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won't you show me what begins at the edge of town

January 11, 2010

Always nice to revisit that one folder on the desktop that holds a billion pictures that you've saved throughout the year.

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33 responses:

  1. I always love going through my inspration folder!
    Every single picture you posted is amazing - so much beauty! My favorite is defintiely the first one oh and the one with the girl in the lace dress <3

  2. amazing pictures!! i don't have a folder for inspiration -- just a pile of them sitting in the corner of my desktop. hahahah


  3. your pictures are always beautiful. my fav is the girl with the deer. she reminds me of edie sedgewick!

  4. Love the first one! I have that photo of the lady in a flowing pink dress too! It's a nice shot of Devon

  5. at the risk of sounding stupid, what's the name of the girl in the picture with the deer? she's absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Anonymous

    these are such stunning pictures!!

  7. so ethereal and lovely....i especially adore the pic with devon

  8. Anonymous

    great style...
    chic is right!

  9. This is just a great series! I love the one with the baby deer (fawn)


  10. they are all great... but the last is my FAVORITE!! SWOON!


  11. I love doing this and you realise why you fell in love with the pictures again :)
    Charlotte x.

  12. Ah, the joy of saving photos.

  13. i know how that is-you can't even see my desktop! Love these pretty!

  14. love everything here!cool inspirations.

    xo -

  15. wow those are some amazing images. I love inspirational photos!!


  16. Gorgeous photos. These are seriously SO inspirational. Definitely adding these to my inspiration folder ;)

  17. How perfect is Cindy Crawford! Love it. Nostalgic!


  18. Love the shot with all the chunky jewels.


  19. amazing inspiration! it's definitely time for me to start a 2010 folder!

    the contemporary ingenue

  20. LOVELY.

    really nice.


  21. guess you were into the tribal look~!

  22. amazing inspiration photos! some of these are def going in my folder!!

  23. I call it my "drag and drop" folder! Lovin the vintage pics!

  24. I love the first photo! It's amazing!

    juliet xxx

  25. 1st pic! great <3 inspiring :)

  26. Lovin' this! The girl and the dear: now that's a killer!

    Matty xxx

  27. the new Chanel campaign is beyond awesomee thanks for posting!

  28. wow, this is truely my inspiration of the day. all the beautiful bohemia is breath taking, and makes me long for the summer breeze already! keep up the great posts, im a big fan. charleston

  29. My folder is overflowing.
    These pictures are gorgeous.

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  31. He's S-E-X-Y! To the highest power!

  32. Amazing photos, I love the atmosphere they make. The one with the horse is divine.

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