too! but I esp love your shoes. it's always about the shoes haha

  33. amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing vintage find

  34. a. i hate that you keep throwing those amazing shoes in my face... jealous.
    b. super jealous of the polka dot cape/jacket thing.

  35. lovely poka dots!
    I recently had a great find! I bought a red Perry Ellis thrifted blouse with white poka dots.

  36. Wicked!

  37. I love your blog. The photograpy is epic, epic, epic!


  38. The second picture is gorgeous! And I love how you paired your different dots.

    Crop tops are wonderful especially in this weather :D


  39. I am trying to contain my love for those shoes, but they are massively epic, aren't they? WANT

    how's my old home town? haven't been in sooo long, miss that wild pacific like no other

  40. Love the combination of dots!

  41. love this pic

    beautiful blog

  42. The mixture of textures and patterns are amazing. LOVE this outfit.

  43. I really love the different prints!

    juliet xxx

  44. Very cute outfit! Love the chain headband!

  45. Anonymous

    you are so cute

  46. This is the perfect spring/summer outfit! I absolutely love your polka dot top and wrap! It looks so sheer and airy. I hope to find something half as wonderful at a thrift shop.

  47. i love your "vintage polka-dot thing" the shape is so perfect!

    the contemporary ingenue

    xoxo E&L

  48. They just don't make polkadots like that anymore. So chic. Love the headband.

  49. Love the mix of those pieces! Awesome shoes by the way!

  50. Second picture is amazing! Great outfit.

  51. The dress looks lovely!!

  52. i just came across your blog & you're so cute! i love the polka dots & those sandals. ♥
    love, dayna

  53. We love that you mixed prints with the two different polkadots!

  54. Anonymous

    I saw you at OCC today! I wanted to come up and say hi and that I read your blog all the time but I didn't want to be too creepy! Haha. You're gorgeous!


  55. you look so cute in the polka dots!

    Anna Katrina

  56. Fuck yes Margiela and polka dots! I heard the song of your title on the radio the other day. It was strange enough for me to remember it LOL.

  57. wow! Great pics and perfect outfit!

  58. very pretty! i'm excited for summer.

  59. This outfit makes me a lil but dizzy, but you seem to make pretty much everything work!

  60. Oh wow, I really love the mix of polka dot textures; it blows my mind!

  61. I love the vintage polka-dot thing!!

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