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February 21, 2010

H&M coat and scarf. Target socks. Vera Wang wedges.

James hooked me up with these amazing Vera Wang from Intermix that hoists me up a monstrous six inches off the ground. Probably the most highest and comfortable platforms I own, but the rather white leather/suede has me uneasy wearing these around. They come in black too, which I think is a sweet alternative to the D&G wedges people go gaga over.

I was so stoked when I found this coat highly discounted at H&M to the point of obscurity but then realized after going through all the pictures that it would look way better if I got the sleeves taken in. Jesus H&M, you were so close to perfecting this coat: cinches perfectly at the waist, exposed zippers, and a cute flair.

And I probably changed outfits like three times a day but wore this jacket and a big black faux fur one (also from H&M) with all of them. So before I changed again, I wore this hours prior to the Chictopia 10 conference to get brunch with Taghrid and Jason from Citizen Couture. Can't say it was the brightest idea to walk around sans tights - not only was I getting crazed looks from people, but my legs were bitterly numb. Lesson learned: take the iPhone weather app seriously.

Can't stop listening to this song. It's so soothing and this band is amazing!

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82 responses:

  1. Im so in love with the heels and socks look right now. Its so Alexa Chung.

  2. I'm in love with that color on your scarf! those shoes are lovely too.

  3. love and want the yellow scarf and the heels. WANT!

  4. that is an amazing sock + shoe combo, and the wedges are orgasmic.

  5. looooove this. the second picture is the best

    love the chunky knit socks with the chunky platform wedges!

  6. whoa.. lovin the heels.. although i would never be able to walk in them.. props to u!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. the shoes and socks are so cute! and so unexpected...props <3

  9. Well that's really CHIC! The coat is calling me. And your scarf is a perfect pop of color to break the black hue.

    have a great day gorgeous

    I am Denise Katipunera

    I am Denise Katipunera

    hahahaha. funny cos the word verification code is BUTBOY. NIce.

  10. Love this jacket! It's gorgeous :)


    I wants your wedges muy terribly!

  12. love a bright and shiny day outside of grand central. great blog.

  13. OMG!! As soon as I saw this pic my eyes went straight to the Vera Wang wedges! I actually yelled outloud. lol! I've been eyeing them since I first saw them on the Intermix website. I've posted them to my desktop until I can figure out how/when I'm going to buy them.'re so lucky! Nice photos and I love your blog!

    Visit my blog at!

  14. Are you wearing any make-up because your skin is FLAWLESS. Uh JEALOUS! I would not be able to pull off platforms with socks. You do it well.

  15. I was looking at the same pair of wedges at Intermix! Is it comfortable?

  16. It is so cold, wearing tights is not an option in London! That mustard scarf is colour pop at its best.. And score for the coat, I love finding amazing H&M deals
    It would be mine

  17. I love this whole look! socks and heels are so chic and the coat dress is amazing! I need a nice pair of platforms
    you should follow my blog

  18. that is amazing that you went out with bare legs when that horrible snowy blizzard was going on!! well, even if you were freezing you look great. love the shoes with the grey socks. very lovely. xx

  19. Raych, your outfit is amazing. I love your socks with wedges look.

  20. I love the heels and sock combination. The scarf is great how it pops out at you.


  21. Adore out outfit and especially those sky high wedges! very cute!


  22. Love those wedges and how you've styled them with socks!xxx

  23. cool socks-wedges combo!!

  24. i love the colour of the wedges, so nice after seeing a sea of black on peoples' feet this winter. cute socks too :) thx for the b'day wishes

  25. Love love love that wedges!! They make the outfit looks perfect..

  26. I love the socks and shoes!! And I find it hard to believe that a coat as stunning as that came from H&M...


  27. A very pretty pioneering look! wait to go!

  28. You wedges are killer. I love the whole vibe of your style- so laid back. It makes you..well, all the more gorgeous and alluring!

    And your whole outfit in general!

  30. cant believe that's vera wang wedges!! so different vera style.

  31. Oh love those wedges with socks, brilliant and the coat is ultra cool...

  32. Awesome outfit! Love it sooo much!

  33. those shoes are fabulous!


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  34. You look so cute! I love the wedges they are fantastic girl!

  35. Really diggin' the heels and socks look. oh and the colour of the scarf look so pretty on you!

  36. love those shoes and i cant believe that jacket is only h&m!

  37. that coat is AWESOME. feeling a little envy right now... lol

  38. It is a great outfit!

    juliet xxx

  39. really like the vera wang shoes.. they are gorgeous and the scarf is great!

    xoxo cla

  40. Love love love you outfit =) especially the shoes I've been eyeing them too. I hope I get a hold of a pair I love the black ones and the cream is brilliant too

  41. Ugh killer wedges.. must be by Ms. Wang. xx

  42. i swear i just died a little...i have been on an AGONIZING hunt for those wedges..I am absolutely obsessed but Intermix is sold out and they are the only ones that carry that color. Apparently there were manufacturing problems with that color so no other stores got them yet (I've done my homework...) but they are going to have another wave come out mid march so I have made friends with various shoe sales people who are going to call me the second they get in...

    do they fit true to size? comfortable?

  43. Those heels plus the exaggerated flare of the coat are a brilliant combo! I love it.

    Maeko ~ thereafterish.

  44. Those shoes are immense, I want. Great song too :)



  45. Omygosh, I just died for a second..that is one awesome/adorable/chic/glamorous outfit! Love the sock'n'shoe trend.


  46. shoe/sock combo??....totally NAILED IT!

  47. LOVE this Raych! So great seeing you, always xoxoxo

  48. Anonymous

    usuallyy a fann of everything
    but the socks and wedgess are ehh.
    loved everything elsee though

  49. Love the pop of color your scarf provides!

  50. fabulous look
    loving the wedges, super chic
    great blog darling, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the sweet comments, love it!


  51. Incredible shoes, they look so great with the socks!

  52. I love your mustard scarf! I wish my skin could carry a colour like that...*sigh*

  53. Creative ! All the best!

  54. This is one of the best outfits you have pulled together! It really has that winter nyc feel to it!

    Also what camera and lens do you use to take your photos?


  55. Anonymous

    You problably would like a band called Fleet foxes, it's sounds quite similar to the Boy and bear song! I know my english isn't the best, Im from Sweden! :)

  56. Adoreee the wedges and coat! I love the whole outfit =)

  57. Love your blog!! I check it daily and am always impressed.

    I'm a new blogger, so thanks for being an inspiration :)


  58. Sweet style. Curious: Do you graduate soon? If so, do share your future plans. Is fashion going to be apart of your career, or going to remain a hobby? I don't remember if you ever mentioned your major... er, actually, I am only assuming yu're in school because I heard you mention something about classes in one of your vlogs.

    Anyway, as a graduating senior (2010, chyea!) who's kind of shitting the bed, it'd be nice to commiserate/gather inspiration.

  59. Nothing beats a good 6 inches! I can just tell how cold it is.

  60. So cute! You pull off the socks and heels look very well.

  61. The wedges are super cute, and you look the scarf!

  62. Sandals and socks are so gorgeous!
    I really like your style!


  63. cute outfit! but I have to say I am a fan of sheer tights with wedges :)

  64. Great shoes! Love them!

    Check out my blog. :-)

  65. KIller shoes chica!!! Fabulous 6 inches off the ground indeed!.... Love the beige+black and that sudden pop of yellow! But yeah girl.... it IS crazy to NOT cover them legs (as pretty as they are) in nyc with this crazy cold weather going on!


  66. i'm in love with the wedges and the pop of color brought by the scarf! :)

  67. Killer heels!

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.
  69. love the whole look especially the shoes !! want them so bad!:)

  70. those wedges are so lovable babe!!

  71. oh my god those wedges are delish!!!

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