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March 9, 2010

Yaya Aflalo skirt. Elijah top. DKNY cardigan. Chloe shoes. Burberry scarf.

Places like Ikea and Target are a deathtrap for extraneous spending on expendable junk. I mean, another picture frame without a picture to put in it couldn't hurt right? Scary territory, but when you get caught in a rainstorm and the thought of a warm cinnabun roll suddenly makes you feel like you haven't had something sweet since you were three, a desperate place to crash subsequently follows. Choice of destination: Ikea.

Had this top for a while and loved every bit of it, but never wore it for its awkward length. See worn here. Anyway, I took a pair of scissors to it and the experience was a regretful one. I'll wait till summer before I can start judging. There was just a fervent crave to wear a croptop that day. I'm sorry shirt-that-was-a-cuter-tunic-and-a-potentially-cuter-croptop-had-I-not-cut-it-so-short.

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62 responses:

  1. gorgeous scarf and outfit girl!

    helen x

  2. Faaavolous outfit darling :D

  3. That first picture is amazing!

  4. Love the scarf, fab outfit!xxx

  5. Love the scarf, and wouldn't feel to bad about the top... It's done now, and at least in the posted pictures it does not look too bad.



  7. wowowow love this outfit, and those shoes are so prettyyyy

  8. This is a fantastic scarf! I want the same (despite being a man!)

  9. I so agree about Ikea and Target; they are brainwashing!! LOL I love that scarf, very unique. I enjoy looking at your simple and sophisticated style :) Please visit/follow:

  10. haha. whenever i try to cut things it goes a bit mental and i whack off way too much. looks cute though. you can pull it off. xx

  11. ahhh cant wait to see outher outfits with the croptop!

  12. wow love your shoes and your outfit, simple but chic :) gorgeous dear!

  13. I actually like the shirt shorter! I would be interested to see how you wear it in other outfits.

  14. I LOVE the scarf and the skirt, but I looked at the original shirt, and it definitely looked better longer... You could always add lace or other floaty fabrics to the bottom of it, so it becomes an ethereal crop top?

    Maeko @ thereafterish.

  15. Love!

  16. I love your skirt! Beautiful. Great photos too. xo

  17. Anonymous

    croptop in the rain?! you're something else

  18. I like it better as a crop top! Great look, Raych :)


  19. Looking wonderful! I love all the little touches and layers and adore your shoes. Really great outfit and cool place to take pictures!

  20. gotta love those chloe's!

  21. i like the way the top looks! and i have always loved those shoes

    ps..i got my hands on those lavender label wedges as trusty sam from intermix NY snatched them for me once they came in...should be in the mail now i pray to god they fit!

  22. Anonymous

    I wish you would update often!

  23. Great outfit and those shoes are amazing!

  24. love that entire outfit!

  25. i love it i love it i really LOVE IT!

    can i maybe post one of your outfits on my blog? if that's ok with you

  26. love the shoes

    D e g a i n e

  27. lolz it is a little short, but i think with anything high-waisted you're totally fine. i have a little tank that had the same problem - and it's made of the most luxurious jersey and i can't get rid of it.

  28. YOU HAVE THE cutest smile.
    I love your casual look

  29. haha totally agree! i can never walk into a target and walk out empty handed!!

    loved the burberry scarf & wrap!!

  30. really love the chloe shoes, that's a perfect outfit!!

  31. Great outfit, amazing photos!

  32. Great look! I love black on black.

  33. awesome pics, love the how the second one is an action shot!

    and of course your Chloe shoes are just amazing!!

    the contemporary ingenue

    xoxo E&L

  34. love your style, chick. representing california love!

  35. You are so cute! Lovely style. Lovely outfit :)


  36. the skirt is fantastic.
    this is one of my favorite blogs!
    i love all your posts, i'm never bored.

  37. I can get trapped in Ikeas just wandering around staring at things I don't need.

    I hate when DIYs don't quite go the way I want them to! Either way, I think your outfit is great and the crop top isn't too short at all. Funky shoes.

  38. Anonymous

    Hey are you related to Cathy Nguyen?

  39. the shoes are killer, my friend.

  40. i love the way you paired the crop top with that skirt. you look so gorgeous!

  41. Love the scarf and those shoes look so comfortable and chic!

  42. oh my goodness, the scarf and shoes ahhhh!

  43. You look amazing...I'm in love with that scarf!!

    xx Emily

  44. The cropped top looks really nice in here!

    juliet xxx

  45. Anonymous

    Bonjour Rachel: :)

    Jus' recently discovered your blog, and congrats on an exceptionally stellar site!

    You seem to have an uncanny and intuitive gift of finding somewhat simple pieces w/character, and imaginatively & creatively combining them with an amazing touch of traditional glamour simultaneosly with contemporary flair to render your very own uniquely singular sensational style! You, indeed, "so rock," babe! :)

    Some of your pics are truly awesomely "artworthy" as they seemingly capture so well your adorable personal style imbued with your personality, energy, and soulful essence! :)

    And altogether, all this/that("that's{so}chic," indeed!) in tandem with your intelligence, humour, personality & pizazz make your posts an occasionally "rare and truly delightful lil' treat!" :)

    And in no way desirous of comin' across in the least bit creepy, but "jus' bein, keepin' it real;" how can any red-blooded, romantically-inclined, intelligent loving soul not wish to, indeed, "hold you & rock you through the night!?" Hey, a guy can wondrously dream, right!? :)


  46. your photos always come out so great! what kind of camera do you have?

  47. Wow, those shoes are amazing! And I love the way the top works with the rest of the outfit!

    Would you like to exchange links?

  48. omg love ikea too much!!

    the shoes are crack girlie ;)

  49. you're so pretty!
    i love how you matched the cropped shirt with the long skirt!

  50. This outfit is fantastic! I love those cute wedges so much.

  51. dear lord girly. could I have a bigger girlcrush on you? prob not

  52. ha! i do it all the time.. cut some jeans the other day to a cropped length (and at an angle) ahh!! i have to wait and see too, if it was an okay idea, but at least they were from f21!

  53. oh man sick outfit. and to add to the list of readers who have been reading for x amount of months, i found your blog this summer and was like how did i not know about this before?? always a pleasure reading your posts

  54. Nice outfit for shopping!!! Love the skirt!!

  55. Love the scar. Definitely would not have guessed Burberry at first glance.

  56. These Chloe shoes are amazing! Love these pics.

  57. i adoreee this outfitt ! <3

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