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February 18, 2010

AA Black cardigan. Piko 1988 fur vest. Barneys CO-OP cardigan. Rag & Bone jeans. Burberry booties.

Keeping warm in New York was definitely a difficult task for this huge weather-wimp (both hot and cold extremes). Doesn't help that layering has never been my forte... it just always came across sloppy which then led to questionable outfits throughout the trip. Hey, just wanted to keep warm. I was *this* close to buying one of those furry hunter hats from a sketchy street vendor and am now somewhat suffering buyer's remorse.

Going through all my pictures really makes me miss the city, sadly I didn't document as much as I wanted to. Everything was really a blur from both adrenaline and alcohol.

Friday, my arrival, Richard took me out to The Lodge and Oak NYC in Brooklyn, later I zombied around the pent (see prior post), took a cab during rush hour to the city, checked into my hotel, ate at a sabu restaurant with him and Liz, met all the bloggers from Chictopia in the hotel lobby, attended the "Seven is Ten" party at Tribeca Grand with the crowd below (saw Leigh Lezark there.. WOW she is stunning), and finished the night with an insanely delicious 2AM breakfast.

Liz, Taghrid, Camille, me, Richard, Jillian, Philip

Friday was a good night.

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68 responses:

  1. Looks like good times...I loved the first outfit - looks so comfy!!

    stop by my blogs!

  2. looks like a fun gathering! beautiful photos! the cardi looks so comfy!

  3. looks awesome

  4. Anonymous

    i saw that pic on cobrasnake! you looked so familiar in that picture but i couldn't guess who. i feel so stupid now.

    beautiful view and people and you!!

    keep it up

  5. in this group pic: what are you wearing? love the drape and necklaces.

  6. I'm super seriously in love with your hoodie/vest! And I love your lip shade, what do you wear?

  7. lovely as always!

  8. How was Chictopia 10? Wanted to go but could not fork up the money this year. Tickets to fly were so expensive. Great outfit even though you think it's a layering mess.

  9. Weather wimp...LOL! May I borrow that phrase? It describes me perfectly!

    I love the lighting in the roof top pictures. It is so beautiful. And I am lusting after that vest...

  10. i think you layer well!! these pics are great!

  11. i love ur style!!
    the red lipstick really fits on u.
    get more fun in NY!!

  12. Magnific pictures!!! you're woonderfull :D!!!

  13. awww, you all look so fine! i'm in envy mode right now!

  14. lovely photos. you look awesome :)

  15. Amazing vest! <3

  16. Your smile is beauty!
    Loving the outfit. I think I need the boots :)

    Laura E.

  17. Amazing scenery!

    juliet xxx

  18. You have great style :) I love the shoes and cardi!! xx

  19. i love the fur vest, you look great

  20. These photos are breathtaking! I'd really love to go to NY one day. I live too freakin far away to even dream about it though...

  21. I love your looks. They are always carefree!

  22. really cool pics

  23. I like your blog . And your style is fantastic !
    Good job !

  24. Anonymous

    can i pet you?

  25. That pink lipstick looks AMAZING on you!!


  26. I love those pictures!
    Great work on the blog - I'm following.
    greetings from Denmark

  27. nice to meet you! your style is great and sweet, and your blog is easy on the eyes.

    see you around,

  28. I love what you are wearing. I always suffer from buyers remorse as well! hahaha come visit!

  29. I love the cardi in your first outfit


  30. Beautiful photos. Especially with the Brooklyn bridge in the background, just stunning.
    Love the Barney's cardigan - I want.

  31. I need those shoes!!!

  32. Awesome! Aww girl i sorta wish you DID buy that furry hunter hat lol -- would look great with it on!

    Also, a lil something for you and your awesome readers:
    DISTRIKMODE is giving away a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings to our highest Haiti Fund donor. Come make a fabulous difference!


  33. everytime seeing your posts just make me wanna say i love you, lol!

  34. have fun,great photos - love your outfits here and also the girl in the bottom photo with her amazing shirt and leather skirt

  35. Henley

    Hi, did you know everytime I google your blog and click on it takes me to
    I would have to click on my back browser to go to your website.
    It's happened to me ALMOST every single time. I just wanted to let you know because I have kids around and it's weird how it goes to when I click on

  36. Hi! Semi-new to your blog. Love that you always look happy and free-spirited and the red lipstick!

    Have a great weekend!

  37. dude! so this is your blog!!!??
    I remember seeing you at the chictopia party and thought you had great style ;)

    great blog!!!

  38. sounds like you had a fabulous time and i am in love with that outfit - perfect layering xxxx

  39. You guys look like you had such a good time! Also your red lip is kiiiiiiller. What brand/color is it?

  40. Those pictures on the rooftop are so gorgeous! You look like a chic Eskimo. :)

  41. Loving on those Burberry booties!!
    Great photos

  42. amazing your photos and your gorgeous style!

    xoxo cla

  43. Effortless style. Just love.

  44. great blog))))

  45. andrebombacha

    I really really loved your blog.

    I'm from Venezuela and i have one similar, maybe just not as good, but well, i do my best with the cam i've got.

    Anyways, i hope someday you'll check it out. Or maybe anyone who reads your blog.

  46. seems like a great time together !
    i love how u cuffed the jeans and wore it the bootie !
    looks great together !

  47. beautiful photo's, really like the jacket!

  48. LOVE your sweater && vest!!!!!


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  49. ooo i have a furry vest by piko 1988 and it is the comfiest thing in the world..where did you get yours?

    I've only seen the line in this random boutique in the city...

  50. I love what you are wearing. great outfit.

  51. I enjoyed your blog :D
    there are fashion outfits. i like that

  52. great layering! you got some awesome textures in there + you look warm! i remember how those nyc winters are! i'm super missing it!

  53. Adorable way to keep warm in NYC! Love the skinny pant paired with the thick vest.

    check out my blog

  54. amazing pics, really like it :)

  55. i love the texture mixing of your winter getup!

  56. The first photos are perfect - your outfit and the background, just perfect!

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