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lost and late

February 3, 2010

MM6 by MMM blazer. J. Crew necklace. Derek Lam shoes. Cob webby tights from Urban.

After close-niche bonding over monkey mocha at Lost Bean, I spent the rest of my afternoon cracking jokes at Michaels where we creatively came up with different ideas for feathered earrings. I had a scattered visual of how I wanted it to look and just probed things that would be a good candidate, but it was James who executed the plan. Can't wait to show you guys.

I know blazers are so outplayed, but I kinda died when I saw this one? The fact that it resembles a robe when you tie it up makes me adore it more even though I probably wouldn't wear it that way. Going minimal with arm candy by wearing a chunky thing on my finger - some call it play-doh.

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86 responses:

  1. You look stunning!!!!!
    Love your blazer and your tights!!!!
    And the first photo is amazing!

  2. Those tights are so bold and dramatic!

  3. The tights are sick. Love that ring too, kinda obsessing over the Marc Jacobs Lola ring.

  4. those tights are amazing! are they still stocking those??? how awesome do they look

    helen x

  5. Great blezer!!! Love the tights:))) Look is amazing!

  6. i hope blazers are here to stay - so versatile. You are ROCKING those tights.

  7. this might be my most favorite outfit from you. Beautiful! please make more vids you and ted are just too cute.

  8. i love everything about this. from head to toe!!

  9. your outfits are always awesome, but lately they've been so spot on! i would absolutely love to raid your closet haha


  10. PS - i love your headband. and the ring and nailpolish are the perfect little pops of color


  11. Im loving everything head to toe


  12. LOVE this outfit! Ahh the tights are to die for, not to mention the blazer and your accesories! you look beautiful!


  13. I love this outfit! All of the pieces are quite delicate, but together it is such a strong yet feminine look :) really pretty!

  14. I love those tights and your blazer!!! You are much prettier than Fashion Toast, sorry but I had to blurt that out

  15. Oh i love the blazer and tights.

  16. Anonymous

    i super super adore your style! keep 'em posts comin'! how about a blog on beauty again? thanks! :)

  17. I love the ring!

    ( and zomg at those lace tights! )

  18. lovely

  19. I love those tights, and basically how you use basic colors and still look striking :D

  20. Love those tights!Great outfit!xxx

  21. Such a cool tights! Love the whole get-up, esp. the blazer.

  22. holy god, those tights are GORGEOUS!!!

  23. Blazers will always be a classic! Loving the Rodarte-esque tights and that you're sipping through a compostable cup.

  24. those Derek Lam shoes : LOVE!!...

  25. I really love this outfit! The blazer and the tights are amazing! I actually think the robe look might look kind of cute :-)

  26. love your tights!


  27. Your style is always so unique and immaculate. <3<3<3

  28. love the headband... looks cute on you


  29. Lovin the blazer and I freakin love the Lost Bean. Holla biodegradable cups.

  30. i kind of died when i saw your tights.
    they're fucking awesome.

    visit my blog?

  31. Julia

    Where is that bag from?!

  32. the most amazing lace tights ive ever seen!! i love your ring too!!!

  33. I loveeee your outfit....Especially the blazer!! Check out my blog at

  34. Loooovvee! Cannot get over how amazing your style is.

  35. yes the tights are amazing! I'd probably tear through the holes putting them on. Was it a challenge?

  36. loved it!!

  37. one of my favorites of yours raych!
    love everything here; it's perfect.
    i don't think i'll ever tire of blazers.

  38. I've just discovered your blog and i love it! You've a great style!

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  39. I don't think blazers can ever go out of style. Love it.

  40. Those are the most amazing tights ever! Ah. Especially paired with that blazer. I want them so badly.

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    Photos in France (Bordeaux) in the wood,

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    kisses from france

  42. One of your best outfits. LOVVE your tights.

  43. I agree, blazers are a outplayed but your blazer is oversized and the fabric is fantastic. Just great! love the way it just hangs on your frame.

  44. I think this outfit looks amazing. Love the ring and the tights!

  45. pea

    you look like rumi here. not a bad way to be ;)

  46. I love those tights and outfit!!

  47. those tights are w o n d e r f u l.

    <3 shelby @

  48. love it all!!


  49. gorgeous! this series is great and you pull this look off perfectly! xx


    I'm giving away stuff on my blog..
    Don't forget to check it out.

    P.S: Amazing outfit!! Your so pretty!!

  51. this is a very great look! Where did you get the ring?

  52. gorgeous,simply every photo...=)

  53. You look great! I like your blog very much.

  54. wow, i love this outfit!!!

  55. girl you always look chic and darling! love the shoes and the pop of that ring color!!

  56. WOW, those are some stockings! Love it! This so dramatic, but goes well with your outfit!

  57. i love this look and the quality of your pics!


  58. This outfit rocks!
    I love the laced tights! :)

  59. was this at the santa anita mall?? i have a blog photo in this same location, haha :D

  60. Amazing outfit. Those tights are incredible!

  61. I just discovered your blog maybe yesterday and it's my new obsession! You take some amazing pics and they all want to make me go shopping! LOVE the tights!

  62. Beautiful lighting!


  63. i love this outfit! the headband is cute!!

  64. ah i love it! you are a fashion genius!!!!!!!

  65. This is extra gorgeous outfit...with this head band, oversize blazer and necklace you look like boho queen!!

  66. Anonymous

    love the bag! where is it from??

  67. they are the most beautiful tights in the word. it's like a beautiful cobweb !

    and that grey blazer is so chic :)
    great blog

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  69. i LOVE this outfit. so dark and romantic.


  70. Dahling I love your Blog!
    Every bit of it actually <3

  71. Great look again. The tights are awesome! Besides I love the color of your nailpolish, it's gorgeous.

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