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January 15, 2010

Forever 21 lace top. Rag and Bone jeans. Seychelles boots.

I have always wanted a puppy that closely resembles a cute fox, and I get to satisfy that by playing with James' beautiful german shepherd all day. Between her impeccably soft fur and her curious antics, it is so hard to fight the temptations of stealing her. But for the sake that I can barely take care of myself, let alone a dog, I will let James do the work while I reap the benefits. She's so cute, I could die.

Haven't been inside of a Forever 21 in a while since I promised myself to only wear investment pieces, but I kind of stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this lace goodness complete with fluttery sleeves. The search for its vintage counterpart has dragged far too long and I am slowly losing hope. It's okay, no one will know if I tell them it's vintage. I am also loving this color 'Russian Red' by Mac. What I love more is that it is really matte so I don't get bothered pulling stray hair off sticky lips. I feel like a bat. I love Bitey.

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61 responses:

  1. Aww the puppy is so so cute :) Love the lace blouse!

  2. Your boots are making me green.

  3. ahh that puppy is so cute! if you like fox-like dogs, you would looove shiba inus (especially in red/orange). your outfit is so fantastic -- that lace top is amazing!


  4. You are so gorgeous! I love those boots and the romantic top. And your dog is adorable :)

  5. That lacetop is gorgeous, u look great!Love the puppy too :) xxx

  6. your boots are gorgeous. ahh i looked forever for vintage oxfords in my size but caved recently to a topshop pair.

  7. That puppy is adorable!!! I am such a sucker for baby animals!

  8. wow. first time on your blog and I already love what I'm seeing. Baby puppies and cute lace tops!

  9. your puppy is ADORABLE!
    great photography.. :)

  10.'re woonderfull :D And your puppy...ohh...loooove he!!! :D

  11. omg I LOVE black faced german shepards!!!!!!

    the red lipstick looks very good on you

  12. im loving everything about your outfit!!

  13. have i commented here before?
    if i haven't it's been long overdue then! I've been reading your blog for quite some time...

    Anyway, i love this post b/c:

    lacetop = good
    russian red lips = great
    puppy = fantastic!!

  14. Anonymous

    you look so pretty in these shots!

  15. Haha, yes, no one will know!
    Love the lipstick colour, Russian Red is working its way around
    It would be mine

  16. Hey who is your bag by? I love it! Please let us know!

  17. gosh - with the current (fuxckign freezing) weather here, its quite incomprehensible that someone would go out in January with cropped jeans and a semi-see through lace top on! Looking gorgeous, none the less.

  18. Thanks for all the love xx

    Emily - Shiba inus are like my ideal dog. I'm currently begging my dad for one.

    ru.kurarin - Funny how that ends up, huh? Almost disheartening.

    Mariel - It's by Jimmy Choo! Not sure if the bag is still in season. I like to pet it.

  19. This is so cute
    Dogs can be the perfect accessory


  20. oh my god, that is such a cute puppy! love red lips on you as well, very pretty!

  21. love your outfit espcially your boots! I agree red lips looks good on you.

  22. You are so beautiful! I love your outfit, and I agree- the red lipstick is very flattering on you.

  23. she is adorable! German Shephard pups are so damn cute!

  24. Those lips are so fresh and glamorous! I have decided that I need Russian Red.
    Your lace top is cute, and it could really pass for vintage. Who cares!

  25. Goooorgeous! Who cares that it isn't vintage? You found a much better one ;)Such a cute puppy, I totally thought it was yours!! Those red lips look amazing <3 xo

  26. i love your top and red lipstick combo! so cute...and your pup is adorable he looks like our dog when he was little

  27. i think buying the Forever 21 top was well worth it. It is lovely on you

  28. The chunky boots is amazing!

  29. The top is amazing. I love the vintage-ness of it!

  30. wonderful.


  31. You look beautiful. Full stop. That puppy dog is so adorable. I really want a puppy :(

  32. loving the boots so much

    and the pink socks are so cute! :)

  33. awww. she is so adorable. Dogs should stay pups all their lives. Their so soft and cudly when their small. (well, they're still cudly when they get old... but they get huuge.)

    anywayzz... I love your top it's so amazing.
    these pictures are really really good =)

  34. I love your lace top!


  35. obsessed with your top! ive been looking for a vintage one just like it - i'll need to run out and grab this one now!

  36. so pretty! your red, red lipstick...lace top...cute doggie...and that golden light (looks like late afternoon).
    great post! oh, and i want your boots. ;)

  37. love your boots!!cute puppy

  38. so cute i love the dog it's beautiful

  39. I love your white lace top, it is so romantic !
    Your dog is so lovely !!

  40. ahhh I love your shoes and your top!!
    + super cute doggy!!!!

  41. adorable outfit!! and the doggy!

  42. like those shoes!


  43. red lips look so gorgeous on you. and i love that lace top! might have to pick it up if it's in my store =)

  44. the red lip looks amazing on you.

  45. honestly, i would have never guessed it was F21 :p

  46. love that flash of pink! and the doggie is sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! adorable!

  47. yessss russian red! it looks so good with the cream top.

  48. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  49. Omg I love that top & the cute puppy.

  50. You look so pretty! Love your puppy. I posted pics up of my pup too! :)

    Check it out:

  51. Anonymous

    MAC Russian Red looks PERFECT on you....just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  52. I can't believe the lace top is Forever21! it's amazing!

  53. omg i love this outfit!! i want this outfit! LOL that top is stunning!! xx

  54. oddly, i have this exact same shirt but not from forever 21! it's so darling :)

  55. That lacetop is gorgeous, u look great!Love the puppy too :) xxx

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