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every night i die in brookyln

February 12, 2010

Just arrived in Brooklyn. Took these pics with Ted right before I left as California slowly metamorphoses into spring. It's freezing here, but I kind of like it. Quick post - gotta run to my hotel!

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56 responses:

  1. BEAUTIFUL flowers!


  2. i love the drape-y jacket! really want one in camo green...

  3. The flower really do make one feel like spring is slowly coming closer.
    Love that red jacket, and the hat!

  4. Anonymous

    where was this taken in brooklyn?

  5. love that red shirt and adorableee hat


  6. Love that floppy (I bake cookies for serial killers) hat. Orange is a great color for you!

  7. YAY so excited you're in new york! i live in the city, so maybe i'll run into you (unlikely, but i'm hopeful)! hahaha


  8. bundle up in NY!!! that purple couch is so fun and looks comfy :)

  9. Gorgeous photos. Your red jacket is so pretty. That couch is awesome!

  10. You look soo beautiful in that hat! I love it! :) Quick question! What camera and lens do you use?
    please visit/ follow my blog:

  11. So pretty! I love the hat and jacket, so pretty :)

  12. so fresh ! I love it !

    • •

  13. I love your hat! It looks very lovely with that outfit. Great photos.


  14. So lucky you're in NY!! Love the outfit especially your hat. :)

  15. like all the colours in these photos. its awfully cold and dull in london right now.

  16. i love the effortlessness of this looks so comfortable!!


  17. great colors! im lovin the hat!

  18. Man, I love a good floppy hat and that is definitely a good one. Have fun in Brooklyn! Check out Blackbird Parlor if you have the chance. It's got great food.

  19. Your outfits are always so cute and simply chic :D

    love your work...

  20. You're alwa soooo sweet and gorgeous! Love your hat!

  21. That's a great outfit, love the red, drapey jacket and the floppy hat - top notch!

    Love your blog, do come and visit mine some time :)



  22. I love the hat, so cute.


  23. The idea of the hat is .. genius.

  24. i love your outfit:))you are so lucky...i miss spring weather so much...

  25. You are trully inspiring girl!
    Keep on flying:)

  26. cute hat, looks pretty
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxx

  27. Michelle

    Hey! I love your outfits :D And you kind of look like this girl.

  28. Welcome to Brooklyn! You look lovely (:

  29. Anonymous

    you look so awesome in hats! you look awesome in general. its been snowing hard in nyc the last days, keep warm and update with some awesome parka pics! hahaha

  30. love the floppy hat! I can't wait for spring! These colors look great on you! Have fun in NY!

  31. Aw I love the hat! your outfit is super cute, and you look so lovely

  32. Your hat looks super on you! It was lovely to see you again, brief though it was! I hope you have a terrific time in the colder lands!

  33. Have a fabulous time, i love the tie on your top (:

  34. mmm i need you hat! so cute! Loving this look! You are stunning dear lady!


  35. Everything is amazing, but I love the white shirt especially.

  36. beautiful pictures!! And cool outfit :D!!

  37. Did Milk + Honey recently get couches? The last time I was there, they only had the wooden benches and metal chairs.

    Also, your hat completely changes the outfit in a really good way.

  38. heeey omg love your blog. its sooo cute.. please chefck mine out xoxoxoxo daissyy

  39. Love your outfit, and beautiful photography!

  40. Beautiful outfit... lovely images! love it!

  41. I am obsessed with that hat, Raych!

    Just wanted to let you & your readers know that you can win a $1000 Bloomingdales shopping spree by entering the Avenue Debut Contest at LVCMAG.COM! Just send in a full-length outfit photo for a chance to win - full details on the site! Thanks and GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!

  42. I love your spring hat, amazing!!

  43. you look so warm! (and adorable)

  44. That coat is amazing! Lovin the hat too :) You need to tell me all about NYFW :p

  45. I hope I spot you around the city. I'm totally going to ask for your picture.

  46. hat+shoes=omgLOVE
    beautiful as always


  47. love the hat... and the pose of you on the couch is so cute.

    ohh california spring is coming back strong... it got hot all of a sudden a few mintues ago lol

    Vi from Cali

  48. Really amazing ansemble and photo shooting as well!

    one B.I.G. thumb up.

    love it - feels like the perfect atmosphere!


  49. Beautiful photos, really. And I love your outfit, especially the shirt, it has a beautiful color. And the hat fits you so well.

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