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when it rains, it pours

January 19, 2010

Urban Outfitters leather jacket. KVN hoodie. Erc x RVCA tank. Alex Lane silk shorts. Burberry booties. F21 rings.

I don't know what crazy ambition came over me when I decided to take pictures in a rainstorm, but I do know that I always seem to dress inappropriately by 10 degrees. Sorry for the grainy pictures; we can just pretend they were taken on a sweet film camera with some street cred.

Combining a hoodie and leather jacket was like the instant cool, blogger-trended formula two years ago, and while I hate to dig back into that timewarp, I see no harm hashing this amazing lace hoodie. Yes, a lace hoodie. As if I couldn't have wanted anything more than the holy grail of girly boyish consistency, Kevin Nguyen offers me one of his own designs, and we instantly became best friends. I'm just wearing a sample piece, but follow his blog and I'm sure he'll keep you updated on his other designs. From what I've seen, his pieces are stunning and I have totally high hopes for him.

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65 responses:

  1. Wow my favourite outfit so far this year! I love your Burberry booties and the cross ring

  2. Gorgeous, I'm loving the layering :) Great mixing of textures as well... thanks for blogging despite being exhausted <3 xo

  3. this is so lovely. i like that the photos are grainy. totally love the combination of all the different textures. that lace hoodie is too perfect. you look divine. xx

  4. Gorgeous! Love everything about these photos.

  5. These photos are gorgeous, love the lace on the hood :)

  6. You look awesome! Such a great look. You should show those legs off more often! x

  7. Wow, you look so cool! I wish i can dress up like that in a thunder storm! When Aus gets colder. That lace jumper looks so awesome! Love your style.


  8. You are babein' out in these pics! So gorg!!

  9. i do love hoodies with jackets so i would have no qualms about digging back. that said, the idea of a lace hoodie is amazing.

  10. First two photos are my fave :D
    Lovely smile you have and the outfit is gorgeous!

  11. i adoooooore this look so much

  12. Love your outfit. Cold rain sucks. xx

  13. wow, i LOVE the mix of boyish&girlish looks in this outfit! that lace hoodie is beyond words! i envy you!!! :D

  14. The outfit is amazing! Especially the lace hoodie.

  15. I love the 'fit...especially the lace hoodie...what a surprise piece!

  16. I love your outfit! It takes so much effort for me to dress up on rainy/gloomy days, I'm not gonna lie.

  17. A lace hoodie!! zomg thats unique and it looks amazing on you! the top drawer look is totally in (see this months Elle) I absolutely adore your blog! Please come visit mine!

  18. hoody + jacket = such a well-know pairing now that for the last couple of winters at my (English) school we've all been wearing hoodies under our blazers and trying not to get caught...

  19. I have that same jacket! silence + noise is my favorite UO line.

  20. great look for the weather, i love all the latyters going on and that lace hoodie is amazing, i love it! there was a hoodie blogger trend two years ago? whats the blogger trend now?

  21. i love pix taken in the rain!


  22. I totally love the kid and his designs! I saw you on his blog yesterday... I think he did an amazing job asking you to model this piece. It's so you and you do it perfectly!

  23. Love your outfit! Glad you liked the Jacket :) We definitely need to get lunch the next time i'm in town!


  24. Love the pictures! That skirt is great.

  25. love love love this outfit! and your hair's amazing!

  26. CUTE!
    i will check out his blog for sure!

  27. tornado warnings in long beach today.. that might make an interesting post?? :) careful out there...

  28. omg! that lace hoodie is fantastic--definitely a good "formula" to get back into :) love your skirt too!

  29. your hood is adorable and I love the skirt! great styling(: have fun in the rain!
    ps I love that song

  30. a lace hoodie, something i need in my life!

  31. I applaud you for getting dressed up in the rain when we have a tornado warning! The mark of a truly stylish person :)

  32. nice shotSs!
    love ur lace shirt and jacket :)

  33. Anonymous

    what is the bad? it's gorg.

  34. such cute pictures! love the outfit

  35. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I don't know how anyone can still look pretty in the rain, but you do it well. :)

  36. Love that you're bringing back hoodie+leather jacket, but with a sweet twist. I'm also completely intrigued by the shoes.

  37. It´s an amazing outfit. I love it!!

  38. I'm loving your lacey hoodie and leather jacket...what a perfect combination! :)

  39. such a lovely puppy doggie in the post below!! it's great to have a dog
    anyway, your outfit is cute as always!

  40. Love the jacket!!Its a great outfit!!

  41. Don't be sorry, they're amazing!

    juliet xxx

  42. GREAT look! Love the contrast of lace and leather and all the small deatils - boots are gorgeous too :)

    Love the blog!

    Fashion giveaway @

  43. love this look

  44. KAWAII!!!


  45. love your little shorts, they are adorable! xxx

  46. you are so beautiful. even in the rain!!! XD
    yes. gorgeous leather jacket. i love it.

  47. i thought it was a skirt at first! :) love the lace and leather combo too~

  48. Love the shorts here. The lace and leather work well together - I never would have thought of a lace hoodie, but it's beautiful.

  49. I too am another fan of the lace hoodie! Tres cute!

  50. rain! rain! very nice.


  51. Love the brown skirt with the black tights.

  52. Cute cute cute! Love the hoodie.x

  53. This is a beautiful outfit! <3

  54. the entire look is gorg. xo Mish

  55. Anonymous

    what camera do you use? is it a dslr?

  56. Excellent post and writing style. Bookmarked.

  57. The entire look is amazing.

  58. Love your pictures and all the cool outfits!

  59. the 1st picture is beautiful... movie worthy


    what camera do u have??

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