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February 8, 2010

Vintage polka-dot wrap and velvet dress. Jeffrey Campbell boots.

I've been looking high and low for a killer kimono-drapey thingie that will accommodate well with all of my outfits. Found this beauty barely visible between condensed Goodwill racks and fell in love with the CdG x H&M feel of it. I'm actually really excited about this velvet dress which - I think - is an extra large sweater. We will get along. It will be my new go-to outerwear.

Wore this out to get sushi at Full Moon where we feasted on poke salad and crunch rolls. Seriously, best cheap sushi ever. Later tried out the whole Barney's Warehouse sale, and after touching every single item on the 12 or so rows of racks, I only walked away with a few pieces. Most were impulsive purchases due to the state of hype, but I'll make due.

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60 responses:

  1. Fun and flirty; you're so adorable!

  2. oooh those boots are love! and the photos are cute!

    helen x

  3. Love that first picture!
    The print is great and I love that knuckle duster ring.

  4. Wow this dotted wrap is amazing :) I love it!

    Romane, from

  5. Shoes and dress is so amazing! And the ring - great:)

  6. Awesome wrap! I love the polka-dot print!

  7. amazing outfit, as always :)


  8. The wrap is so gorge, and those boots...i die


  9. The polka wrap is .. cute!
    the boots - to die for!

  10. I've had my eye on those boots for awhile!

  11. i've been lusting over those boots for months!

  12. Anonymous

    we love smiling bloggers!

  13. nice photos!

  14. That's Dope

    great shots and a gorgeous girl. loves it.

  15. Oooh i really like the polka dots!! nice find.

  16. I like the polka dot print, but I´m not totally sure about the shape... Is the kind of item that I don´t know how to wear! You look great!!

  17. Kimono? I think shawl thingy is a better word

    and it looks cutie :D

  18. Love this jacket! So unique :)

  19. love your wrap! you look adorable ;)

    check it out

  20. can't wait to see the stuff that you bought.
    love the velvet dress! :)

  21. I love those boots! And the velvet dress is amazing, especially the oversized fit. xx

  22. Those boots and the velvet are killer! I love your style, you always know just how to mix pieces.

    Your blog is brilliant, truly!

    Cheers, Jesa

  23. I've been eyeing the Rillas. They look great on you! I can't wait for the Barney's warehouse sale in New York. It's going to be such a shitshow.

  24. Everything about your photos seem perfect, even the chipped nail polish!

  25. Love your ring and the color of your nail polish!

  26. oo so barney's sale was a success?! i cant wait to see your purchases :)

  27. Those boots are hottttttt! Love all your smiley pictures :)

  28. great outfit, he thinks your style is amazing

    want to link exchange?

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  29. I love the wrap! So playful!

    juliet xxx

  30. love the polka dots!


  31. You just might have converted me into loving polka dots

  32. Great find! It looks so good with the boots <3

  33. These pics are fabulous! I love your boots!

  34. great outfit love the polka dots and your boots are fab xoxo

  35. Anonymous

    you are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your pictures!!

  36. Love those J Campbell Boots! Très Ann D.


  37. The pictures are great and you look amazing ! I love dots, really sweet !

    • •

  38. i wear this kind of boots every day :)

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  40. you have a really great smile! and adore your outfit!

  41. cute outfit!


  42. I love your style! Great blog.

    Im definitely following x

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  49. hallo
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